205 Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Are you still looking for some criminal justice research paper topics? Well, look no more because we got plenty. Write your research or order a paper writing service by Paper Perk, you must know one thing. you cannot do it without having an impeccable topic first. We can, and we will help you choose your topic today.

Criminal Justice Research Topics: Psychology, Social, Police, and More

When you are about to embark on the journey of writing your research paper, the first major step is to choose a topic. A perfect research topic will do more than make your research look great. It will always help you focus and do your best. Here are 205 Criminal Justice research topics. These topics are going to make your day with inspiration.

Psychological Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

psychological criminal justice research paper topics

  • Risk assessment in a crisis involving criminals with psychological disorders
  • Treatment programs for adolescents who have sexually harmed the citizens
  • PTSD and acute stress disorders in victims and witnesses of a violent crime
  • Dealing with the trauma of workplace violence. How can witnesses and victims find justice?
  • Prosecution in violent crimes by individuals with autism
  • The link between cognitions, sexual victimization and sexual offense occurrences
  • Role of sexual victimization in violent crimes
  • Psychological criminology aspects of a child groomer’s report
  • Responsibility for a coercive sexual act based on the presence of situational factors
  • Development of antisocial behaviors from childhood in violent criminals
  • Experience of relatives of the criminals committing a serious crime
  • Psychopathy and violence in criminalized adolescents
  • Difficulties in adjusting to normal social life. Institutionalized prisoners after serving the sentence
  • Prevention of traffic offenses in individuals with low self-control
  • Victimization among female offenders living with a mental disability
  • Variations in the frequency of physical violence in marriages
  • Marital violence in underdeveloped countries. What law can provide solace to female victims?
  • The study about behavior and conditions of women victims of domestic violence
  • Treatment of sex offenders
  • The sex offender. Clinical and societal issues and the role of childhood sexual trauma
  • The criminal phenomenon in the light of psychology. Fear and general prosecution
  • Prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activities with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
  • The homicides of yesterday and today. What have psychologists done to improve criminal justice for the murder
  • Psychology of interrogation: the quest for confession or truth?
  • Profiling and analysis of hunting tactics among serial sex offenders
  • Protocol for the behavioral analysis of violent crimes
  • Cyberpedophilia: profiling and prosecution of child pornography enthusiasts
  • Sexual aggressors: motivation, modus operandi and lifestyle habits
  • Criminal psychopathy: an introduction to the police procedure
  • Psychology of stalking. What steps can women take? How will authorities prosecute stalking offenses?
  • How to assess and what actions to take in the case of false allegations of child abuse?
  • False allegations of rape: when the victim becomes the perpetrator
  • Psychology of extreme beliefs and religious violence
  • Option for interactionist psychology in criminology
  • Detailed study of the criminological psychology

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Social Criminal Justice Research Topics

social criminal justice research topics

  • Management of breaches of the condition by professionals
  • Is child sexual abuse and child pornography the same? Should the court prosecute them under similar legislative characteristics?
  • The state and violence: analysis of the links between politics, governance and homicide
  • The feeling of justice among victims: the role of information and human contact
  • Legal concerns and human discomfort for the environment under close surveillance?
  • Social responsibility to help the institutionalized prisoners adjust to everyday life
  • Institutionalized prisoners’ social duty to raise awareness. Prisoners’ rights in the light of Shawshank Redemption.
  • What can we do to educate youth about the prevention of joining street gangs? The experience of young individuals
  • Understanding the ethical dilemmas experienced by judicial actors and their resolution
  • Prosecution and sentencing of the juvenile individuals involved in a criminal activity
  • Prosecution of the juvenile individuals involved in a violent crime
  • Study of the environmental responsibility of citizens from the perspective of green criminology
  • Teen pregnancy and substance use. Views of young mothers seeking psychological help
  • Therapeutic meetings and initiatives in a community supervision setting. Steps to reduce violent crimes and violent behavior of average citizens
  • What can a layperson do to provide individuals better access to justice in detention?
  • Effects of the firearm on the criminal career
  • Facebook as a tool for police intelligence
  • Is it ethical to use social media for public surveillance and police investigations?
  • Is it possible to hold people accountable for the insult?
  • Criminology and the role of social relations in criminal prosecution

