How To Use College MLA Format Paper in Assignments

Using an appropriate citation format is pivotal in students’ academic achievements. College MLA format paper causes many problems for students in assignment writing. Since it’s used in all general subjects such as Literature, History, Humanities, etc., most students fail to understand its requirements. There’s no need to sweat over it. Today, we will help you and make you a professional writer with less effort than required.

What is MLA Format?

Modern Language Association (MLA) format is a commonly used source referencing format style for students. It provides guidelines on how to present your references in your assignments. It’s a globally accepted principle in academics to mention your sources in the essay, research paper, dissertation, etc.

Students of high schools and universities must mention or provide on-page and end-note references in their assignments. Similarly, students studying English Literature, History, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, and Creative Writing must use (MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

Guidelines of MLA Referencing Format

If you’re studying any humanities-related subject, such as history and literature, follow the guidelines below. These rules specifically applied to MLA format of citations only. If your professor asks to use a different format, you should do accordingly. 

Page Margins

The general guidelines for page setup for MLA formatting are 8 x 11 inches on the computer printout. It’s crucial to adhere to this unless your professor says otherwise. Some institutions may ask you to use an A4 print setup for your paper. In this case, use the guidelines provided by your college instructor.

Additionally, leave 1 inch of space on all corners of the page throughout the paper, such as the top, bottom, left and right corners. Indent each paragraph by half an inch from the left margin.

Use Double Spacing

The second important guideline is using double spacing in your referencing format. This is to provide ease to your readers in finding the references. Secondly, it helps your professors or admission assessors to navigate to check your essay for credibility easily. Even if your essay or research paper is written in single spacing, you must make references in double spacing.

Creating Header Note

The third step is using header notes on your paper—number each page except the first. Use numbering on the right side of the page with half an inch of space from the top margin. Use the right margin with a flush.

In-Page Citation

Use in-page citations at the end of the page with accurate numbering. Each number should correspond to its appropriate result. Any deviation may result in an inaccurate reference number, destroying your credibility.

End Note

For end notes, use the full and separate page that shows the names of the entire list of sources used in the write-up. Write them in alphabetical order. This method will help your readers in finding the references.

Citing First Page

Usually, the title page or first page is only cited if you’re working on a group project. If you’re asked to do such, follow the pattern precisely. Write each contributor’s name on a single line, and don’t add all names in one line. Start by writing your name from the left side and then your professor’s name, course, and date of completing the assignment.

Additionally, use the capital case and only capitalize the first word of each name. Ensure using double space in all the lines and correct numbering for references.

Example of MLA Format

Here we will present a mock example of MLA format citation. This will help you cite sources accurately.

Dawson, JackWriting Essays, Edited by Mark Hammer, vol, 7, no. 11, 2007, Twilight PublishingsBoston.

This mock example will demonstrate how to cite any document using MLA format.


Students, this blog has provided sufficient material on college paper format topics to help you overcome any deviation in your work. Follow the steps, and you’ll be on your way to receiving an A+ on your assignments.

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