200 Cutting-Edge Business Research Topics to Explore in 2023

Business research is a foundation for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and organizational problem-solving. That’s why a student is often tasked with such an assignment. And while you are reading this, we could assume that you have such a task to throw to the expert Academic writing services provider or do it on your own.

For the latter, you have to start with a good topic for which you can rely on our lists of excellent business research topics. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Business Research Topic

The following will emphasize the significance of picking up a good topic for business research:

Improves Relevancy of Your Research Paper

Selecting a research topic relevant to the current business landscape ensures the timeliness of your work.

This allows for the exploration of critical topics, emerging trends, and uncharted territories within your industry, all while meeting the criteria of how long should a research paper be. If you focus on an appropriate topic, you can develop useful ideas for businesses and help progress knowledge in your field.

Keeps you Interested and Motivated

Being enthusiastic about the subject can motivate you and make you put in more effort, resulting in better work. Of course, if you don’t find the topic interesting, you’ll probably have trouble sticking with it, and the results will suffer.

Improves Feasibility of Your Paper

It’s really important to think about whether your research topic is doable. Consider if you have access to the data, people to research, and the resources and time you need. If you pick a good topic that fits all the criteria, you’ll likely finish your project quickly.

Keeps Your Work Original

It’s crucial to pick a research topic that lets you make a distinct contribution to already existing knowledge. By considering aspects of research that haven’t been considered before or offering new perspectives, you can give something valuable to the field and possibly affect the decisions or practices used in the business world.

Helps in Creating an Impact

A compelling research topic holds the potential to make a significant impact on the world. It has the ability to unearth valuable insights, contribute to informed policy-making, and may even spark fresh ideas and innovations, particularly within accounting research topics. If your research topic is important and has practical applications, people will likely use your findings and put them into Practice.

Aligns with Career Goals

Choosing a research topic that aligns with your career goals can have long-term benefits. It allows you to develop expertise in a specific area, build a reputation within your field, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Moreover, a well-executed research project can serve as a strong foundation for future research endeavors or open up collaborations, grants, or professional recognition opportunities.

200 Business Research Topics to Write an Impressive Paper

Certainly, these comprehensive lists of amazing topics will help you cope with business research problems. Let’s begin with our first list.

General Business Research Areas

If you want to avoid getting into the complexities of business, go for a general topic from this list. Our business writing experts are providing you with top-notch examples of business research topics that will certainly put a smile on your face.

  • Low-income business schools in emerging economies
  • A Study of Family Businesses in the United States
  • A systematic review of academic works related to business
  • Conflicts among Business Strategy Teams: Prevention and Solutions
  • The Effect of business objectives in the Practice of strategic management
  • Family businesses and their impact on business strategies
  • Human resources and strategic management and their mutual impact
  • Can financial administration replace strategic management?
  • Business Strategy in the Age of Social Network
  • Validity of the research methodology to study business strategy in the industrial sector
  • Comparative analysis between the Resource-Based View and the Institution-Based View
  • Disasters and their management in strategic management policies
  • Effective land use through strategic management in the public sector 
  • Relevance of business strategy in the gaming industry
  • A systematic review of the functioning of Corporate Social Responsibility within the spectrum of business strategy
  • Stakeholder management compared to strategic management
  • Technological innovation in the health sector to strategic management
  • Relationship between business strategy and company identity and their mutual impact
  • Comparative analysis between management experience and the level of knowledge for effective strategic management
  • Impact of Value Capture Theory on the conventional business strategy literature

We have explained the business research paper topics above. You can choose any one of them and ask for an opinion from your professor.

Business Strategy Research Topics

Dive into the depths of financial management through these topics or research questions tailored for business, emphasizing decision-making, sustainable risk assessment, and more. A well-crafted research title for a business paper not only ensures adequate opportunities to showcase skills and expertise but also aligns with the structure needed for how to write an 8-page paper effectively. Let’s have a look at exclusive research topics about business and marketing tactics.

  • Differences and similarities between behavioral finance and traditional finance
  • The Effect of electronic banking on consumer satisfaction
  • New management techniques in commercial banks
  • Critical Assessment of Its Impact on Banks’ Profitability
  • Significant types of debits and credit
  • Role of academic research in business innovation
  • Year-on-year trend analysis
  • Maximization of the pension through life insurance
  • The architecture of the global financial system
  • Evaluation of possible saving methods with a limited budget
  • The Effect of rising interest rates and Inflation on personal finance
  • Critical Assessment of Loan Default’s Impact on Banks’ Profitability
  • How the banking industry can reduce the impact of the financial crisis
  • The effects of changes in stock prices on the global market
  • Tentative Precautions to prevent global financial crises
  • Importance of Banks in The Stock Market
  • Analysis Of Costs Structures For Pricing.
  • Analysis For Sources Of Debt, Criteria, And Tools.
  • Analysis Of International Financial Information.
  • Market Analysis Of Strategic Sectors.
  • International Comparative Analysis Of Public Financial Control Systems.
  • Construction Of Public Management Indicators For Decision Making.
  • Environmental Costs And Liabilities.
  • Crypto Assets For Intermediation And Financial Investment.
  • Financial Challenges In The Framework Of Smart Cities.
  • Financial Economics: Risk and Profitability.

