Cause And Effect Essays: Presenting Arguments In A Professional Way

Cause and effect essays set the standard for positive debate for students of all classes. They must do thorough research to find the cause(s) and their effect(s) and write an essay about it. Since it’s a time-consuming task requiring critical thinking and collecting evidence, students avoid such endeavors.

But today, we will make this topic as easy as possible so you can make one on your own. By reading this blog, your essay writing skills will be enhanced professionally. Let our experts teach you how to create cause and effect essay structure for assignments.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A cause-and-effect essay is argumentative and debates a specific topic. Students or authors present their opinions on a cause that results in desired or undesired effects. For example, if your topic is a fossil fuel, then you argue it’s causing the elevation in CO2 carbon dioxide levels worldwide. 

In short, it shows how a particular action produces specific results. Due to the nature of the topic, it requires immense work in gathering research and evidence. In academic writing, it’s one of the most challenging assignments students make in their academic year.

How to Write Cause and Effect Essays?

Writing a cause and effect essay requires knowledge of all the technical aspects of writing. Here we will mention important steps for students to follow.

Think Critically and Choose a Topic.

The first step students need to take is to brainstorm and use their critical thinking. Searching for good cause and effect essay topics might be difficult at first, so be patient. Look for unique issues that allow you to present them with good arguments.

Secondly, cause and effect essays tend to be controversial, so any topic that warrants new research and arguments should be best. You may ask for help from your professor or a friend to sort out an argumentative topic. Currently, good cause and effect essay topics might include environmental crisis, nuclear proliferation, and terrorism. You may choose any one of your liking. 

Make an Outline of the Essay.

The second step students must take is to outline their essays. There are two methods of outlining. The first requires students to present all the causes in hierarchical or numerical order. The second cause and effect essay structure requires writing in a manner in which one cause and its effect is presented to readers.

Both outlines are suitable, and it’s a writer’s discretion to use anyone of their liking. Choosing the second outline is better if you write on a lengthy topic. It helps you relate both the cause and its effects side by side. 

Add all headings and arguments in your outline and correct them when writing the draft. Outlining helps you stay on course and avoids detraction or deviation from the central idea or your thesis statement. 

After completing an outline, you may have a rough sketch of your essay’s appearance. It helps writers make necessary changes and carry on with their work. There are also other types of expository writing essays which have different approach of doing them.

Surprise your Audience with an Outstanding Introduction 

Students’ creative work begins when they write the introduction of the essay. It’s the first part of the assignment and has three parts.

  • Hook sentence
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement 

A hook sentence is the essay’s first sentence and typically works by captivating your reader’s attention. This helps in persuading them to read the entire essay. Secondly, it provides an emphasis on the problem solution from the students. After writing a hook sentence, you must add background details about the topic. 

Background information is a historical context on the subject or topic. It involves origins, outreach, and effects on the local or external environment. You may provide small details about the issue, such as deforestation in the early 18th-century industrial Revolution caused many species to become extinct, etc.

A thesis statement is the crux of your research that provides the basis of the entire essay. Your thesis should be founded on proof and logic and backed by at least three pieces of evidence. Similarly, your whole essay’s central theme should be based on your thesis statement, and you must prove its usefulness to your audience.

Add Cause(s) and Its Subsequent Effect(s) in Body Paragraph

The second step of writing a cause and effect essay is adding a list of cause(s) in the body paragraphs. As we previously mentioned, you can choose two types of structure accordingly. One is where you make a list of causes and effects by stacking them together. The second is a list of causes and their effects separately. 

Here we will present a mock example cause and effect essay sample paragraph for students;

Cause 1. Excessive use of cell phones, computers in offices and at home is a social dilemma and pandemic.

Effects. 1 Since 2020, the rate of weak eyesight and Macular Degeneration cases have surged four folds to an all-time high. The majority of the affectees are children aged between eight to twelve years old. Studies have found the reasons behind this are excessive use of mobile and tablets for more than 2 hours a day. 

By following this example, you’ll be able to justify your essay to your professor and impress them appropriately. Your thesis should reflect in all parts of the essay, from start to finish. 

You may add opposing arguments against your thesis in the body paragraphs to demonstrate your impartiality. Your evidence must be strong enough to hold against the opposition’s statements. After making good body paragraphs, move to the conclusion section.

End Your Discussion in Conclusion

After presenting your evidence on the cause and its relevant effects, it’s time to end the debate. You may restate your thesis here to consolidate your arguments and summarize the essay’s main points. Give the final touch by adding your conclusion remarks that should have the conviction to become the final nail in the coffin. 

Revise & Edit

After completing your cause and effect essay sample, it’s time to give it a few hours and think about how it can be improved and make better. Start revision of the first draft and highlight mistakes in critical components of the essay. Any grammatical or structural errors should be edited and replaced with appropriate ones. Your essay is ready to make headlines.


Our experts have provided superior assistance in writing cause and effect essays in this blog. Students must follow the steps to compose an extraordinary assignment. Making your essay and organizing it in a similar pattern will help you create a fantastic assignment.

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