Elevate Your Work: 200 Unique Feminist Research Topics for 2023

The role of women in society is commonly highlighted these days. Hence, it’s not surprising that your professor has asked you to produce a research paper on Feminism. Yes, finding a good topic, to begin with, is more challenging than it sounds. But that’s where you can count on this interesting yet very informational write-up to help you out. As you should know, we have been offering Custom writing services for years now, so we have a list of the best topics for you to count on. That said, make sure you read this amazing blog post till the end to make the most of it.

Feminist Research Topics: Unique, Interesting & Professor-Approved

We cannot deny how daunting feminist research paper writing can get, mostly because it is very difficult to extract the data for the same. That’s where the expert suggests you pick a suitable topic so you can get good help from the Internet with data collection and more. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the top feminist research topics to write on.

Top Research Topics to write on

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Picking a good topic for your feminist research topic will ease the whole writing process. Wondering what a good topic for such a paper reads like? Just hover your eyes on the list below. The list is also our writers’ favorite, and we are sure you’ll love it too.

  • Name and elaborate on notable female figures who have positively affected the world.
  • Explain the ways of advocating women’s rights.
  • How is Feminism different from rebellion?
  • How are women influencing the culture?
  • How is Feminism defined? 
  • How are gender and sexual roles different?
  • Compare black women’s agenda to the feminist agenda.
  • Explain in detail the rights and privileges of women in underdeveloped countries.
  • Elaborate on the feminism pros and cons
  • What are feminists’ motivating factors?
  • Why must government support feminist movements?
  • Explain why we should vote for the pay equity idea.
  • Ways to eradicate gender-based inequality from modern society.
  • How do typical feminist lives?
  • How does Feminism compare to moral life?
  • The aspects of feminists’ live you don’t know about.
  • Are single mothers and Feminism related?
  • Effect of feminist ideas on the personal lives of women.
  • How are women outlined in American Politics?
  • The myths about feminists and Feminism.
  • How Feminism promotes women’s superiority?
  • Explain the humanity genders.
  • Should you expect a feminist theory in the near future?
  • Elaborate on the women’s reflection on male characters.
  • Is there any connection between Feminism and criminality?
  • Deep insights into the 20th century of feminism activation.

Popular Feminism Research Paper Topics 

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One of the finest approaches for writing a feminist research essay is also to go with popular topics. By doing so, you’ll have access to tons of data available across different media platforms. Yes, you are guessing it right; we have popular research paper topics for you below.

  • Does Feminism cause domestic violence?
  • What should you regard Feminism – as a historical relic or a necessity?
  • Explain the 21st-century feminism activation.
  • How are women playing an important role in the modern business world?
  • What modern lifestyle owes to Feminism?
  • Feminism publicity and the Internet
  • How is the #MeToo movement impacting the world?
  • What are gender and parenting issues that concern Feminism?
  • How is men’s hatred a threat to Feminism?
  • Fundamental concepts of Feminism.
  • Main ideas of modern Feminism.
  • Feminism myths you must be aware of.
  • What are the ways a feminist can use to fight for her ideas?
  • How is Feminism related to human rights?
  • Explain the construction and deconstruction of gender roles.
  • The best ways to deal with perpetual domestic violence.
  • How right are the Feminist critics?
  • Can Feminism cope with domestic violence?
  • Explain how men judge a woman by her cuisine.
  • Feminism – pros and cons.
  • Violation of women’s rights in the modern world.
  • Discuss the main offshoots of modern Feminism.
  • Explain modern world obstacles a feminist faces.
  • Can you divide feminist stents into correct and incorrect?
  • The mass media’s positive and negative effects on the lives of women.
  • Is modern Feminism the cause of men’s discrimination?

Best Feminist Research Topics 

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Want to make a mark with this research essay? Then, choose a topic from our list of best feminist research topics. Here you go:

  • Is there a possibility of Feminism becoming a new fashion?
  • Explain the 2022 trends of Feminism.
  • Are feminist actions justified?
  • How is Feminism influencing human psychology?
  • Can you consider Feminism a social trend?
  • What is triggering Feminism?
  • Explain how freedom of speech influences the proliferation of feminist ideas.
  • Has Feminism developed a new type of discrimination?
  • Drawbacks of Feminism for society.
  • Can you regard Feminism as a community’s new weapon?
  • How do feminist thoughts influence young minds?
  • Explain what countries are major flashpoints of Feminism and why?
  • Name the ethnic groups that are not supporting Feminism.

