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How To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper?

What’s the most necessary yet difficult to write part of the research? An introduction? Well, it is one of them but in this blog, the entire focus is shifted towards another crucial part of the paper. It is the abstract of the research which needs the highest attention of the author since it is the very first section.

So how do you write an abstract for a research paper and what is it? An abstract contains the crux of the complete research from start to end. It is displayed as a short paragraph at the beginning of the research in which you can read about the thesis statement, method of research, and findings all at once.

It is a direct overview of the research for the readers who want to know the overall details without giving an all-inclusive read. It takes a lot of reading and strategizing to write a good 200-word abstract. Are you interested in learning everything about abstract writing? This guide is a must-read for you.

What is an Abstract?

An abstract is a small paragraph, placed at the very top of the introduction section. It is a summary of the entire research which states the purpose, methodology, and findings to offer a quick overview to the readers. An abstract provides the notion of the thesis without describing the lengths but with a precise explanation. Many students fail to understand how paper abstract is so important.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a lengthy essay that is based on full-fledged research. It discusses the topic statement in detail by putting forward a thesis statement. That statement is justified by conducting proper research whose findings must support the thesis for a research paper.

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper?

The abstract writing is done after the completion of the research. It cannot be written without finishing the findings and conclusion for a research paper . Most of the students have a false concept of writing abstracts in the starting of the paper which is wrong.

We have some correct methods in store for you to write an abstract for your paper. Give a read to these extraordinary steps in writing the abstract for a research.

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

1. Read the Entire Research

It is the best way of writing an abstract for the research, to read the entire research. You are going to write the crux of the research and for that purpose, you must know all the things written in it. There must be a detailed reading given to it to write a good quality abstract.

Start from the introduction and keep moving to the further parts until you conclude. In this way, you can gather the significant points which will help write the abstract of your research. The next step in writing an abstract is making the points of all important facts.

2. Mark Important Points

This is the very next step in writing an abstract for the research. As you have finished reading the research paper and now you must mark all the important points you have found. Making a list of all these points will be the best option so you may later use these points for good use.

All these points can be later compiled in writing the abstract. You will at least have a roadmap to follow that won’t let you get distracted. It is the best technique for writing an abstract without getting puzzled in front of thousands of words written in the research.

3. Compile all Points

In this part, you will eventually compile all the points you have marked in the research. This is the time to write all of those points collectively in one paragraph. This paragraph can be later proofread or arranged as per the preferences. Hence this step only involves compiling all the marked points to move one step ahead in writing the abstract for research.

4. Arrange Sequence Wise

This is the time to arrange all the collected points in a sequence because writing an abstract is not that easy. You must arrange all the points in the form of a sequence such as writing the thesis statement first, then the objective, research questions, theoretical framework, methodology, findings, and conclusion.

It is the correct pattern of writing various details in one abstract. That’s why it is necessary to arrange all the points in a pattern before writing them into a one-form paragraph. It is one of the vital requirements of writing an abstract.

5. Check for Final Review

Just writing is not the final stage of abstract writing, there comes a final review as well which clears out all the possible errors. After writing the abstract you must do a final review and check if there is an issue with your abstract. It may be the issue in the sequence of the information, writing mistakes, or any other possible flaw in the writing.

Just do a final review and make sure your abstract is good to go. It is the very first thing in your research which can make a good impression, therefore make sure to leave a good impression through the brilliant content of your research abstract.

This 5-step process of writing an abstract can surely help you write the best quality abstract for your research.

It is as important as the entire research, so don’t take it lightly and put equal effort into writing a good one. Readers do not always like to read the complete research so the abstract is a short paragraph that helps them learn about your research. That’s why you must write it well and keep it on point to impress your readers.

Research Paper Abstract Vs Introduction

There is a big difference between the abstract and the introduction of the research. These are two different things that have a lot of dissimilarities but hardly a similar characteristic. That’s why the comparison may end up having a lot of unmatched details. Let’s have a look at the features of an abstract and Introduction respectively to see the clear difference between them.


The abstract of the research has a defined purpose of writing the main points of the research from start to the end. It describes the crux of the research. Most of the students confuse its purpose with providing a detailed summary which is not true. It doesn’t have a purpose of writing the paragraphs to summarize everything written in the research.

The major parts of the abstract are background, introduction (a little bit), research questions, objective, methodology, findings, and conclusion. These parts are written in the research since they are the direct details one needs to know about research.

The abstract has to be clear and to the point for sharing the only information which is required. It is not necessary to put tons of ideas into it and describe everything which is not important.


The introduction on the other hand is different and contains entirely different details of the research. It is the first part of the research specifically that contains the headings such as background, objective, research questions, thesis statement, and significance of the research.

These are the headings that are discussed quite in detail within the introduction part of the research. However, these headings are discussed in the abstract section as well. But how exactly are they different from each other? Head to the next heading to know the backstory.

Main Difference

The main difference between both of these headings is the word length and explanation. In the abstract, you can see the same headings are different but in just one line or two. When it comes to the abstract for a research paper the description is detailed. Each heading is elaborated in a manner that provides the main idea of the research to the readers.

