150 Interesting and Unique Demonstration Speech ideas

A demonstration speech aims to teach an audience how to complete a task. It’s a type of presentation where you demonstrate a process or teach a skill to an audience. Students are often assigned demonstration speeches to improve their communication and presentation skills.

Need help to find a good idea for your demonstration speech? We’ve got plenty of them here in this blog post. Ensure you read it all the way through to get the most out of it.

How to Choose a Demonstration Speech Idea?

The important stage of choosing a good demonstration speech idea is considering your audience. Think about what may intrigue them and ensure it’s something relevant. Here are some tips from professional paper help providers to get you started:

Brainstorm ideas

Write down anything that pops into your head. It could be sports, arts, life skills, or anything else. Then pick a few that you have the most knowledge in.

Narrow Down Your Options

Go over your list and take out any topics that might be too hard. Stick with the topics you can show in a reasonable amount of time.

Research Your Options

Once you’ve whittled down the topics, do some digging to get the facts. Get your hands on some dependable sources, like books, articles, or websites, so that you can give a thorough presentation.

Engage your Audience

Pick a topic that your audience will find both captivating and exciting. Think of fun, unexpected elements you could add, like humor or something interactive, that can make your speech stand out.

Consider the Educational Value

Your presentation should have something valuable to offer your audience. Ensure it’s an informative topic that teaches a skill and has practical applications they can use in real life.

Practice and Refine

Once you’ve picked your idea for a demonstration speech, practice it many times so you’re confident with the material and the demo. Tweak your speech and make changes if you need to make it clearer and smoother.

Now. Let’s explore the list of amazing demonstration speech ideas.

Unique Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to create a personalized gratitude jar
  • The art of making homemade scented candles
  • Quick and easy meal prep for busy weekdays
  • DIY natural skincare products using kitchen ingredients
  • The art of flower arranging for special occasions
  • How to master basic calligraphy techniques
  • Creating your mini herb garden indoors
  • Simple steps to make your eco-friendly cleaning products
  • The Secrets of brewing the perfect cup of coffee
  • Creating a stylish and organized capsule wardrobe
  • Mastering the art of basic origami folds
  • How to create a stunning floral centerpiece
  • Quick and healthy smoothie recipes for a busy lifestyle
  • The art of making homemade bath bombs
  • Creating your custom-designed T-shirts
  • The basics of self-defense techniques for personal safety
  • How to properly apply natural makeup for a fresh look
  • Essential tips for effective time management
  • Creating a budget-friendly home office setup
  • The art of making homemade pizza from scratch

Demonstration Speech Ideas High School

  • How to tie a basic necktie knot
  • The art of folding a paper airplane
  • Creating a simple fruit salad
  • How to make a classic grilled cheese sandwich
  • Quick and easy steps to make a paper crane
  • The basics of juggling with three balls
  • How to do a basic card trick
  • Creating a DIY face mask using household ingredients
  • The art of making a basic origami fortune teller
  • How to make a refreshing lemonade from scratch
  • Quick and easy steps to wrap a gift elegantly
  • Creating a simple and stylish flower arrangement
  • The art of creating a basic pencil sketch
  • How to make a DIY bookmark using decorative paper
  • Quick and easy steps to fold a paper napkin into a fancy shape
  • The basics of solving a Rubik’s Cube
  • How to make a delicious chocolate mug cake in minutes
  • Creating a DIY terrarium with succulent plants

Good Demonstration Speech Topics

  • The art of creating a mesmerizing acrylic pour painting
  • How to make homemade organic soap with unique scents
  • Creating a DIY mini-indoor garden using recycled materials
  • The process of creating a captivating stop-motion animation
  • How to create a stunning layered dessert parfait
  • The art of creating a beautiful hand-lettered quote on canvas
  • DIY techniques for transforming old clothes into trendy fashion pieces
  • How to make a personalized photo album using scrapbooking techniques
  • Creating a homemade natural facial mask with exotic ingredients
  • The process of making artisanal bread from scratch
  • How to design and assemble a custom-built computer
  • Creating a unique and stylish terrazzo-inspired resin art piece
  • The art of creating a custom-designed website using website builders
  • DIY techniques for upcycling glass bottles into decorative vases
  • How to create a delicious and visually appealing charcuterie board
  • The process of making homemade gourmet chocolates with various fillings
  • Creating a mesmerizing light painting using long-exposure photography
  • How to design and sew your eco-friendly tote bag
  • The art of creating intricate paper quilling designs
  • DIY techniques for transforming a plain room into a vibrant and stylish space