Fascinating feminist research topics 

Want to sound impressive yet confident with your final piece? Then go for picking one of these fascinating research topics. Still, you must put some good time and effort into extracting relevant data for these. But those joyous moments of your professor appreciating your final piece is worth everything you could invest now. Here we go with the list of those fascinating topics:

  • How will you explain Feminism as a philosophy of life?
  • What encouraged Feminism, humans or society?
  • How are the sentiments of feminists relevant to the current generation?
  • Should you consider Feminism a want or need?
  • What are other ways for a woman to conquer freedom besides Feminism?
  • How does Feminism address violence?
  • How is Liberalism changing the way women think?
  • Where do the stereotypes lie in the 21st century?
  • How is the state playing a role in feminist movements?
  • Explain the feminism primary source.
  • Where are feminist groups illegal?
  • Discuss how women were treated in ancient times.
  • Explain the culture of Feminism.
  • Is it possible for women to change the world by taking part in feminist movements?
  • Why is Feminism no longer a taboo?
  • Explain how Feminism is developing.
  • In what circumstances do feminists’ occasionally resort to illegal means?
  • Explain how every human is a feminist.
  • Describe the outcomes of the feminist movement.
  • How is Feminism evolving in the social networks era?
  • Reasons to believe that women are no longer silent
  • Who condemned Feminism?
  • Understanding the feminist’s modern art.
  • Who is benefiting the feminist movements?
  • Does discrimination justify the existence of Feminism?
  • The role of women in international business.
  • How is feminism relevant in 2022?
  • Explain how feminism has harmed women’s reputations.
  • Effects of the evolution of feminism on society.
  • Elaborate on the future of feminism.
  • Explain why some religious groups regard feminism as a threat.
  • Discuss the impact of feminist views on the 2016 presidential election.

Most Discussed Feminist Research Topics 

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If you want to get over with your feminist research essay quickly, go with picking up a topic from this list of most discussed feminist research topics:

  • Is radical Feminism suppressing women’s freedom?
  • Feminism in the twentieth century.
  • Equality and Feminism – Things we should know about.
  • Discussing the second wave feminism.
  • Feminism and homosexuality – problems we should highlight
  • The misunderstanding of feminist moments.
  • How is liberal Feminism affecting equality?
  • The difference between first and second-wave feminists.
  • Explain the relationship between Feminism and post Feminism.
  • Feminism, symbolism, and more.
  • Shedding light on feminist social theory.
  • The hidden message of Feminism.
  • How is Feminism responding to the discrimination against women?
  • How is Feminism related to constructivism?
  • Feminism in the light of fairness doctrines.
  • Discussing the social system and Marxist feminist theory.
  • Feminism – The First Wave
  • The difference between Liberalism and political Feminism.
  • Social justice and Feminism – the connection.
  • Things you should know about black Feminism.
  • Explain why a gentleman might be insulting feminists.
  • Steps for adopting feminism.
  • How does anti-racism equate to feminists?
  • Explain the significance of Bitch Manifesto.
  • Elaborate on provocative feminism.
  • The study into women’s health and rights.
  • Is feminism influencing science?
  • Elaborate on women in leadership positions.
  • Overcoming gender stereotypes in the 21st century.
  • The female gendering of AI assistants – The real problem
  • How is child marriage impacting society?
  • Should gender roles be socially constructed?
  • How does feminism count in international relations?

