Autism Research Paper Topics: Autism In Children, Adults, and more

Autism is a difficult and painful topic to talk about. According to a CDC report, every 1 in 44 children has Autism in our time. Disorder of autism is one of the most radical forms of mental illness. Nevertheless, there are a number of types of it, as well as a number of different research topics related to them. Even though there is no cure for this disorder, many efforts have been made to prevent the occurrence of such disorders. All those efforts are necessary to deal with the effects autistic disorders may cause. It is the researchers who deserve the majority of the credit for this achievement. Research into autism is carried out every single day by thousands of researchers around the world. It is important that they play an important role in developing medicines, therapies, and techniques for interacting with people who suffer from autism in order to help them cope with the condition.

You have found your way onto our blog for autism research paper topics. It is safe to assume that you will be one of those researchers. We wish you good luck and a lot of breakthroughs. We are rooting for you to help make this world a better place. After offering you help writing medical papers and PhD research paper writing services for years, we are happy to share all that we know about autism research papers topics.

Best Autism Research Paper Topics:

Writing a research paper on Autism is a challenging task. The first step towards accomplishing this is to have a brilliant and impeccable topic. Our research paper writers have spent days finding relevant and catchy autism research paper topics to help you accomplish wonders. Let’s have a look.

Autism Research Paper Topics For High School

 autism research paper topics for high school

High school students often have to write research papers for high school assignments and grades.  Their limited access to top level neurological disorder always hinder the quest for answering research questions about autism. That’s why students need extra help and hands to make it to the end. Our professional writers have curated some of the best autism topics for high school students. Here we go!

  • Social Camouflage in Autistic People
  • Are there any high schools for autistic children?
  • The case of the near-normal autistic adolescents
  • Recent Theoretical Trends and Relevance for Autism
  • Programs and rehabilitation in infantile Autism
  • Asperger’s Disorder and Criminal Behavior
  • Perceptual over-functioning in Autism
  • The Level and Nature of Autistic Intelligence
  • Living with Autism in developing countries
  • Early Childhood Development With Autistic Children
  • A study of the most significant scientific discoveries of Autism
  • Case of miracle children who recover from Autism
  • Autism as a disorder of perception
  • Early Intervention For Toddlers With Autism
  • Studies struggle to pin down gender differences in Autism
  • Autism cases in the same family more often carry different genetic risks
  • Autism: An Obstacle To Communication
  • The stages of language acquisition in Autism
  • Cognitive aspects and intelligence of autistic people
  • Anxiety in adults and children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Stress coping techniques for people with Asperger’s syndrome
  • History, characteristics and origin of autism
  • Autism according to psychology
  • Childhood autism, its detection, treatment and education
  • Advances / setbacks in treatment and educational systems for children with autism
  • Role of social and digital media in raising awareness and notion of autism symptoms through graphic campaigns
  • A brief history of the pioneers in the study of autism

We hope the topics above answered your autism research questions. For more high school research topics, visit: High School Research Topics

Medical and Autism Research Paper Topics

medical and autism research paper topics

Autism is a great topic for research in medicine and surgery. Autism is often linked to medical research topics as well.

  • The link between Autism and the digestive system
  • Neuroscientific efforts made regarding Autism
  • Autism and neurophysiology of the nervous system
  • Safety and health of an autistic person during the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Gastrointestinal problems in autistic children
  • The threat of heart diseases/conditions in autistic person
  • Genetic variants to Autism and intellectual disability
  • Impact of mild mutations on Autism
  • Medically and anatomically, understanding how the brain works in individuals with Autism
  • Main physical characteristics and health issues of children with Autism
  • Impact of autism syndrome on health status
  • Clinical descriptions of Autism
  • Adaptation of physicians’ practice during the consultation towards people with autism spectrum disorder
  • Necessary good knowledge of Autism to provide every physician
  • Preparing the autistic child for invasive procedures
  • Analytical approach to interactions with autistic people during a visit to doctor’s
  • volution of the clinical definition of Autism
  • Etiological heterogeneity of Autism
  • Autism: clinical issues

Are these topics about autism satisfying your curiosity on this subject? If not, then read the topics for university students they’ll definitely answer the research questions on autism for you. Read on.

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Autism Research Topics For University Students

autism research topics for university students

When studying in a university, writing a research paper is a compulsory part of almost every faculty.

