232 Chemistry Research Topics To Make Your Neurochemicals Dance

Speaking from experience, science can be fun. The only thing that matters is that you should always choose the theme/field that fascinates you the most. Chemistry, if done right, can give you more dopamine rush than riding a racing bike. The trick is to choose a chemistry research paper topic that moves your quarks when you’re writing about it. 

Chemistry Research Topics: Biochemistry, Chemical, Organic, and more

Our chemistry research writers are not regular researchers but people who actually study and love chemistry. They have spent a lot of time unearthing some of the cool topics that could pump any chemistry geeks with an adrenaline rush. They have years of experience offering chemistry research paper writing services, so you can trust their work. (Many people around the world already do and you can find that in testimonials on our PhD Research Paper Writing Services page.)

Physical chemistry research topics

physical chemistry research topics

  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Energy Balance
  • Gases: Gas Law
  • harles and Gay Lussac’s law
  • General Ideal Gas Law
  • The mass of a chemical compound
  • The moles of an atomic species
  • The flow of Fluids in Closed Ducts
  • Impact of gravity on the fluids
  • Strength effect of elasticity of fluid actions
  • Surface tension in fluids
  • Statistical Analysis Of Thermodynamic Properties
  • Determination of the ideal gas constant
  • pH determination
  • Distillation of an azeotropic mixture
  • Cubic equations of state
  • Redox titrations
  • Ideal solutions (liquids)
  • Laboratory on the States of Matter
  • Laboratory on the construction of an atom
  • Research on molecular geometry
  • Research on the density of bodies
  • Kinetic studies of pyrolysis, combustion and gasification of various materials (organic and inorganic)
  • Physicochemical Processes of Interaction of Metals with Biomaterials
  • Photochemistry of Compounds of Environmental Interest
  • Study of the kinetic, thermodynamic and catalytic activity of compounds
  • Organic and inorganic academic and environmental interest
  • Determination of heat of combustion of acetamidophenols
  • Experimental determination of thermochemical properties of chemical compounds
  • Experimental evaluation of thermal properties of dangerous organic liquids
  • Synthesis and characterization of hydrogels based on acrylic acid
  • Incorporation of salts and other chemical substances in acrylic acid/acrylamide hydrogels
  • Physical chemistry of polymers and macromolecules
  • Pharmaceutical physical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and material sciences
  • Biomimetic chemistry
  • Petrochemical and related sciences
  • Physical chemistry of semiconductors
  • Physical chemistry of extractive processes
  • Physical chemistry of surfaces

We bet these chemistry essay topics have blown you away. Don’t worry we have more useful topics coming your way.

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Electrochemistry research topics

Below are some of the best topics for research paper about chemistry and its affiliate subjects. Check them out:

electrochemistry research topics

  • Calibration of carbon paste electrodes modified with iron particles
  • Effect of ionic strength on electrochemical detection
  • Oxygenated groups present in graphite powder
  • Electrochemical analysis
  • Potentiometric titrations of functional groups
  • Physical and chemical characterization of the modified and unmodified material 
  • Electrochemical recovery of toxic metals
  • Carbon paste electrodes
  • Biological and bioelectrochemical reactors with an optimization approach based on computational methods
  • Electrogeneration of oxidizing species
  • Electroremediation of contaminated water and water soils
  • Electrochemistry: Importance in Robotics and Nanotechnology
  • Electrochemistry in Ecology and Environmental Processes
  • How electrochemistry plays an important role in energy generation
  • Photovoltaic cells and hybrid energy systems
  • Nanostructured materials for fuel cells
  • Solar Systems and Electrochemistry
  • Biomolecular interactions and electroanalysis
  • Chemical and electrochemical methods in disease diagnosis
  • Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Hexacyanoferrate-Doped Polypyrrole
  • Energy Storage in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials
  • Conducting Organic Polymers with Electroactive Dopants
  • Electrochemistry for bioprocess engineering applications
  • Electrochemical enhancement of microbial product formation
  • Electron transfer of electrode-bound enzymes
  • Transport mechanism and interfacial reactions within the oxide layer
  • Oxide layer modelling
  • Preparative electrochemistry or electrosynthesis
  • Electrochemical methods in analytical chemistry
  • Electrochemical synthesis methods
  • Fuel cell technology in Technical Chemistry 
  • Electrochemical reactions
  • Phase boundary electrode-electrolyte
  • Phase boundary between an electronic conductor (electrode) and an ionic conductor (electrolyte)
  • Applications of electrochemistry
  • Reduction of metal salts for the production of base metals, mainly by electrolysis
  • Use of electrolytic metal deposition in electroplating
  • Provision of an electrical voltage, especially for mobile applications
  • History of Electrochemistry

We know your chemistry research projects are incomplete without these eyecatching topics. Read them and wisely write on these subject to amaze your professor.

