How to Write an Article Review That Stands Out

An article review is a critical assessment that aims to expand one’s knowledge by evaluating the original author’s research.

According to statistical research, 5.14 million research papers are published every year, including short surveys, article reviews, and conference proceedings.

The process of how to write an article review could be tricky, but a few expert tips and tricks can get you on the right track. So, ensure you read it till the end to make the most out of it.

Who Needs To Know About Article Review Writing?

  1. Students are usually assigned to write article reviews in order to showcase their comprehension and critical analysis skills.
  2. Teachers who wanted to evaluate their student’s critical and analytical skills.
  3. Professionals who publish research articles on diverse topics.
  4. People who evaluate the quality of a research paper and article.
  5. People who are interested in writing critique.

How Important Are Article Reviews?

Learning how to write a review article is very important in order to present a comprehensive overview of the research paper. They tend to investigate the methodology, findings, current state of knowledge, and discuss future prospects of research on that topic.

They are also the indicators of how great and accurate an article is and pointing out what critical points the original writers have left.

The writer of this comprehensive guide shared, “Analyzing someone’s article seems easy at first but when you realize how comprehensive and analytical work is, it gets challenging. You need to have knowledge and practice of how to write an article review in order to do justice with someone’s years of research.”

Which Industry Has the Most Published Articles?

Before you write an article review, you have to determine the industry or sector you are going to choose the article to review. It can be anything of your interest and you should have your interest resonate with the industry you are picking an article from.

We are sharing data of 3 decades from different industries to find out which industry publishes the most articles as per ResearchGate. Let’s take a look at which industry can give you more options for article review.

Industry Number of Published Articles Percentage in Database
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology276,21528.81
Technology Hardware & Equipment103,87410.83
Electronic & Electrical Equipment79,4068.28
General Industries 75,0027.82
Software & Computer Services69,6067.26
Oil & Gas Producers 53,7715.61
Automobiles & Parts45,3794.73
Fixed Line Telecommunications35,2673.68
Aerospace & Defence24,2332.53
Industrial Metals & Mining18,7101.95
Industrial Engineering17,7951.86
Food Producers17,8091.86
Leisure Goods16,2471.69
Healthcare Equipment & services 13,1321.37

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write an Article Review

Master the art of how to write a review article with this step-by-step guide from professional paper help providers. 

Step 1: Select the Right Article 

The first step is to pick a suitable article for a review. Choose a scholarly source that’s connected to your area of study. You can look for pieces printed in trustworthy journals or by respected authors.

For Example:

For reviewing an article on climate change, consider selecting one from scientific journals like Nature or Science.

Step 2: Read and Understand the Article

How to write an article review with complete accuracy? It’s super important to read and understand the article before writing your review. Read the article a few times and jot down the notes as you go.

No matter what is the length of a literature review, go through it and focus on the main arguments, major points, evidence, and how it’s structured. 

For Example:

Let’s say you’re looking at an article on how social media affects mental health. Ensure to take note of the following: 

  • The number of people involved
  • How the data is analyzed 
  • The Results 

Step 3: Structure and Introduction

To start a solid review, start with an introduction that gives readers the background info they need. Must include the article’s title, the author, and where it was published. Also, write a summary of the main point or argument in the article.

For Example:

“In the article ‘The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health by John Smith, published in the Journal of Psychology: 

The author examines the correlation between excessive social media usage and adolescent mental health disorders.”

Step 4: Summarize the Article

In this part of how to write an article review process, you’ll need to quickly go over the main points and arguments from the article. Make it short but must cover the most important elements and the evidence that backs them up. Leave your opinions and analysis out of it for now. Practice with a practice article review example to learn summarizing in a better way. 

For instance, you could write:

“The author discusses various studies highlighting the negative effects of excessive social media usage on mental health.

Smith’s research reveals a significant correlation between increased social media consumption and higher rates of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem among teenagers. 

The article also explores the underlying mechanisms, such as social comparison and cyberbullying. All are contributing to the adverse mental health outcomes.”

Step 5: Critically Analyze and Evaluate

Now that you’ve given a rundown of the article, it’s time to take a closer look. It will help you learn how to evaluate an article to discover what the author did well and what could have been done better. Most students confuse it but reviewing articles has a different process than how to write a reflection paper process. 

Check out the proof they used and if it seems solid. Give a thorough assessment, and use examples from the text to support your thoughts. 

Article Review Example

“While the article presents compelling evidence linking social media usage to mental health issues, it is important to acknowledge some limitations in Smith’s study. 

The sample size of the research was relatively small. It comprises only 100 participants, which may limit the generalizability of the findings. 

Additionally, the study primarily focused on one specific age group, namely adolescents. This way, there’s room for further research on other demographic groups.”

Step 6: Express Your Perspective

Here’s your chance to give your two cents and show off your smarts in learning how to write an article review process. Put your spin on the article by pointing out the pros, cons, and other potential improvements. Remember to back up your thoughts with facts and sound arguments.