Marketing Research Topics in Business

Use these topics to delve into the forefront of marketing research to unlock new possibilities for business growth and market success.

  • Advantages of surveys as a tool for market research
  • Objectives of market research
  • Social objectives to meet the public demand, ensuring the general welfare
  • Determination of the economic degree of success or failure
  • Benefits of market research
  • Development of your business and finance through adequate planning in light of market research
  • Concentrated marketing with specialized products and services
  • Differentiated marketing with different preferences of the customers
  • Selection of the target market by adapting to multiple strategies
  • Positioning is planned for each market segment
  • The characteristics of the target market analyzed
  • Product, price, potential customers
  • and promotion
  • Selection of target market by evaluating the attractiveness
  • Identification of the potential market segments
  • Types of market
  • An analysis of monopoly vs. oligopoly designs of the market
  • Selling or introducing a new product
  • Characteristics of the client that a company aspires to solve and provide satisfaction
  • How the tastes and preferences of customers change
  • Determining the most appropriate sales system
  • Making the right marketing decisions that favor the growth of companies

Business Strategic Research Topics

Get ready to navigate the frontiers of strategic thinking with these carefully-picked business strategic research topics.

  • Business architecture research for a network
  • New systems for observation
  • Strategic study of production and export
  • Research to achieve efficiency in purchasing management
  • Demand management proposal for the quality assurance area of the company
  • A strategic information technology plan focused on the communications technology infrastructure
  • A business model based on the sale of folding furniture
  • Methodology research for the implementation of Bim technology in the construction and real estate company
  • Proposal for improvements in inventory management
  • Implementation of a strategic demand management model for the IT area
  • Performance of a data management model for a research laboratory

We are confident these business research proposal topics have enlightened you with creativity and brainstorming of epic proportions.

Business Law Research Topics

Embark on a legal voyage into the realm of business law research topics. Here you go with the list:

  • Company Law, Business Crisis, and Commercial Custom
  • Competition, Consumption, and Intellectual Property Law
  • International Business Law
  • Contracts, Insurance, and Maritime
  • Integral professional in law and the different areas related to it
  • Business law: Academic training and research development
  • Role of business in social and economic progress and development of the country
  • Development of business law research projects
  • Economic and social problems of the different commercial legal institutions
  • Commercial Law Department
  • Production of scientific documents on legal matters
  • E-Commerce Law
  • Company and the Treatment of the Business Crisis
  • The study of comparative law issues
  • The Center for legal advice on Matters of the world trade organization
  • Balances and Perspectives on the World Trade Organization
  • Diplomatic protection among foreign investment protection mechanisms
  • Compensation derived from the maritime transport contract
  • Litigation raised by electronic commerce
  • The legal regulation of the financial market in a globalized economy
  • The electronic contract between companies through the internet
  • Problems and Prospects in International Double Taxation Treaties
  • Out-of-court settlement of industrial property disputes
  • The criminal protection of consumers
  • Liability for defective products
  • Community Consumer Protection in Internet Contracting
  • Procedural Guarantees in Competition Law
  • Preventive Measures and Competition Law of the European Union
  • The franchise agreement
  • Basic notes on financial leasing

Unique Business Research Topics 

With these topics, you can ensure that your research paper stays unique. Here is your opportunity to pick a new research topic business-related from this list.

  • The business reality
  • Process of creating a company
  • Main characteristics of the companies
  • The competitiveness of companies
  • The automotive, energy, and chemical sectors and the agri-food industry
  • Accounting obligations of the company
  • Business Taxation
  • Analysis of accounting business information
  • The Code of Good Governance of Companies
  • Main financial and economic ratios
  • The annual accounts and the faithful image
  • Valuation and selection of investment projects: valuation and selection method
  • Average maturation period
  • Sources of external financing for the company
  • The use of IT and software in the marketing of goods and services
  • The company before the market
  • The market: concept and classes
  • Programming, evaluation, and control of projects
  • Competitiveness and quality
  • Company profitability threshold or breakeven point
  • Classification of productive activities
  • Inventories, their cost, and time evolution
  • Formal organization and informal organization
  • The Organization of the Company: concept and organizational principles
  • Main Schools of organizational thought
  • The management process: basic functions
  • The multinational company
  • Globalization: effects and strategies
  • Location and business size
  • The company and the entrepreneur
  • The social responsibility of the company
  • The sector: concept, classification, and analysis
  • The legal framework of business activity

How about these business management research topics? We’re sure they will help you get an A+ on the assignments.