  • Group of symptoms in autism spectrum disorders
  • Are ADHD and Autism related? How? Why? Or Why Not?
  • Misconceptions and detective errors in the autism diagnosis
  • Characteristics of Autism in young children
  • Detection of Autism at the early stages
  • Reasons behind rising numbers of autism cases
  • Abilities and needs of people with Autism
  • How can we enable people with Autism to live independently?
  • Lifelong care and support for autistic person: A thorough guide
  • Evidence-based psychosocial interventions to improve communication and social skills of autistic individuals
  • Well-being and quality of life of people with Autism and their caregivers
  • Stigma, discrimination and human rights violations faced by autistic people 
  • Measures and social initiatives to make the environment more accessible for autistic people
  • Hot topics in autism research
  • Social work to provide equal access to autism assessments
  • Effective autism drugs

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Autism Paper Topics For Psychiatry

autism paper topics for psychiatry

  • Assessing the potential of autistic children based on their strengths
  • What should define Autism: deficits or abilities?
  • Impairment of social reciprocity and how psychiatry can help the autistic person?
  • Alteration of non-verbal behaviors with Autism
  • The term autistic in psychiatry
  • Definition of the Autism Syndrome in light of psychology
  • Psychological help with Autism for language functions
  • The limits of psychiatric interventions in Autism
  • Cognitive aspects and intelligence of autistic people
  • Explanatory psychological theories of autism spectrum disorder
  • Socialization problems and inappropriate effects on children with Autism
  • Transcultural psychiatry related to Autism
  • The psychological effects of Autism spectrum disorder within families
  • Biopsychosocial, on married, family, and professional life while living with Autism
  • Impacts of autism spectrum disorder on physical or mental health status
  • Impacts of Autism on social life
  • Role of environmental factors in autistic Development
  • The spectrum of social reactions to Autism in the media
  • Socially unacceptable or dangerous behavior and invasive psychiatry methods with autistic people
  • Autism and memory: discussion and conclusions
  • Study of the cognitive, socio-emotional evolution and autistic behaviors of children with Autism
  • Classification of mental disorders in children and adolescents associated with autism
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • From autism to pervasive developmental disorders
  • Hans Asperger’s Autistic Psychopathy

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Research Questions Related To Autism

research questions related to autism

Autism is one of the most popular research paper topics in the academic world. Many questions have been asked to contribute to that. Let’s look at one of the most popular questions among them.

  • Impaired Development and maintaining relationships: How to provide autistic children with social help?
  • How to improve communication in an autistic child at a developmental age?
  • What are the major symptoms of Autism in children at an early age?
  • How do researchers contribute to discoveries related to Autism spectrum disorder?
  • Is Autism one of the pervasive developmental disorders?
  • What are the types and extent of language disorders in children with Autism?
  • What are the theoretical approaches to childhood autism?
  • What are the experiences, Issues, And Challenges Of Immigrant Parents Having A Child With ASD?
  • What is the description of diagnostic criteria for Autism?
  • What is the description of the types of language impairment
  • What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder that impact the lives of related people?
  • What are the collateral factors that parents of autistic children must deal with?
  • What are other Related Disorders of Autism?
  • What are the political actions around Autism we took last decade?
  • What is the social model for autistic culture?
  • Is it okay to call someone autistic? Are moral ambiguities concerned with Autism
  • How to deal with mood swings in autistic teenagers?
  • What are the essentials of autism spectrum disorder diagnosis?
  • What are the basics of support for autism spectrum disorder?
  • What are the statistical analysis and evaluation methods for infant children?
  • Can autistic people understand sarcasm? How can we help them understand and enjoy the comic colors of life?
  • What are the main characteristics that can be found in an Asperger’s person?
  • How is Rett syndrome relevant to Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  • What do we know about the causes and effects of Rett’s syndrome?
  • What are the main challenges of early detection of autism in psychiatry?
  • What are the risk factors of childhood disintegrative disorder?
  • What do we know about Leo Kanner’s Early Infantile Autism?
  • Is it possible to have developed autism after childhood?