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics: Criminology

criminal justice research paper topics criminology

  • Profit-driven criminal careers and assisted crime
  • Penal and Social Studies in The United States
  • Criminology. Study on the nature of crime and the theory of penalty
  • Anarchism: between criticism of the law and aspiration to justice
  • Definitions of crime and function of punishment
  • The origins of police violence against African Americans
  • Moral values and juvenile delinquency
  • Introduction to deviance and criminality
  • Political offenses and their modes of legislative repression
  • Urban Crime and the Crisis in the Administration of Justice
  • Juvenile crimes and tendency for delinquency: psycho-cultural foundations
  • Society, culture and criminality: limits of etiological and praxeological interpretation
  • Orientations of criminological research in California
  • Violence between order and social disorder
  • Why is it important to study crime in today’s society?
  • Terrorist, Criminal, Hybrid Threats, The Broad Perspective
  • The sexual aggressors of women. Tort Scenarios and Personality Disorders
  • Death penalties for rapists and sexual offenders
  • Analysis of the seriousness of sexual assault against adult women and its determinants
  • Signs of a revival in criminology as a popular study field
  • Penal reform and the reciprocity of rights
  • Crime: epistemological, theoretical and ethical issues
  • Utilitarianism and modern penal rationality
  • Aspects, traces and paths of modern penal rationality

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Political Crimes: Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

political crimes criminal justice research paper topics

  • Group protest, violence and the criminal justice system
  • Modern penal rationality, the risk society and the legalization of public opinion
  • Qualitative criminal justice research and the penal system
  • Prosecution of military personnel
  • Constitutional and political issues about criminal justice
  • Traditional perspectives and critical perspectives in criminology
  • Social violence. Provocating confrontations in the name of social demands
  • State violence. Authoritarian regimes and deviant police within democratic states
  • Ethnic violence in the United States, lack of prosecution and justice
  • Organized Cybercrime and Social Opportunity Structures
  • Lawyers and organized crime

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics About Police

criminal justice research paper topics about police

  • Origin of the modern police system
  • Police pragmatism as an art of good protection
  • Empiricism and police culture
  • Social media reactions to the use of brute force by the police
  • The case of George Floyd: Racist Violence in The United States of America
  • Pimping and the police: trajectories, effectiveness and logic of police decision-making
  • Police and politics in crowd management: a case study
  • The representation of interactions with the police: A research analysis
  • The appropriation of new technologies within the police
  • Darkweb Drug Markets: Impacts of Police Disruption Operations
  • Highlighting the differences in attitudes towards the legitimacy of the police. Police use of force
  • Police SOPs on the management of people at risk of suicide
  • Management of crime scene units by NYPD
  • Police and demonstrators. A qualitative study of the experience of women in protest action
  • Police intervention practices with people in crisis or suffering from mental disorders
  • The Use of Social Media by the LAPD
  • Measuring Organized Crime Activities
  • The management of crises of violence by the police

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics For College

criminal justice research paper topics for college

  • Study of comparative legislation in Europe
  • The legal conditions of the divorce
  • Citizen participation in criminal court decisions
  • The process of recruitment of jurors and the standard criteria
  • Judicial exemption from criminal sanction
  • Liability for pharmaceutical products. Health departments of institutional organizations
  • Placement of criminals under electronic surveillance. Wrong or justifiable?
  • The penal law of child pornography.
  • Audiovisual regulatory bodies and program ethics
  • The characteristics and process of the criminal trial
  • The secret of national defense before the judge
  • Treatment of over-indebtedness in the United States
  • The administrative summary
  • Formation and characteristics of the commercial courts
  • Control of the physical and mental aptitude of drivers of motor vehicles
  • The issuance cancellation of the driving license
  • To what extent an individual has the right to acknowledge their genetic origins?
  • Compensation for victims of therapeutic accidents
  • The criminal responsibility of local elected officials for committing illegal activities
  • Aspects and process of military justice
  • How to fight against domestic violence and provide legal safety to women?
  • The criminal liability of Heads of State and Government
  • The decriminalization of cannabis consumption. A legal study
  • Accidental killings committed by motorcyclists
  • The execution of the decisions of the civil courts of the first instance
  • The penal irresponsibility of the mentally ill
  • Providing justice for sexual offenses committed against minors