Production Management List of Business Research Topics

Get ready to unlock new insights and practical solutions that empower organizations to streamline operations and more. Here’s the list:

  • Assessing the elements that influenced exports of the national subheading
  • Management model for production planning and control processes
  • Improvement in the production system
  • productivity improvement based on Lean Manufacturing tools for the production process
  • Improving lean production management through the use of Agile Methodologies
  • Improve production efficiency in a Denim clothing textile company
  • Management Practices and Variation in Company Productivity
  • Lean Manufacturing model of production management
  • Production management planning model to improve efficiency
  • Process Improvement Model Based on Lean Manufacturing
  • Improvement in the delivery of orders
  • Evaluation of the behavior of costs according to productivity
  • Analysis of the productivity of the most fragile

Services Business Research Topics

If you still couldn’t find a topic for your research writing, check out this list of services business research topics.

  • Strategic Model for an Alternative Medicine Therapy Company
  • Business plan for a company that offers English and language courses in general
  • Management plan for a company related to vehicle parking
  • The business model for a furniture trading company
  • Business plan for a papaya trading company
  • Management plan for a real estate company
  • Business plan for a vineyard
  • Business plan for the commercialization of strawberries
  • Administrative management for a fine paint company
  • The business model for a printing company
  • Business plan for an audiovisual services company
  • Management model for a security services company
  • Marketing management for nursing services
  • The business model for private tutoring
  • The business model for a gourmet food company
  • Design of an administration plan for food suppliers
  • Business plan for a used clothing company
  • The business model for the sale of honey abroad
  • Management model for a service company of all kinds for the elderly
  • International payment models for a company that provides multinational services
  • Business plan for a company that imports solar heaters
  • Business plan for commercial development of a delivery food service website
  • Marketing plan for a website – tour operator
  • Business plan for a medical services company
  • Operational design for a used book sales company
  • Management model for a company that provides mobile application development services
  • Strategic analysis for the expansion of a pharmacy
  • Marketing plan for the company with expectations of internationalization
  • Business plan for a psychological consulting company

Organizational Behavior Business Research Topics

Get ready to research enhancing organizational performance, fostering employee well-being, and more. Here you go:

  • An approach to the measurement and impact of trust on business performance
  • Scope and limitations of chaos theory applied to the analysis of organizational behavior.
  • Analysis of the impact on the work performance of collaborators after the application of Organizational Development strategies
  • Satisfaction and organizational commitment of the workers
  • Business plan for a service company to manage the stress of company employees
  • Organizational Behavior Framework
  • Perception of the effectiveness of meetings
  • Methodology to diagnose the balance between workload and performance
  • Improvement of human performance in an organization through the application of an integrating methodology
  • Gender and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Confidence about the purchase decision of consumers
  • Influence of Organizational Behavior on the Organizational Climate
  • Influence of internal communication on job satisfaction
  • Implications of Organizational Structure and Entrepreneurship in SMEs
  • Popular Culture and Organizational Behavior
  • Impact of labor rotation on organizational performance
  • The human factor in companies undergoing restructuring
  • Micro-organizational behavior
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Organizational Culture
  • Engagement and Organizational Citizenship in Workers of a Retail Company

Ethics of Business Research Topics

Find out all about ethics, social responsibility, and more by choosing a topic from this list as you hunt a business topic research.

  • Differences between business ethics and social responsibility
  • Providing resources for reporting unethical behavior and poor application
  • Respect and responsibility for customer information
  • Prioritizing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Why should we always put customer needs first
  • A good application of the Code of ethics
  • Implementation of business ethics
  • Manual of good practices in business ethics
  • Why is it important for your company to have a code of ethics?
  • The relationship between Business Ethics and Work Performance
  • Work Performance Dimension
  • Job performance evaluation
  • Performance management
  • Importance of ethics in a company
  • Ethics and its Influence on Personal and Organizational Attitudes
  • Business ethics and its relationship with values and principles


Writing a business research topic is more challenging than it seems, but a good topic can make it fun. That’s why we have compiled our 200 interesting business research topics to give you a head start. If you still have a problem choosing a topic or writing your paper, order now so our experts can be at your service.


plus-icon Why is business research important?
Business research gives businesses useful information and facts to make smart decisions, spot chances, and stay ahead of the competition.
plus-icon How can business research benefit startups?
Business research enables startups to understand their target market, competitors, and industry trends, empowering them to develop effective strategies, secure funding, and increase their chances of success.
plus-icon What role does business research play in innovation?
Business research helps companies stay ahead by recognizing what people want and need. Sparking ideas for new products and services and creating new business ways.
plus-icon What are examples of business topics for research?
Examples of business topics include marketing tactics, managing money, streamlining the supply chain, taking care of staff, starting your own business, being ethical when it comes to business, and more.
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