100 Unique Expository Writing Prompts to Make You Shine Like a Star

Students face difficulty when it comes to choosing a good topic for their essays. In middle school, it’s one of the things that causes headaches and a lack of interest in studying. Fear not; we will help you with exceptionally crafted expository writing prompts. In this blog, you’ll get the best ways and topics to start your work. Let’s learn the best ways to choose a topic based on the prompts.

Top 15 Expository Writing Prompts High School

We know high school students are more confused about writing an expository essay due to a lack of prompts. Here we will present some of the best examples for high school students.

  1. Explain why the world’s population is increasing day by day. Offer solutions to tackle population explosion.
  2. Write an essay on how Artificial intelligence (AI) is making our lives easy. Choose how we may use this technology to automate our work.
  3. Write an essay on your high school. Explain what things you need to improve your education experience at the campus.
  4. Write an essay on chatGPT. How can students learn from this tool?
  5. Write an essay on capitalism and its salient features. Choose what benefits are more labor-friendly.
  6. Write an essay on gun shootings at high school. Explain what is the main reason for such intolerance among teenagers.
  7. Explain why private schools are expensive. Do private school students learn better than public schools?
  8. Write an essay on music therapy. What benefits does it provide to school students in reducing assignment stress?
  9. Write an essay on BTS’s popularity in the US. Choose what’s your favorite singer in BTS.
  10. Write an essay on the Fast and Furious franchise. Who’s your favorite character, and why do you like watching this franchise?
  11. Explain why weed is bad for students’ health. Share your opinion on how we can combat this addiction in high school.
  12. Under-age drinking and its consequences in teenagers. Explain why parents and authorities cannot make sufficient progress to stop it.
  13. Write an essay on students’ lack of interest in studying. Choose three main reasons that exacerbate this academic problem.
  14. Write an essay on teenage pregnancy. Explain the steps that will help solve this issue besides sex education.
  15. Explain the reasons for the rising high school student drop-out rate. Write the short-term and long-term goals that will help the state government overcome this problem.

Top 15 Expository Writing Prompts for Middle School

We have exciting expository writing prompts for middle school students here. Have a look.

  1. Write an essay on the importance of reading books. Write 10 benefits of reading books for students.
  2. Write an essay on your science teacher. Explain why you like their method of teaching.
  3. Choose your favorite cartoon character and write an essay on it. Give reasons why you like this character and how it motivates you.
  4. Write an essay on your neighbor. Explain how they treat you and help you when you need them.
  5. Write an essay on your favorite fruit. Write reasons why you like it and what benefits it provides you.
  6. Make an essay on your goals after middle school. Explain how you will achieve your goals.
  7. Write an essay on your parents. Give three reasons why you love them.
  8. Write an essay on world war two. Explain how you think how it should’ve ended.
  9. What do you think about nuclear weapons? Write an essay on the invention of the first atomic device.
  10. Write an essay on America’s contribution to world peace.
  11. Write an essay on USAID. Explain 10 reasons why its the best government-funded aid organization in the world.
  12. How United Nations (UN) is helping in ending poverty in third world countries. Explain the functions of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  13. Write an essay on your favorite Marvel Superhero. Give reasons what you like about them and what their superpowers are.
  14. Write an essay on September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on New York City. Give suggestions on how the US government should stop future attacks.
  15. Write an essay on your favorite subject. Explain why you like it.


These fantastic expository writing prompts will help students in composing creative essays. Follow the steps mentioned above for the best essay writing experience.

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