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Organic Chemistry research topics

organic chemistry research topics

  • A novel process for the production of sophisticated molecules
  • Addition of amino sugars to acetylenic compounds
  • Environmental remediation and as a reaction containment medium
  • Intermolecular interactions for the molecular recognition of peptides and proteins
  • Synthesis of glycosylamines from disaccharides and lipooligosaccharides
  • Catalysis with metal and organocatalysts, photocatalysis, natural product synthesis, unnatural amino acids and peptide foldamers
  • Development and modification of gels based on polymers for use in drug delivery
  • Reusable catalyst makes oxidation of CH bonds with oxygen easier and more efficient
  • Structural analysis of nodulation factors produced by bacteria of the genus Rhizobium
  • Imidazopyridines as new materials
  • Effects of Ultra-Violet Light on Activation of Oxygen
  • Synthesis of large unsymmetrical imines by a palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction
  • Improved pharmaceuticals thanks to fluorine
  • Application of the hydroxy-ketone reductive grouping in obtaining trans-fused polyethers
  • Role of Biochemistry in the creation of Antibiotics
  • Application of the olefin metathesis (RCM) reaction in the synthesis of Orthocondensated polyoxepanes
  • Sugars in green olives
  • Synthetic applications of d-glucose derivatives
  • Synthesis, structure, coordination and applications in asymmetric catalysis
  • Natural product synthesis and convergent technologies
  • Activation of growth factors for fibroblasts by glycosaminoglycans effect
  • Thiols, preparation and handling
  • Biotransformations of industrial interest catalyzed by fungal peroxygenases
  • Carbohydrate multivalent systems functionalize proteins and surfaces
  • Fused n-heterocyclic carbenes in biaryl systems
  • Hair structure
  • Biochemistry for bioremediation
  • Chemical and structural characterization of lignin and lipids of lignocellulosic materials of industrial interest
  • Physicochemical characterization of citronella, soapstone, and eucalyptus essential oil
  • Electrophilic Substitution Reactions: Synthesis of Nitrobenzene
  • Essential oils: uses and properties
  • Activation of growth factors for fibroblasts by glycosaminoglycans

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Inorganic Chemistry research topics

inorganic chemistry research topics

  • Soil and water contamination by inorganic compounds
  • Synthesis and characterization of Coordination Compounds and their use as homogeneous catalysts
  • Free Radicals and Antioxidants
  • Analytical Chemistry associated with the study of inorganic compounds
  • Quantum molecular modeling and mechanics
  • Inorganic Materials
  • Hydrogen reactivity with inorganic compounds
  • Bond theory analysis
  • Chemistry of some transition elements
  • Boric Acid Preparation
  • Types of inorganic chemical reactions
  • Introduction to inorganic chemistry
  • Study of the atomic spectrum
  • Crystal defects in inorganic chemistry
  • Explosives and violent reactions in inorganic compounds
  • Objective characterization of wines through aroma components
  • Microstructural characterization of nanoparticles and magnetic “nano-composites” of iron
  • Chemical, morphological, mineralogical, and genesis characters of the salt mines
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the soils occupied by olive groves
  • Theoretical analysis and development of instrumentation to apply the new technique of thermal analysis at a constant rate of reaction
  • Alteration of rocks and soil formation in Utah
  • The catalytic activity of 4f metal oxides in the decomposition of various carboxylic acids and alcohols
  • Activation of ethylene and carbon dioxide by molybdenum complexes
  • Platinum promoting action on nickel catalysts supported on activated Bentonite
  • Homogeneous catalysis (with an organometallic, transition metal, lanthanide and representative compounds)
  • Methods of synthesis of organometallic compounds assisted by microwaves.
  • Design of molecular precursors with relevance in materials chemistry.
  • Chemistry of inorganic heterocycles.
  • Immobilization of organometallic and coordination compounds in polypropylene membranes.

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Biochemistry research topics

