Argumentative Research Paper Topic: Religion, Health, Ecnomics, etc

The greater the question, the greater will be the response to the argumentative research topic for you. Your research paper should ignite questions, and make people question themselves and their moral values. That will lead to the improvement of society and a better future.

208 Argumentative Research Topics That Can Make An Impact

Do you want people to think and talk about your research a lot? Maybe even trigger a global debate? Well, here are some burning argumentative research paper topics chosen after hours of research by our writers:

General Argumentative Research Topics

general argumentative research topics

  • Impacts of work environment on mental and physical health
  • Should abortion be illegal or legal? Why do you think so?
  • Should animal testing be okay? Why or why not?
  • What do you think about #MeToo movement? Is it a healthy behavior for society?
  • How social media and virtual life affect mental and physical health
  • Are manufacturers of drugs and chemicals responsible for damaging the environment?
  • What moral concerns leave us with ethical questions about genetic cloning?
  • Is it possible stop human trafficking? If yes, what measures can be taken to achieve that?
  • Why or why not do you think that security and residence is the right of illegal immigrants?
  • The problem of fake news and importance of authenticity in journalism.
  • Can death penalty play any role in the improvement of society?
  • The increase in production after the appearance of the assembly line
  • The advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  • Car sales growth relative to loans
  • Changes in the areas where shopping centers are built
  • The advantages and disadvantages of bi-monetary systems
  • The training of public officials on gender violence
  • The correlation between thought and language
  • Plato’s influence on Catholicism
  • The decentralization of cities
  • Food as a cultural tradition
  • The irrigation terraces of Inca agriculture
  • The limitation on price increases by the state
  • The relationship between allergies and the consumption of refined flour
  • Nationalization or privatization

Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College Students

argumentative research paper topics for college students

  • Is it appropriate for teachers to require students or pupils to buy a specific book?
  • Do you think a college or university degree is just as authentic as one brick-and-mortar institute?
  • How can we protect disabled students from discrimination?
  • Is feminism still important?
  • Have the colonist societies made reparations for slavery and persecution of indigenous people in the colonial era?
  • Should elections be concluded with a formal vote?
  • Do you think the age for permission to drink is lesser than it is?
  • Do you think everyone in society has a right to receive healthcare facilities?
  • Is it worth our time to explore space instead of solving earth’s problems?
  • Should all the internships be paid? Why or why not?
  • Do you think income should be tied to the cost of a degree?
  • Is climate change the biggest threat to the world?
  • College education must be accessible, and here is why.
  • Beauty standards should be more inclusive and harmonized
  • Social media is dangerous for kids, 5Ws
  • Has technology changed our definition of magic?
  • Do men and women share the same emotional tendencies?
  • Are printed books best than e-readers?
  • Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?

Argumentative Research Topics about Environment

Argumentative Research Topics about Environment

  • Global warming what should governments do to alleviate it?
  • Recycling at home. How small gestures make big differences in the environment.
  • Electric and hybrid cars.
  • The importance of renewable energies. 
  • The reason for taking care of the waters from contamination. 
  • The deterioration of the ozone layer and its consequences on the planet.
  • The role of developed countries in reducing the environmental pollution.
  • The carbon footprint left by each person. 
  • Nuclear plants, their dangers, and their benefits. 
  • Does not eating animal meat help the environment?
  • What should we do to raise awareness about animals on the verge of extinction?
  • Effects of environmental pollution on Himalayan Glaciers
  • Excessive noise in cities.
  • The use of agrochemicals in the fields.
  • Do electric vehicles reduce total emissions?
  • Is the apparent greater frequency of natural disasters a consequence of climate change?

Argumentative Research Topics About Religion

Argumentative Research Topics About Religion

  • Should religious groups and organizations pay taxes like businesses?
  • Should religion be a compulsory subject in school?
  • Should all clerics be allowed to marry and have children?
  • Rites and places of passage: Birth, adulthood, marriage, death
  • Medical ethics and bioethics
  • Anthropology, psychology, and sociology of religion
  • Faith Vs. Reason: Are science and religion in alignment?
  • Orthodox, modern, and postmodern religious approaches 
  • Religion and science: Perspectives about the natural world
  • The messages of the Prophets and their meanings
  • Theological sources and resources
  • Origin of the world: religious and secular cosmologies
  • Creation narratives in science and religion
  • World Destinations: Religious and Secular Eschatologies
  • Religious values and aspirations
  • Sacred places: sites, texts, narratives
  • Religious philosophies and philosophies of religion
  • Terrorism, political extremism, and religion
  • Religion and human security
  • Religion and global ethics
  • Religion and human rights
  • Religion and reconciliation
  • the future of religion
  • Politics of religion and religion in politics
  • Religious framework in the modern ages
  • Freedom of Religion in a secular regime
  • The chaplaincies and the state
  • Politics, society, and religion in religiously positioned states
  • Stance of religion: Violence vs. Non Violence

Argumentative Research Topics About Economics

argumentative research topics about economics

  • Need for export tax exemptions
  • Tax havens.
  • Importance of teaching with awareness about saving
  • The need to promote emerging small businesses by young people
  • Importance of budget planning to improve domestic expenditure and save more
  • The Debate On Free Trade And The Environment
  • The Dangers Of Free Trade
  • Should companies offer paid parental leave?
  • Should all companies offer paternity leave?
  • Does the USA have a fair tax system at the moment?
  • Should companies move to a four-day work week?
  • There should be limited salaries for celebrities and public figures. Why or why not?
  • Is it fair for the salaries of CEOs to be as high as they currently are?
  • Is there a problem of income inequality in the United States?
  • Are workers more productive at home?
  • In Defense Of Free Trade

