College Chicago/Turabian Style: Complete Guide for Journalism Students

A gold standard in journalism subjects for using research sources and appropriately giving credit to them is the Chicago Turabian style. Journalism students use this citation format in their college assignments frequently. If you’re unfamiliar with this college Chicago/Turabian style, then this blog’s information will help you understand this. Read the blog and make notes of essential steps you must take to cite references. Let our essay experts take you through this.

What is College Chicago/Turabian Style

Chicago Turabian style is a standard format for referencing sources of research a student uses in their assignment. This format is commonly used in Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Editorial, Journalism columns, Tabloids, etc. Due to having almost the same styling and format, Chicago and Turabian styles are considered the same.

How to Cite in Chicago Turabian Style

Students, here we will present the necessary steps of Chicago Turabian style. Each step is essential and provides the required information to journalism students. Let’s focus on this one by one.

Author-Date In-Text Citation Style

For using in-text citations in Chicago Turabian style, students must use the author’s last name and year of publication in parentheses. For example (Austin 1895), in case you have no idea about the author’s name, you may use the publisher’s name. Chicago format example for publisher base citation is (New England Journal of Medicine 2005) etc.

If the author’s name is already mentioned, only add the date and pages of the book or source you’ve used. This way, you can use in-text citations in Chicago style.

In-Text Citation for More Than One Author

If the source you choose has multiple writers, write them in parenthesis, separated by commas. For example (Austin, Jackie, Amber 1895). If the authors are more than 4 or more, it’s better to use et al. in the citation. An example would be this (Austin et al. 1895).

For authors having the same last name, use the initial of their first name and mention it with a last name such as (J.Austin 1895), (M.Austin 1895). This way, you may quickly credit both authors.

When you are referencing from multiple sources, you add them like this mock example (Austin 1895; Jacob 1921). By adding a semicolon, you may use other authors for citation purposes.

Page Numbers

It’s also important to add page numbers when you are using only some or a few passages from the source or a book. Only mention the page number that contains the passage or source you mention in your write-up. A mock example will look like the following;

(Austin 1895, 177-190). You can accurately demonstrate your sources by following this example.

Notes Bibliography System

Unlike the author-date system, the notes-bibliography system includes footnotes or endnote citations. In footnotes, you may reserve a space on every page of the write-up and add relevant information. By using endnotes, students may add all the information in alphabetical order and add them at the end of the assignment.

You must add superscript numbers to the information, which should correspond to the accurate references in footnotes or endnotes. For using this system of citation, you must use quotation marks to highlight it with superscript. Here is an example of using footnotes or endnotes.

“Diabetes is the world’s largest metabolic disease resulting in 10 million deaths every year” 1

  1. IDF (International Diabetes Federation)

You can easily cite the relevant information like this when it’s used as an endnote or footnote in the essay. A complete citation may look like this when mentioned in the essay.

Tom Brown, Justice Awaits (Amsterdam: Sulley Publishing, 1992)

By following the above-mentioned example, students can easily cite the sources they’ve used in the essay or research paper.


Students, this helpful information in this blog will help you cite your sources in college paper format such as Chicago/Turabian style. Using these steps will enhance your understanding as well as increase credibility.

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