biochemistry research topics

  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Cell differentiation and metabolism
  • Biochemistry of Individual Molecules
  • Enterobacteriaceae envelopes: modulation of their structure in response to environmental cues and impact on pathogenicity
  • Neuroplasticidad y Neurogenética
  • Environmental biotechnology applied to water decontamination.
  • Reproductive Aging
  • Neurobiochemistry
  • Regulatory proteins of iron metabolism
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and cardiovascular disease
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and oxidative stress
  • Nutritional anaemias independent workers
  • Food incompatibilities for iron absorption
  • Evaluation of anaemia and iron deficiency in schoolchildren
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and evaluation of school performance
  • Iron deficiency anaemia in students of Educational Centers
  • Copper Levels and Oxidative Stress in the Elderly
  • Iron Levels and Oxidative Stress in the Elderly
  • Evaluation of transcription factors (surgical samples)
  • Biochemical markers in oxidative stress
  • Antioxidant activity in irradiated food products
  • Kinetics of the reactivity of antioxidants in food
  • Evaluation of oxidative stress in various pathological states
  • Iron levels in the Elderly
  • Copper Levels in the Elderly
  • Evaluation of the synergistic effect in a mixture of antioxidant compounds
  • Antioxidant activity in medicinal plants
  • Food patterns and evaluation of antioxidant capacity in food
  • Markers in Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease
  • Biochemical markers in Diabetes mellitus
  • Chemotherapy with redesigned Methotrexate
  • The Biosynthesis of triglycerides or triacylglycerides
  • Consequences of suffering from coronary disease
  • What medications should be administered in patients with osteoporosis?
  • Appearances of physiological alterations in older adults
  • The impact of the administration of clindamycin, amikacin, and ceftazidime in hospitalized patients
  • Pharmaceutical advice to reduce stress
  • Dyslipidemia in Diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetes mellitus and transcription factors (Cell culture)
  • Factors that lead to cholesterol excretion
  • Nutritional evaluation of pregnant diabetic mothers
  • How do blood alcohol levels influence drivers involved in traffic accidents?
  • Pleiotropic effects of oral hypoglycemic drugs
  • Importance of eating foods rich in carotenoids
  • The biochemical and toxicological impact of lead with environmental contact
  • The importance of emotions in the intervention of our digestive system
  • Lifestyles and Diabetes mellitus
  • Adiposity in Diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetological education of the patient with Diabetes mellitus
  • The impact of drug administration

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Nano / Nuclear Chemistry research topics

nano nuclear chemistry research topics

  • Modeling of metallic nanostructures
  • Modeling of nanostructures supported on oxides
  • Development of advanced nanomaterials with specific
  • Nanomaterials in the fight against cancer and spinal cord injuries in laboratory rats for neuronal reconnection
  • Study of the effects of radiation on the structure and properties of nanomaterials
  • Development of nanostructured substrates for Raman spectroscopy applications
  • Implants in neural tissues of the spinal cord to promote lost communication between the brain and the rest of the body
  • Design and preparation of theragnostic radiopharmaceuticals
  • Research and development of radiopharmaceuticals based on nanosystems for use in molecular nuclear medicine
  • Hydrogen storage, the capture of toxic gases, improvement of solar cells
  • Geometric optimization of nanostructures using classical methods
  • Calculation of energies and molecular properties
  • Synthesis of supercapacitors with carbon nanotubes
  • Simulation of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy images of nanostructures
  • Development of bactericidal dressings based on metallic nanoparticles
  • Modernization of the ININ X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
  • Thin coatings of transparent materials with high hardness

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Green Chemistry research topics

green chemistry research topics

  • Green chemistry and environmental sustainability
  • Strategies to make organocatalysis “greener”
  • The Chemical Knowledge and Environmental Question
  • Approach to school green chemistry, through green protocols
  • Sustainable Chemistry: Nature, purposes, and scope
  • Postgraduate studies in sustainable chemistry
  • Didactic knowledge of the content on green chemistry
  • Photochemical synthesis by sunlight
  • Green Chemistry: A Present and Future Theme for Chemistry Education
  • The environmental dimension of experimentation in the teaching of chemistry
  • Role of Chemistry and its teaching in the construction of a sustainable future
  • A foundation for the incorporation of green chemistry in organic chemistry curricula
  • Contribution of green chemistry to the construction of a socially responsible science
  • Aspects of the pedagogical knowledge of the content of green chemistry in university professors of chemistry
  • Asymmetric organocatalyzed reactions in the absence of a solvent
  • Green Chemistry for Postgraduates

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Archaeological Chemistry research topics

archaeological chemistry research topics

  • Archaeochemistry of the United States
  • Archaeochemistry of Egyptian Pyramids
  • Archaeochemistry of Mohanjodaro
  • Archaeochemistry of Cambodia
  • Archaeological dating, characterization, prospecting, and conservation
  • The role of bio-deteriorated ceramics in the formation processes of archaeological sites
  • Study of biodeterioration in archaeological ceramics from Mayan Ruins
  • Deterioration of ceramic fragments due to the action of lichens
  • Applicability of preventive conservation to archaeological ceramics impacted by biodeterioration

Our highly skilled professionals have provided you with superb research topics in chemistry. You can choose anyone matching your speciality and start working on making your paper a piece of art.


Never believe anyone who says you can’t go for a chemistry degree or PhD. Just listen to your heart and it will all make sense. Chemistry is one of the coolest subjects. If you do it right, with a chemistry research topic that inspires you, then no one can stop you from having your chemical breakthrough. Believe in yourself and the world will see your success like a mushroom cloud. 

If you still have any confusion, or can’t find time to write a perfect chemistry paper, you can ping us through our contact page and get expert chemistry writing opinions from our writers. If you just want to get on with it and seek our services, you can place your order now.

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