College APA Format Paper: Learning the Basics From Experts

A topic like an APA format college paper gives students goosebumps and makes them nervous. Understanding the intricacies of this format style is still a mystery to many students. We’ve seen many intelligent students doing amazing in writing but citing references in APA style becomes their Achilles heel. Luckily, our essay writing experts are here to save you from this embarrassment and make your work perfect. Read till the end to get to the bottom of this subject. Let’s start!

What is an APA Format Paper and What Subjects Use It?

APA (American Psychological Association) is a source citation format used for academic writing. It’s a widely accepted standard worldwide for research paper formats such as Psychology and Sociology and Social Sciences. It was invented by a group of psychologists and since then accepted as a standard for mentioning references.

Apart from the subjects we mentioned above APA style is used in many subjects such as Education, Anthropology, and Engineering. Although every college has its own set of guidelines that might differ from what we’ve mentioned here. If your professor has suggested otherwise, follow it accordingly. Let’s get to know this topic from an expert’s point of view and learn from examples of using this style appropriately.

How to Use APA Format Paper

Here we will discuss how to use this format in your assignment essay or research paper. These guidelines are essential to follow to make every academic task with a structured approach. Essential steps to writing an assignment in APA format are following;

Page Margin. 

The first step students need to take is to make sure their page setup is appropriate. Add one one-inch margin all around the page. From top to bottom, and left to right, a one-inch margin should be added. This makes your citation not only more visible but aesthetically pleasing as well for your professor and readers.

Use Double Space.

The second step is using double space to make your bibliography more visible and easy to find for keen researchers. It’s not necessary for the essay to be in double space, but your citation format must be using this.

Title of the Essay.

APA guidelines suggest appropriate use of title and it should be concise between eight to ten words only. Too short titles fail to explain the intent of the assignment to its readers. Secondly, position the title on the center of the page.

Student’s Name & College Name.

On the title page, after adding the title of the essay, you may add your name below the essay title. Use double space and write your name under the title and then your college’s name.

Page Header Format.

For the running page header, add the title of the essay on the top left of the page. Keep a half inch margin and add the title in bold fonts. Add the page number exactly opposite to the page header on the right corner of the page. Students are advised to add page numbers on all the pages except the first page.

Endnote Citation

Finally, the endnote citation is the last step to take before we sum-up the entire discussion. You must add the author’s last name first in bold followed by the comma, then the first name. For example Sparrow, Jack

After adding the name add the date of publication in the parenthesis like (2007, May 7). Then add the name of the book, journal in the following form, The Chronicles of TruthBoston: Brick Publishing.

Here is the full example of endnote citation for college APA format paper.

Sparrow, Jack.(2007, May 7).The Chronicles of Truth.Boston: Brick Publishing.


Students in this blog, we have provided you with thorough information related to college paper format. Follow the guidelines we provided here. These expert’s steps will help you make appropriate references and give credit to its original author.

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