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics For University Students

criminal justice research paper topics for university students

  • The rights of the litigant and pre-trial detainees
  • The fight against domestic violence
  • How to ensure accelerated criminal proceedings
  • The legal protection of adults
  • Penal treatment of the sexual transmission of AIDS
  • Gaining nationality of European countries via marriage
  • The use of genetic fingerprints in criminal proceedings
  • Recruitment and initial training of judges
  • The statute of limitations for public action in matters of rape
  • The investigation of criminal cases
  • The role of the judicial police in the investigation of criminal cases
  • Appeals before the constitutional court
  • Legal immigration and repression of illegal immigration
  • Controls over the finances of local authorities
  • Definition, limitation and trial proceeding of sexual harassment
  • Criminalization of prostitution and soliciting
  • The rights of the opposition and the separation of powers within local authorities
  • The legal fight against terrorist networks
  • Citizenship and criminal justice: a critical challenge for the Middle East
  • Criminal responsibility and international security

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Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

law enforcement and criminal justice research paper topics

  • Judicial justice and access to law
  • Laws for simplification of seizures and confiscations
  • Criminal Accountability and Homeland Security
  • Administrative courts and financial courts
  • Improving the liability regime for the public service of justice
  • The fact-finding mission on the judicialization of public life
  • Role of the Defender of Rights
  • Criminal liability and internal security
  • Recognition of rape as a war crime
  • Ethics and discipline of judicial officers
  • Protection of persons who take part in public debate
  • The Decriminalization and Legalization of Cannabis
  • Actors and institutions of legal and judicial regulation
  • The legal and judicial dimensions in the management of “uncertainty.”
  • The sources, hierarchies and modes of formation of law
  • Role of the justice of the peace in history and of the local judge today
  • The demographic evolution of the body of administrative tribunals. Administrative courts of appeal
  • The judge and artificial intelligence
  • Developments in lawyer-judge relationships. Their work in the context of contracts and agreements
  • The budgetary aspects of justice, the evaluation of its quality
  • Implementation of European law
  • Organized crime and judicial organization
  • Knowledge of the minors cared for by the youth judicial protection services
  • The new methods of execution and change of sentences

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Some Interesting Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

some interesting criminal justice research paper topics

  • What is the quality of the information given in places of access to the law?
  • Effective determinants of the legal certainty of economic transactions
  • Administrative action and repressive action in the service of environmental protection
  • Bioethics
  • The state of the penal field since the new penal code
  • The deterrent effect of international sanctions on the Middle East
  • The notion of civil clientele and its possible evolution about Community Rules
  • The legal and economic dimensions of the management of contractual non-payment. Legal measures for civil and commercial matters
  • Courses of action in the field of environmental protection. The perspective of sustainable development
  • Methods of drafting judgments of supreme courts in Europe and the United States
  • The legal categories of public law under European influence
  • New technologies and legal procedures
  • Labor law and employment: an economic analysis
  • The responsibility of administrative judges today
  • The evolution of the ethics of the legal and judicial professions
  • The action of associations before the civil and criminal courts
  • The need for the provision of environmental justice to everyone. The issues of environment and climate change
  • The international dimension of criminal justice
  • The effectiveness of criminal justice decisions
  • Equal access to the law for vulnerable populations
  • Securing property rights in developing countries
  • Consideration of repetition in the context of educational activities with juvenile delinquents
  • Marriage breakdown proceedings in comparative law
  • The care of minors and institutional strategies
  • The issue of restorative criminal justice for adults
  • The impact of laws related to anti-discrimination measures

To sum up

Writing a criminal research paper or solving a case, you have to protect lives. More than that, you might need to provide justice for those already suffering. Our criminal justice research paper topics will help you do your best.

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