Important Things You Need To Know About APA Research Paper Format

The American Psychological Association (APA) research paper format is a writing style commonly used in the social sciences. This writing style is often used in research papers, journal articles, and book chapters. The APA research paper format differs from other writing styles, such as MLA and Chicago. The APA format is mostly used for writing on psychology research topics. However, it is wider than just people from other fields who also use this format.

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What is APA Research Paper Format

what is apa research paper format

APA research paper format is a set of guidelines for scientific writing. It includes techniques related to drafting, layout, figures, tables, quotations, references, etc. The American Psychology Association issues these techniques and styles. As a method of standardizing scientific texts, the APA style offers clear, consistent recommendations for students and researchers. The purpose of writing this article is to help scholars and students apply APA standards to academic work. That includes any kind of academic work, like a thesis, a dissertation, or a research paper. It determines the standards for academic works (or, for researchers, by researchers in journals). Whatever research paper topics you are writing for, our guidelines are universal and will help you to the maximum.

Basic and Primary Guidelines To Write APA Paper Style

The APA style differs from other writing styles in several ways. For example, APA research papers typically use a different font than other writing styles. APA research papers also typically use a different margin size than other writing styles. These guidelines will do more than offer help with your thesis or student papers. You can also get some cool insights to improve your further research.

The APA style can be tricky to comprehend, but you can accomplish wonders once you have a handle. If you are writing a research paper in the APA research paper format, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

Paper Size

There are certain requirements for formatting your paper in APA style, and one of them is using a Letter page size with dimensions of 8.5 X 11 Inches. It ensures that your paper will be formatted correctly and easily read.


In APA format, you must leave indent space for a one-inch Margin on all sides of the paper. It ensures that your paper is formatted correctly and makes it easier to read. It is a common rule whether you’re writing a thesis for university or some high school student papers.

Title Page

The title page of a research paper is an essential component of the paper, regardless of the format. Every format has different styles and design requirements for the title page. You must follow a specific sequence in APA format, which we will outline here.

  • First, you have to mention the Title Of Your Paper
  • After the title, you have to mention the names of all the contributing authors
  • The next thing to mention here will be the institution involved
  • Then you will write the title and the number of the course
  • Mention the name of your instructor or your teacher
  • The date of completion must be mentioned at the bottom


When writing a reference page in APA, remember to format references correctly. A reference list, which appears at the end of your paper, provides full citations for all of the sources you have used in your paper. These citations include all the necessary information for your readers to locate your sources. When using APA format, your reference section should include the author’s last name, first initial, the date of publication, the title of the work, the location of the publication, and the publisher. Your reference page forms the basis of your entire paper. Whether you’re writing a thesis, journal article or professional papers, it is necessary.

Choice Of Font

Several fonts are recommended for the APA research style. These fonts include Calibri, Arial, Georgia, and Roman. Each of these fonts has a unique style that can help make your paper stand out. When choosing a font for your paper, you must consider the overall tone and look you want.


In APA Paper format, you have to double-space the whole paper. It means that each line of text is spaced evenly, and there is a blank line between each line. It makes the text easier to read and makes it easier to find specific information.


The APA style requires that text be aligned to the left. That means that all text should be aligned evenly with the left margin, and there should be no gaps between words or lines. This format is typically used for research papers and other academic writing, and it is important to follow the format correctly to ensure that your paper is easy to read and understand.

First Line

When writing in APA format, leave an indent for 0.5 inches in the first line before the first word. It would make your paper look fascinating.


steps to write in apa research paper format like a pro

You need help. Aren’t you? How to write a research paper when you are writing in APA style? We know that it was curiosity that brought you here. You have so many questions. Today is your lucky day because we have all of them. 

Here are some pro tips shared by our writers and researchers.

Table of Contents

If you include a table of contents in your APA formatted paper, use level 1 and 2 headings. This practice will make your table of contents clear and easy to follow. Also, follow the typical APA formatting style for the text of your table of contents. Doing so will ensure that your paper is formatted correctly and easily read. 

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Introduction Of APA Research Paper Format

When writing a paper in the APA style paper, it is important to include a strong introduction. This introduction to your thesis or student papers should briefly explain the paper’s topic and why it is important. Additionally, the introduction should provide an overview of the paper’s main points and thesis statement. Finally, the introduction should lead into the body of the paper.

Title page In APA

A title page in an APA style research paper includes the title of the paper, the names of the contributing authors, the name and location of the institution(s) involved, the faculty title and course number of the trainer, teacher, or instructor, and the date of completion or submission. This information helps to identify and credit the individuals who contributed to the research and provides a way to contact them if necessary. It also provides context for the research and clarifies the purpose or significance of the work. The chapter title and your research topic play a significant role in the first impression of your supervisor. The page number for the introduction is ideally 3-5, but it varies on the paper’s size and the research scope. Both the chapter title page and page header should have similar keywords.

Abstract In APA Style

An APA style paper abstract should provide a brief overview of your problem, hypotheses, methods, findings, and implications. This brief overview should be one paragraph at maximum and provide the reader with a basic understanding of your paper. Briefly describe your problem, hypotheses, methods, findings, and implications in your overview. Your overview should be concise and to the point and give the reader a general sense of your paper. The page number of an abstract of your student paper should be at most one.

Body of The Paper In APA Style

The main body of a research paper in APA format typically includes a section on defining the problem, followed by a section on establishing a research method, evaluating the results, and concluding with a discussion. This order may vary depending on the specific requirements of the paper, but in general, these are the main sections that you should. Writing in APA can often lead you to excel at exquisite writing skills.

In-text Citations

When using the APA style guide, in-text citations should always follow the author-date method for your research paper. That means you should include the author’s last name and publication date after every mention of a source in your paper. For example, you might write Smith (2020), or you can write it like (Smith, 2020). 

Reference List

All scholarly work represents the accumulated knowledge created by many researchers over time. Incorporating references in your research paper allows you to place your contribution in the context of existing scientific literature, acknowledging the authors who have influenced you. Referencing its references is an ethical act of scientific communication to verify compliance with this ethical principle and to prevent plagiarism. It is, therefore, important that you can master the art of quotation and that you credit your sources. Your references page or list must start with “Reference” written on the top in all bold, simple font. You should not put quotation marks around it, italicize it, or do fun stuff.


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