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Interesting Autism Paper Topics

interesting autism paper topics

  • Appearance and evolution of the term autism in the 20th century
  • Classification and diagnosis of Autism
  • Definition of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • The care pathway for children with Autism and their family
  • Cross-cultural practice with immigrant parents who have a child with Autism
  • Representations of autism spectrum disorder in immigrants
  • Financial stress, lack of knowledge of the services available, and delays in the detection and diagnosis of Autism
  • Lack of social and family support networks for people with Autism in developing countries
  • Development of Asperger’s symptoms in teenage years
  • Development of autistic syndrom over time and in later ages of life
  • Difficulties experienced by immigrant parents having an affected child from autism spectrum disorder
  • Joint attention in early autism spectrum disorder
  • The instruments for measuring parental stress in parents with an autistic child
  • Health implications of child autistic children
  • Socio-demographic characteristics of families with more than one autistic children
  • The role of knowledge in changing attitudes and behaviours with Autism
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication disorders
  • Imitation and communication in children with Autism
  • Pathology of childhood disintegrative disorder and associated disorders
  • Repetitive and/or restricted behaviors and activities associated with childhood disintegrative disorder
  • A complex and difficult diagnosis of childhood disintegrative disorder
  • Comparison between childhood disintegrative disorder and autism

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Best Autism Thesis Topics

best autism thesis topics

  • Autism symptoms and parental quality of life
  • Autism symptoms and parental stress
  • Minor symptoms that autistic adults may have
  • Interventions for children with autism disorder
  • Contemporary issues of today’s families affected by autism spectrum disorder
  • Parental stress, ASD, and attachment
  • Quality of the bond of attachment of children with ASD
  • Autism experienced daily
  • Autism and its communication landscape
  • The spectrum of social statuses, designations and qualifiers associated with Autism
  • Methodology and strategies for autism effects data analysis
  • The portrayal of Autism in media and marginalized populations
  • Autistic people and families: from disarray to protest
  • The role of the media to reduce and end the stereotypes about Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • A theoretical approach to autism spectrum disorders
  • Focus on people with Autism without intellectual disabilities
  • Associations of parents of autistic children
  • Diagnostic assistance for adults with high-functioning Autism
  • Mild forms of autism spectrum disorder in adults
  • General information on the diagnosis of Autism
  • Differentiation criteria in the social representations of autistic children among educators

Research Topics For Different Types Of Autism

  • Neuropsychological study of memory in autism
  • Studies concerning memory in autism
  • Fatigue and fatigability due to a double or multiple task situation with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Enhancing learning social codes and school subjects for persons with Asperger’s syndrome
  • Improving life for people with Asperger’s syndrome via social activities
  • Social activities to help people with autism spectrum disorder
  • Greatest works and achievements about autism research
  • Clumsiness, motor coordination problems in autistic people
  • Selective silence in people with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Differential diagnosis for Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Clinical description of Asperger’s syndrome
  • Impairment of conversational skills in people with Asperger’s syndrome
  • Disorders of executive functions with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Deficit of conversational skills in Asperger’s Syndrome
  • The development of conversational skills in a typical person: How are they different from autistic people?
  • Is ADHD somehow related to ASD? How can you prove your stance?
  • Peculiarities of functioning of people with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Socialization difficulties: Variations in different types of autism
  • General presentation of Asperger’s syndrome
  • Is Elon Musk really suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome? What is the truth of it?
  • Why Rett’s syndrome mostly affects females?
  • Genetic mutations leading to Rett’s syndrome
  • Autism spectrum disorder: is it a good thing in anyway?
  • What is duplication syndrome and how it is related to Rett’s syndrome?
  • What are the major Instruments that assess “autistic traits”?
  • Using genetics to support the clinical diagnosis of different types of autism
  • How to treat the symptoms of Rett’s syndrome
  • Pharmacological approaches to treat autism
  • Diagnosis of Rett’s syndrome
  • Major symptoms of Rett’s syndrome
  • Comparing Ssucharewa, Asperger and Kanner disorder’s
  • Prevalence, epidemiology and comorbidities in the autism spectrum disorder
  • Adolescence and Asperger’s syndrome
  • Reports of behavior in autism spectrum disorder
  • Sensory processes in autism spectrum disorder


As someone with the superpower of great research skills, you have a responsibility to use your powers for good. When you’re writing about autism, that responsibility is even greater. You have the ability to change the world for autistic people by nailing the research and providing accurate information. If you need any help with your research, we are more than happy to provide assistance. You can contact us, or read about us to see what makes us great at helping you with your research problems.

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