Captivating How to Demonstrative Speech Ideas

  • How to effectively manage your time and increase productivity
  • How to write a cover letter for seeking job
  • How to prepare and deliver a persuasive speech
  • How to perform basic car maintenance and troubleshooting
  • How to start your own successful online business
  • How to apply professional makeup for special occasions
  • How to create a budget and manage personal finances
  • How to develop effective study habits for academic success
  • How to navigate and utilize social media for personal branding
  • How to make homemade pasta from scratch
  • How to meditate for relaxation and stress relief
  • How to grow your own organic vegetable garden
  • How to play basic guitar chords and strumming patterns
  • How to perform basic first aid techniques for common injuries
  • How to cook a nutritious and delicious meal in under 30 minutes
  • How to change a flat tire on a car
  • How to write a narrative essay
  • How to effectively negotiate and communicate in a professional setting
  • How to develop and maintain a healthy exercise routine
  • How to create a visually appealing presentation using PowerPoint
  • How to plan and execute a successful event or party

Easy Demonstration Speech Ideas on Food

  • How to make a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • The art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee
  • How to make fluffy scrambled eggs in minutes
  • Creating a refreshing and colorful fruit salad
  • How to prepare a simple and delicious guacamole dip
  • The process of making a crispy homemade pizza
  • How to cook a mouthwatering steak on a stovetop
  • Creating a flavorful and nutritious green smoothie
  • How to make a creamy and comforting bowl of mashed potatoes
  • The art of creating a homemade salsa with fresh ingredients
  • How to bake soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies
  • Creating a refreshing and tangy lemonade from scratch
  • How to make a flavorful homemade tomato sauce for pasta
  • The process of making a fluffy and light pancake stack
  • How to cook a perfect and juicy grilled chicken breast
  • Creating a creamy and indulgent chocolate mousse dessert
  • How to assemble a delicious and colorful veggie wrap
  • The art of making a flavorful and aromatic cup of tea
  • How to prepare a crunchy and satisfying homemade Caesar salad
  • Creating a mouthwatering and cheesy baked macaroni and cheese dish

Demonstration Speech Examples (Topics) on Marketing

  • How to create an effective social media marketing strategy
  • The process of conducting market research for a new product
  • How to optimize a website for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creating engaging content for a successful content marketing campaign
  • How to develop a compelling brand identity and logo design
  • The art of creating persuasive advertising copywriting
  • How to implement email marketing campaigns for customer engagement
  • Creating a successful influencer marketing campaign
  • How to use data analytics to track and optimize marketing performance
  • The process of designing and launching a mobile app for marketing purposes
  • How to leverage video marketing to engage and captivate your audience
  • Creating an effective customer loyalty program to drive repeat business
  • How to implement effective affiliate marketing strategies
  • The art of creating visually appealing and impactful marketing materials
  • How to plan and execute a successful product launch event
  • Creating an engaging and interactive user experience (UX) on a website
  • How to utilize storytelling techniques in marketing campaigns
  • The process of setting up and managing a successful Google Ads campaign
  • How to develop and implement a successful influencer partnership program
  • Creating an effective lead generation strategy to grow your customer base

Funny Ideas for Demonstration Speech

  • How to make a gourmet sandwich that looks incredible but tastes terrible
  • The art of creating a perfectly imperfect DIY hairstyle
  • How to fold a fitted bed sheet into an unrecognizable mess
  • The process of attempting to walk in high heels like a pro
  • How to prepare a “culinary masterpiece” using only microwaveable meals
  • Creating a DIY craft project that ends up looking like a kindergarten art project
  • How to attempt a yoga pose that looks graceful but ends up in a hilarious fail
  • The art of imitating celebrity impressions (with humorous outcomes)
  • How to make a healthy smoothie that tastes absolutely awful
  • Attempting to break a world record for the most failed attempts at a simple task
  • The process of attempting to dance like a professional without any coordination
  • How to create a DIY fashion trend that is intentionally bizarre and unconventional
  • The art of creating a failed magic trick with predictable and comedic outcomes
  • How to organize a cluttered room most messily and chaotically possible
  • Attempting to learn a new language in a ridiculously short amount of time (with humorous mistakes)
  • The process of attempting to bake a cake without any baking skills or knowledge
  • How to give yourself a “professional” haircut that ends up looking hilariously uneven
  • Creating a “gourmet” dish using unconventional and strange food combinations
  • How to attempt extreme sports or activities with amusing and clumsy results
  • The art of telling funny and cheesy jokes that elicit groans instead of laughter


Hopefully, you have now shortlisted a topic or two for your demonstration speech. Be it the food, marketing, or crafts you are in, our lists of demonstrative speech topics have many ideas to get you started. Remember, it’s not about choosing a topic only, but it’s more about captivating your audience.

Moreover, if you still need help with demonstration speech ideas, order now so our experts can be at your service right away.


plus-icon What is an example of a demonstration speech?

The two simplest examples of demonstration speech are:

  • Teaching the audience how to make a simple origami crane.
  • Explaining the steps to perform basic CPR on someone needing emergency assistance.
plus-icon How do you introduce a demonstration speech?
The best way to introduce a demonstration speech is to capture the audience's attention. State what you'll demonstrate and highlight its purpose or benefits.
plus-icon What is a demonstration speech?
A demonstration speech is all about teaching someone how to do or make something. You'll use visuals and step-by-step demos to show the process.
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