Easiest feminism essay topics 

easiest feminism essay topics 1

Feeling writing on Feminism a tough ask? Don’t worry; we have the list of the easiest topics for you below. Picking up a simple topic will ensure that you begin writing your research paper immediately. Here’s your list of the easiest feminism research topics to write on and to impress your professor:

  • Radical Feminism vs. Liberalism
  • Promotion of Feminism in Beyonce’s music.
  • Feminism’s pride and power.
  • Post-feminism culture in teenage magazines.
  • Chicana Feminism and Mexican culture.
  • How is Feminism overcoming gender discrimination?
  • How is the media promoting Feminism?
  • Feminism vs Multiculturalism.
  • Dilemmas and Intersections of Feminism and Postcolonialism.
  • Gender differences in comparison to mainstream psychology.
  • Explain the differences between Liberal Feminism and Radical Feminism.
  • Collective representation and multicultural Feminism – an overview.
  • Feminism in China after Chinese Economic Reforms
  • Feminism in Haiti and female gender roles.
  • Julia Ward Howe’s struggle for Feminism.
  • The contentious issues for Feminism.
  • Compare and contrast 19th and 20th-century feminist cultures.
  • How are Masculinity and Feminism defining people today?
  • The Feminism real meaning.
  • The Feminism – What’s coming next?
  • Three types of Feminism.
  • The Feminism in Arab.
  • The rise of Feminism in Europe.
  • Eurocentric Feminism – Things you should know.
  • Is Feminism achieving its goals?
  • Western Feminism – How is it different?
  • How is Feminism benefiting American Society?
  • How has Feminism changed New Zealand?
  • The three waves of Feminism.
  • Elaborate on the Marxist Feminism Theory.
  • Explain how French Feminism is Manifesting itself.
  • The effects of Feminism on women, men, and families.
  • Male control and their dominance in society in the light of Feminism.
  • Discuss critical Feminism.
  • Things you should know about Patriarchy in Feminism.
  • The effects of South Korea Globalization on the role of Feminism.
  • Feminism and sayings of Stepford wives.
  • Important theories of Feminism.
  • Feminism, in simple words.
  • The objectives of Feminism.
  • Is Feminism equal to gender equality?
  • The rise of Feminism in the USA.

Powerful Feminist Research Topics 

Surely you can add power to your feminist research essay. The right way of doing that is to pick a powerful research topic. Most importantly, you don’t have to wander about such a topic as we have a long list below.

  • Explain the Eco-feminism.
  • How are Fashion and Feminism related?
  • Modern education and Feminism.
  • Explain feminist movements in the USA.
  • Is Cyberfeminism a new concept?
  • The rise of Gender stereotypes – Are they still relevant?
  • Modern Feminism – The overview
  • Discuss how Feminism is influencing your life.
  • Feminism from a man’s perspective.
  • Anti-feminism movements.
  • Women inequality in modern society.
  • The modern manifestations of Feminism and their positive effects.
  • Feminism in literature.
  • Feminism’s negative influence on brand income.
  • How is feminism mainstream these days?
  • Teenagers and Feminism.
  • Famous feminist personalities.
  • The pros and cons of radical Feminism.
  • Feminism affects on heterosexual relationships.
  • A society without gender stereotypes.
  • How is Feminism harming men?
  • Feminists’ ways of reaching their goals.
  • The difference between Feminism and anti-feminism.
  • Common men’s perspective of Feminism.
  • Is calling oneself a feminist fashion these days?
  • Feminism – controversial issues.
  • Various perspectives of feminist movements.
  • How is the media influencing Feminism?
  • Explain how Feminism is negatively affecting women.

Events that have led to the birth of Feminism

  • The Blonde Beard was a practice where women would disguise themselves as men to get jobs in the workplace. This was done to avoid the glass ceiling and other forms of discrimination against women. The Blonde Beard was popular in the 19th century, but it has since fallen out of favor because of its association with sexism and racism.
  • Women in the pre-1800s were not allowed to work, go to school, or own property. This was because they were considered inferior to men, and the property was considered male-made.
  • You might think that the term “mommy blogger” is new, but it’s actually an old-fashioned insult. In fact, it dated back to the 1960s and was used to describe women who were too passive in their roles as mothers or housewives. This idea has stuck around for decades because it’s still very true. Men have historically been the ones who go to work outside the home (and get paid more than women), while women have historically stayed at home with children or other family members — even if they had jobs outside their homes.


Undoubtedly, coming up with a good feminist research topic feminist research paper topics is no less a daunting task. Not when you have found this article that lists great topics for you to get on with your research paper immediately. Furthermore, if we have missed including something here, please feel free to use the comment box below.

Moreover, if you want an expert hand to take care of your feminist research topics, count on one of our writers available.

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