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Writing an assignment seems easy for the majority of students and has a less daunting effect. On the contrary, analytical essays invoke nightmares. Writing a critical analysis essay requires full command on the subject matter and expertise of a professional. Academic learners must examine a topic or subject under the microscope and deduce the results from its understanding.

While writing a good essay is no biggie for students, composing one teaches them vital analytical skills and lets them think critically. It enhances their sharp mind and provides them a bird’s eye view with a 360 degrees view. If you are struggling to get the best out of your writing capabilities, read this blog. Today, we will delve into the intricacies of writing such an essay, providing useful tips and guidelines that guarantee success in your academic endeavors. Here we will present full-fledged analytical essay examples in case you need more help from our professional writers. Let’s start your learning process.

Analytical Essay Example on Time Travel

Time travel has fascinated human imagination since the dawn of civilization. We have seen different interpretations of this phenomenon in movies and literature. Every writer or a scientist has a different opinion on this. Albert Einstein propagated this with the theory of relativity and how time changes when objects travel faster than the speed of light.

Similarly, other scientists and physicists endorsed the idea of the possibility of this endeavor. However, there are two versions of the story, one based on assumptions and the second one is based on evidence. So, we will evaluate and answer the most asked question around the world “is time travel possible”? If yes, then how and if not, then what’s the fuss about!

Myths / Wish / Science Fiction

The most talked topic in science fiction and myths is abundance of topics related to time travel. There are tons of movies and a renowned Netflix season that’s based on this concept. In movies we see time machines that serve as the medium of such travels and it seems easy and digestible for the audience.

For instance, in the dystopian season “Dark” a german sci-fi story where “Jonas” the protagonist travels back in time using spent fuel from a nuclear power plant. Similarly, in the movie “Predestination” the protagonist travels back in time to save New York City from a blast and finds himself in the past as well.

H.G. Wells’ novel “The Time Machine” in 1895 has created waves of change in English Literature and offered a unique perspective. The strong affinity of mankind to the past and the wish to change the mistakes or alter the outcomes of the past is reflected in all of these imaginative characters and stories.

Scientific Perspective

Contrary to popular beliefs and literature, the scientific evidence is far from the myths and common beliefs. Still we are hundreds of years behind where humans can develop a vessel strong enough to travel faster than the speed of light let alone travel in the past or future. Since the scientific community only believes in evidence and we are lacking concrete ones that support this hypothesis.

Although matter can travel faster than the speed of light without going through physical transformation. Another theory of wormholes that bends time is also crucial to make this dream a reality one day. The theory of traveling faster than the speed of light is proven but for the reversal of time humans must invent a machine that charges the particles or matter two to three times the speed of light, hence, it’s not only difficult but impossible as well.

Opening wormholes that can take you across any timeline in the past is a possibility with the inventions of new supercomputers and artificial intelligence based systems. Scientific community is on the positive trajectory relating to new inventions and now with the massive research in quantum computing that will make such impossible journeys a reality.


Time travel has fascinated the entire world and novels like ‘The Time Machine” played an important role in this. Apart from popular beliefs and myths surrounding this topic, the scientific community is on their way for a positive outcome on this. One day, all of this will be possible but having such technology can cause damage at a massive scale such as changing the outcomes of world war two etc. Thus, we should take these inventions and developments with a pinch of salt and have an open mind but with logical thinking.

Analytical Essay Examples on Healthy Food and Activities

Health is the most precious thing a person can hold in their life and keeping it in optimum condition is a must for everyone. Although health is an umbrella term that means wellness in many ways such as physical as we all know it as soon as we hear or read this term. In fact health has other means as well for instance psychological, environmental, financial, and social, etc. 

Healthy activities involve doing things that provide or result in benefits one’s doing the entire effort for. To have a healthy and free of disease life, one must eat healthy food, do activities that result in betterment of overall physical and psychological health.

When we talk about healthy food, we must choose vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and nuts that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. According to a recent study published on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website shows promising results.

“Scientists at Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, conducted an eight week study in people aged between 18 to 65 years. At the end of the study they provided them with a questionnaire that evaluated their answers. That study clearly showed people who ate more green and raw vegetables were two fold happier than people who had taken less vegetables.”

So, this data shows a clear link between healthy food and eating habits with psychological health. Similarly, Harvard Medical School shares amazing facts of walking a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour of walk for 5 days. According to Harvard Health Publishing, walking everyday results in reduction in weight promoting genes by half. This statement means if you are walking every day regularly, then your body will be less likely to gain weight.

The next benefit of walking every day is craving for sweets and 14% lower risk of developing breast cancer. The fourth and fifth benefit of walking and healthy eating habits is the reduction of inflammation of joints or arthritis pain and less likely to get flu or fever. It’s a well known and proven fact that healthy activities such as walking, exercising, and eating vegetables results in significant improvement in general health and wellbeing.

Challenges in Changing Behavior

There’s always two sides of the coin, so the biggest challenges in establishing a healthier society are the behaviors towards this ideology. We still live in a world where fast food, pizza and carbonated drinks are the norms of society. Although with the presence of high speed internet and platforms such as YouTube provides abundance of entertainment and knowledge for the general population. Still, having a minimum of one quarter population on a healthy diet and habits is a dream too big to become true.

According to Vox, the results of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed only 2.7% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. That’s a shocking number for a country enriched with world’s top researchers and scientists.

To tackle this dilemma, a nationwide campaign must be initiated for educational purposes. Small group or roundtable discussions can be arranged in such a way that informs the basic information that must be adhered to. This way, slowly and consistently, governments around the world can change the bad habits with healthier ones. Vegetables can be provided at subsidized cost and tax on junk food and fizzy drinks can be multiplied by two to three folds to discourage users. This way, a healthy society can prosper and take new shape according to nutrition and scientific knowledge.


Although rising challenges of unhealthy food and lack of exercising make its roots strong in the society. With appropriate planning, we can discourage such actions and raise awareness that will ultimately defeat such actions. With appropriate guidance from WHO, UN, physicians and society members, healthy habits can be developed and applied universally.

15+ Best Analytical Essay Example Topics

Here we will present analytical essay topic ideas for students that will help them appropriately in doing their tasks.

  1. Analyzing the theme of freedom in “1984” by George Orwell
  2. The impact of social media on mental health
  3. The role of symbolism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  4. Analyzing the causes and effects of climate change
  5. The influence of technology on human behavior
  6. The portrayal of women in Shakespeare’s plays
  7. Analyzing the economic impact of COVID-19
  8. The role of AI in modern society
  9. The impact of globalization on local cultures
  10. Analyzing the theme of revenge in “Hamlet”
  11. The influence of videogames on youth violence
  12. The role of the United Nations in maintaining world peace
  13. Analyzing the effects of pollution on marine life
  14. The portrayal of heroism in “The Iliad”
  15. The impact of divorce on children’s mental health
  16. Analyzing the theme of love in “Pride and Prejudice”
  17. The influence of advertising on consumer behavior
  18. The role of the internet in shaping modern society
  19. Analyzing the causes and effects of global warming
  20. The portrayal of society in dystopian literature

Having good analytical essay topic ideas helps in producing quality assignments for your college assignments. We have mentioned the one that will help you critically analyze the subject and present your analogy. This way you can

Final Thoughts

We presented here the best of both worlds. Our analytical essay examples have provided you with tons of knowledge and information on its structure and presentation. By following the academic examples we showed you, assignments can be created effortlessly. However, if it seems time taking and you’re running out of options, then you can utilize our expertise for such tasks. Our professional team will ensure you remain the top achiever in your class.

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