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Health Issues

Argumentative-Research Paper Topics About Health Issues

  • Prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • How to help young women develope a fine personal image and strong self-esteem. 
  • Vaccination and prevention in children. Why are there still parents who do not vaccinate their children?
  • Smartphone addiction. Consequences on health and sleep quality.
  • School-age pregnancies. How to report and prevent them. 
  • Eating disorders.
  • The Ebola epidemic in Africa.
  • How to sunbathe healthily and how to protect yourself from its harmful rays. 
  • Is there a perfect diet?
  • The pros and cons of working at home. 
  • What common things all the healthy diets have?
  • Why don’t children go out to play anymore? 
  • Video game abuse and the psychological consequences of violent games. 
  • Vitamin deficiencies and the health consequences.
  • How to put “sleep hygiene” into practice. 
  • Consequences of tobacco and cigarette consumption. 
  • Consequences of the new electronic cigarettes. Replace one vice with another. 
  • Alcohol; is a socially accepted vice.
  • The problem of obesity in adolescents and children. How to prevent it.
  • Physical and emotional health effects of the internet and social media abuse.
  • Online bullying.
  • Why children should not consume any energy drinks or sugary drinks. 
  • Recommendations for exercises in the gym and outside of it.
  • The difference in mood and physique of 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Social and Current Affairs

argumentative-research paper topics about social and current affairs

  • Use of film to appropriate a generation’s moral values.
  • Influence of celebrities on youth thinking. Social networks and the weight of their presence in the new generations. 
  • A teacher’s role in the new era of education.
  • Should we allow the use of mobile phones in classrooms?
  • The importance of using computers at school.
  • The importance of education in art, culture, music, and sports. 
  • How to educate children in the internet age
  • The importance of electronic books in school.
  • The role of the United Nations in reducing poverty in South Americas
  • The importance of the role of immigrants in the United States.
  • Do we no longer have privacy on Facebook?
  • The Wiki-leaks scandal.
  • Relations between the United States and China.
  • Relations between the United States and Russia.
  • The conflict in Ukraine.
  • Do globalization and negative “Yankee” culture have anything in common?
  • The conflict in the Middle East.
  • Would it be effective to legalize drugs?
  • What are YouTubers, and how do they influence their followers?
  • Why should we all be feminists?
  • Working children in the streets, where are the government entities?
  • The increase in crimes in young people.
  • How to regulate the arrival of immigrants and at the same time respect their rights.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Technology

argumentative research paper topics about technology

  • Influence of the internet in education.
  • Importance of innovation in the company management.
  • Role of social network in business boost
  • Evil of social media platforms collecting their users’ data?
  • Human workers vs. autonomous machines: Does this dilemma impact human rights?
  • Why is it necessary to ban use of mobile phone while driving?
  • To what extent the Internet has improved human society?
  • Why is it necessary for the parents to maintain a specific Kids’ Screen Time?
  • Should everyone have free Internet?
  • Has technology isolated human beings? Are we already living in a dystopia of loneliness?
  • To what extent, cyberbullying have legal consequences?
  • Do you think that robots are going to take over the everyday tasks in the future?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Ethics

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Ethics

  • Should fur coats be illegal?
  • Should driving licenses be permanently withdrawn from drunk drivers?
  • Is graffiti an act of vandalism or the creation of art?
  • Is cloning unethical?
  • Are social protests effective?
  • Does it have to be a certain number of maximum children a person can have?
  • Should society demand high moral standards from celebrities?
  • Do violent video games impact human psyche? Should they be illegal?
  • Do violent video games make people act more violently?
  • Are beauty pageants dangerous for the participants?
  • Should drugs be legal?
  • Is positive discrimination effective?
  • Should it be illegal to smoke cigarettes?
  • Should public video surveillance be illegal?
  • Importance of recycling and awareness about it?
  • Are the children too spoiled?
  • Should marketing designed for children be illegal?
  • Should the death penalty be illegal?
  • To what extent should torture be allowed against criminals? Or should it be completely illegal? Why or why not?
  • Should influencers be allowed to market products?
  • What do you think about affectiveness of teen curfews?
  • Is animal testing moral?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Education

argumentative research paper topics about education

  • Are schools with armed guards safer?
  • Should school libraries ban certain books from students?
  • Should schools allow corporal punishment?
  • Should students have the option to rate their teachers?
  • Should college be compulsory for all children?
  • Should parents be punished if their children skip school?
  • Do teachers earn enough money?
  • Should middle and high school students be required to work part-time?
  • Is online learning effective in the Post-Covid19 Era?
  • Should high school graduates take a gap year before starting their careers or going to college?
  • Does sport harm the academic performance of adolescents?
  • Should students be required to learn a foreign language?
  • Is private education too competitive?
  • Should schools do away with homework?
  • Should student-athletes paid by their educational intitutes?
  • Should religious and political organizations be allowed in schools and colleges?
  • Is it ethical for schools and college to require students to say the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Should students be required to wear a school uniform? Pros and cons.
  • Should physical education classes be necessary or graded?
  • Should college and university fees be exempt, like elementary, middle, and high school?
  • Should universities ban students from participating in sororities and fraternities?


Do you want to start a debate? Well, that’s not too bad. It is always the dialogue that goes as the first step toward building a better society. If you want to write an argumentative research paper, that’s exactly what you should do.

If you need any further assistance or have any confusion or question, we are 24/7 here for you. You can always reach out to us through our contact page or place your order with detailed steps to get fully customized research paper writing services.

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