With the help of abstract readers can only get a short overview, but the introduction offers a complete description to explain the research. An abstract is only a source of providing the exact details of the research, but the introduction is a complete chapter that throws light on all the vital aspects of the research.

Example of Abstract in a Research Paper

It is easier to differentiate between a good and a bad research paper. The major difference comes from the writing style and the marking of sequences. Not everyone can write a catchy abstract which is not a good thing to experience when you are good at writing a research paper.

Do you want to know what a good abstract looks like? These examples showing the best characteristics of an abstract can help you get an idea.

1. To-the-Point Description

The ideas shared in a good abstract are always to the point. You never have to read an abstract too lengthy, containing several and unnecessary information about the research. The purpose of adding an abstract to research is to provide an overview of every major heading within a few sentences.

It is never destined to give you the explanation of the research but only the essence of it. When writing an abstract you must take care of this fact and only include the facts which are important to be added at that place. The right information in the wrong place would never be of any use at all.

2. Short and Clear

An abstract should never consist of more than a paragraph. It has to be short, precise, and very clear in terms of delivering valuable information. There is a myth that an abstract should be a proper length summary of the paper and it has to be containing 300 plus words, which is not true.

There is no reality in this fact and the abstract does not have to be this long. If you have mistakenly written a wordy abstract then just cut it down and adjust it as per the standard requirements of writing a good abstract.

3. Full of Important Facts

An abstract must contain all the important facts from the research. It is the sole purpose of writing an abstract, to provide all the important details of the research within one paragraph. There is always a major reason behind writing the abstract in a paper, which is to deliver valuable information to the readers.

So when you are writing the abstract of your research, emphasize finding the right information and quoting it down. An ideal abstract is always full of Important information since nobody is interested in reading the repetitive and dragging deets repeatedly.

4. Well-Written

There is always a noteworthy quality of good content and it is well-written. Anything you write must be written properly which means having zero grammatical errors, 100% originality, full-on creativity, and a perfect writing approach.

If your abstract doesn’t contain all these qualities, then you must revise it as soon as possible. It has to be well-written to get enough appreciation, and of course the good grades you are expecting from your teacher. Got it now? Start revising your abstract now to make it 100% error-free and quality-wise impressive.

5. Perfect Sequence of Information

Do you remember us mentioning earlier that a sequence of information matters a lot in writing an abstract? Well, we are still stuck to that policy and reminding you once again. A good abstract always shares the details in a proper sequence. It doesn’t include the number 3 fact at the number 1 spot, or randomly discuss the stages of the whole research.

It goes with a strategy and contains all steps of research from top to bottom. This is the condition of writing an abstract and without sticking to it you cannot write an excellent abstract for your research. So remind yourself of following a sequence in writing the abstract of your research from now onwards.

Example of Abstract in Research Paper about Education

The abstract in a paper about education usually provides the A to Z details of the paper to help you while writing any research paper, i.e., history research paper help, nursing paper help, etc. It contains the same quality of information and shares the exact similar sequence. Let’s see examples of an abstract written in a paper about education.

1. Starting with Background of Education

The very first example of the abstract in the paper will be discussing the background of education. Since the topic is quite specific, the entire research will revolve around it. You can just start it out by writing the background of the education and only 2 to 3 lines are enough to discuss this information.

2. Mentioning of Thesis Statement

The mentioning of the thesis statement is another important thing to be done in writing an abstract. As you have chosen a topic related to education, your thesis statement must be strongly impactful. Therefore in the abstract section, you must mention this information before you jump to another heading for collecting details.

3. Research Objective

Who said that the research objective is not to be mentioned in the abstract? Those who believe it are committing a big mistake. You must mention the purpose of conducting the research in this part because how would somebody know the reason behind this research coming into being?

4. Research Questions

Before you get shocked, let us clear that research questions are also the chief elements of an abstract. Without mentioning these you’re cutting off one of the reasons behind writing the abstract. The questions should be there for the readers to learn how your thesis statement is related to the questions you aim to answer through your research.

5. Theoretical Framework

It is equally important to mention the theoretical framework you have chosen to put into your research. You mention writing it in the abstract as well so readers may get a better insight into your research. It could be any theory you select to apply in your research to relate to the findings.

6. Methodology of Research

You will need to write the methodology which you have chosen to conduct the research. The abstract must contain this information as it is the core of the entire research. In this section, you will be writing the kind of method you are planning on using to carry out the research.

7. Findings/Results

Whatever is written in the paper one thing you are not going to miss is writing the findings in the abstract. It is necessary to mention this detail because readers are having a look at your abstract for a purpose. They want to learn about the results of the research so they don’t have to read the full research.

The findings are the real goal behind doing research. It has to be clear and supportive for your thesis statement. So in writing the abstract of your research, do not forget to write about the findings and results in the very last or second last sentence.


An abstract has to be a complete package offering the crux of the research in the very first paragraph. We hope our take on abstract writing has taught you how to write an abstract for a research paper. You can also avail the professional research paper writing service. If you have something to share or ask, do leave a comment in the box given below. We would love to get back to you.

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