Continuing with the Previous Example

Despite the limitations, Smith’s research offers valuable insights into the complex relationship between social media and mental health. 

Future studies could expand the sample size and include a more diverse range of age groups. It is better to understand the broader impact of social media on mental well-being. 

Furthermore, exploring strategies for developing digital literacy programs could be potential avenues for future research.

Step 7: Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The final step of how to write an article review process is to wrap it up with a brief and powerful conclusion. Give a summary of your main points and overall thoughts about the article. 

Point out its importance to the field and the impact of the study. Finish off with a thought-provoking conclusion. Give the reader a sense of finality and emphasize the need for additional research or discussion.

For instance

“In conclusion, John Smith’s article provides valuable insights into the detrimental effects of excessive social media usage on adolescent mental health. 

While the research has limitations, it serves as a starting point for further investigation in this rapidly evolving field.

By addressing the research gaps and implementing targeted interventions:

We can strive to promote a healthier relationship between social media and mental well-being in our digitally connected society.”

Step 8: Editing and Proofreading

Before submission, set aside some time for editing and proofreading. Make sure that you use a spell checker to maintain accuracy and everything makes sense and everything is correct. Check out how it reads and if your points come across clearly.

Get feedback from other people to get a different point of view and make it even better. Proofreading and ensuring the quality is one of the best practices to learn how to evaluate an article. 

Types of Article Reviews

Before you learn how to write an article review, you need to have an understanding of it;s types. In college, you might be asked to write different types of review articles, including: 

Narrative Review

This type of review needs you to look into the author’s background and experiences. You have to go through the specialist’s theories and practices and compare them. 

For the success of a narrative review, ensure that your arguments are qualitative and make sense.

We have some comprehensive narrative articles and narrative essay examples, you can go through them to understand the narrative approach in reviews. 

Evidence Review 

For a solid evidence paper, you have to put in the work and study the topic. You’ll need to research the facts, analyze the author’s ideas, their effects, and more. 

Systematic Review

This task involves reviewing a bunch of research papers and summarizing the existing knowledge about a certain subject. A systematic paper type uses an organized approach and expects you to answer questions linked to the research.

Tips For How To Write An Article Review Outstandingly

Here are some expert tips you could use to write an exceptional article review:

  1. Figure out the main points you want to cover and why they matter.
    • It will help you catch up on the key points.
  2. Look for and assess pertinent sources, both from the past and present.
    • It will give you a better understanding of the article you’re looking at.
  3. Come Up with a Catchy Title, Summarize Your Topic in an Abstract, and Select Keywords
    • It will help people read your review and get a good idea of what it’s about. Don’t hesitate to use a grammar checker to ensure quality and accuracy. 
  4. Write the main point of a review along with introducing the topic.
    • It should help readers get a better grasp of the topic.

Standard Outline for How To Write An Article Review 

Here’s an outline to write an excellent article review. 


– Begin with a summary of the article 

– Put in background knowledge of the topic 

– State why you are writing the review 


– Give an overview of the article’s main points 

– Figure out why the author choose to write something 


– Look at the article and consider what it does well and what it could have done better.

– Highlight the shortcomings in the article


– Restate why you are writing the review 

– Sum up the main points in a few sentences 

– Suggest what could be achieved in the future research 

Resources To Solve The Biggest Challenge of Article Review Writing

One of the biggest challenges faced by students in the process of how to write an article review effectively, is to find the best topic for it.

Not every article is suitable for review because of the research methodologies and the nature of the thesis statements of different articles.

Below we have shared some of the most popular journals that have thousands of quality published articles that you can shortlist according to your interest.

SourceWhat does it have for you?
JstorA platform with thousands of quality articles.
Google ScholarAn Easily accessible platform to search articles
Journal of Health CommunicationA place to find heath communication article
Journal of American Society For Information Science and TechnologyA leading forum for peer reviewed research articles and papers for information science.
Research Gate160+ million publications for you to search for your topic with ease.

Important Take Away For How To Write An Article Review

How should I structure my article review?

When writing an article review, it’s best to go in with a plan. Start with the basics – title, author, date published, and what the article’s about. 

Then, give a quick summary of the main points and note the main arguments and facts.

After that, point out the good and bad of the article. How it was written, any possible biases, etc.

Finally, wrap it up with your opinion on the article and what it might mean. Feel free to get help from professional college paper writers to go through the process without headache.

Review Article Example: How To Write An Article Review


plus-icon What is an article review?
A review of an article is a summary and critique of the content. Here you're looking at the arguments, strengths, weaknesses, and how it relates to the topic. It's like giving an opinion on the published piece.
plus-icon How to write a good review article?

Think about different features of the article when you analyze it. Like its importance, the sources it uses, how it's put together, and if it's a good read. 

Check out the arguments made by the author, looking at the facts they give. You should also look at the writing style, organization, and how it's communicated. 

Give a fair review and back up what you say with examples and references to improve it.

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