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How To Write A Thesis For A Research Paper?

Let us tell you a big secret about the research paper writing service, “Your thesis statement can make or break your entire research.” This statement is enough to make one realize how significant the thesis is for any paper or essay. But how to write a thesis for a research paper?

It’s a big question that students ask their teacher and not every time they get a satisfying answer. As a student, you must learn the art of writing a statement that stands out. Although it’s a hard process, the relevant results and the positive impact on your research will pay for it. 

We have a lot for you in the box that can help improve the thesis for your paper. Keep reading and noting down all the quality tips we are sharing with you.

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is a statement that is also known as a claim or argument that you put forward regarding a particular topic. Research is further conducted to justify that thesis. That’s why your thesis statement must be strong enough and quite valid, and hard to be rejected. It’s not possible to complete a research paper without writing a compelling thesis statement.

What is a Research Paper?

This type of paper is usually lengthy and contains proper research on a certain topic. A thesis statement is designed which is supported by conducting complete research. There are several stages required in writing a research paper.

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

It’s a major thing that students want to know so they could implement the best tips in writing a research paper. Just like the value of this statement in research, the significance of writing it correctly is also equally valued.

Let’s start exploring the steps of writing a thesis for a paper.

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

1. Decide a Topic

First of all, it is very important to come up with a topic before moving to the thesis writing process. You must divide a topic too so that it becomes easier to design a thesis as well. To get your topic finalized, you must do proper research to seek some topics which are best to use for writing an essay or a paper.

For this purpose, you can do the complete research, check your subject area, read different articles and make a list of all the topics you are interested in choosing. Now go with the best one that you like in that entire list since it will be the perfect one for writing the paper.

2. Gather Some Ideas

There is nothing you can start over without getting the ideas. After you have decided on one topic for your paper, you must now come to the actual part and prepare for a thesis. You can do it by thinking deeply about your topic and realizing what are the aspects related to it.

It can help you observe different things and ideas linked with your topic. You may get to learn several ideologies in your topic and how people partially or fully believe them. There are always opponents of every opinion, so you have to choose a concept that makes sense and is hard to be rejected.

3. Write Down all Thesis Ideas

This is the best thing you can do to select a perfect statement. Just write down all the ideas that have hooked your mind. After writing every single notion, you can first organize a research paper and identify which one will go best with your requirements.

By writing them in one place, you can get to observe the concepts fast. You will do what is best for your research. After all, your thesis statement is going to be the center of attention in your research so it must be something different yet so powerful to be questioned or rejected.

4. Add Causes

Since you have understood how to select a topic, seek ideas, and choose one perfect thesis, the next step is adding the causes to choose that thesis. What you can do is think about the reasons you can give to someone in response to “Why did you choose this XYZ statement?”

With such a step you can get yourself some reasons for choosing that particular statement. If you cannot find more than 3 reasons then immediately cancel the statement and move to the next one. You just cannot choose a statement that you aren’t sure about.

It’s a matter of having something justifiable so get a thesis for your research that is completely valid. If you can find 3 or more causes for choosing your statement, then you are good to go with using it in your research.

5. Turn Your Idea into One Sentence

it is the very next step which you must be going since everything has been done. This step involves considering your one thesis idea for the last time and refining it for the final stage. It is the last step of course so it must be done with care to not let any error stay back in writing a thesis.

You have that one idea for your research thesis that you can refine now. Just read those lines again and again, and try to cut it short in the form of one single statement. It is important since the thesis statement is never lengthier than one sentence. That’s why it is the major part of writing a statement.

Start by understanding the complete idea and trying to write it in a few words. You can gather main chunks from that paragraph and make one sentence which will be called your thesis for the research.

How Long Should A Thesis Statement Be?

It is a simple thing that still needs an explanation for the students who have just started to write a research paper fast and thesis. How long should a thesis statement be? Well, the answer is quite clear; just one sentence. It is never lengthier than a sentence and if it is, then you might be reading the inaccurately written research.

A thesis statement must consist of a single sentence because it is the main idea of this part. You have to justify only one sentence that contains the core idea of the research. There is an entire paper written to prove that thesis statement, there should be nothing more significant than this little fact.

So how do you write a thesis statement in one single sentence? Some simple steps can do wonders for you by making it easier to write a one-sentence thesis statement.

1. Summarize Your Ideas

First of all, you need to summarize all the ideas you have in your mind. You must be able to describe them in a few words or sentences. This is the first stage of creating a thesis that is based on only a single sentence. It might sound tough, but it is the best thing to do to write a statement.

Therefore you need to describe your thesis ideas in a few lines or in the form of a short paragraph. By doing so, you will be able to get a summary that will be further easier to cut short into the form of a single sentence.

2. Cut Short the Summary

The summary you have written must be shortened again. This is the main criteria for writing the statement so you need to keep cutting short the summary until you get there, right at your desired point. This is all about having a one-sentence statement so it is necessary to do it.

By cutting short the summary, we mean you just write the central ideas instead of the other elements used in a sentence. You can simply make bullet points of those ideas and thus your half of the job is done now. There is only one task remaining afterward which is shifting all these bullets into one sentence.

3. Infuse all Ideas into a Sentence

This is the last stage in cutting short the thesis and getting one sentence. In this phase, you need to collect all the main points and arrange them in a sequence. However, you can also skip this practice and try to add all the main points into a sentence quickly.

By doing so you will get a final statement that you can use as a thesis in your research. You will have all the major concepts restored into one particular sentence, and achieving this stage is like getting the product ready which is designing a one-sentence, to-the-point thesis statement for your research.

Can a Thesis Statement Be a Question?

This question also has a very simple answer which is a NO. The thesis statement has a word called “statement” in it. A statement tends to be debatable, descriptive and contains an authority if used anywhere. One cannot just reject an impactful statement based on false information.

The question on the other hand has no such authority. It is just a question that is asked when somebody isn’t sure about something. One has to be sure and completely confident when giving a thesis for their research, that’s why using a question cannot be marked as a statement of the thesis no matter what.

It is just against the criteria of writing a thesis in research. Therefore a question can never become a thesis, while a proper statement, stating some serious facts and claiming them confidently can be used as an ideal statement of thesis for your research.

Do you need more justification for why a question cannot be a thesis? Head over to these few reasons and wrap your head around them.

  • A question is confusing in itself. 
  • A question is asked when somebody isn’t sure about something.
  • A question initiates the debate and is always open-ended since many people answer it and everyone has a different opinion.
  • A question is open-ended so one cannot reach the conclusion that is needed in research.
  • A question has no credibility to be used as a statement for which research should be conducted. It is just a query in somebody’s mind and every responder will have a separate point of view about it.
  • A question cannot be the basis of research. Research questions are being asked in the research which is related to the statement. So when you already have questions to answer in your research, why add a proper interrogative statement on the top as a basis of the research?

These few things are put forward to justify why a question cannot be a thesis. There is no point in keeping a question as your statement. You must have a proper statement, based on one sentence which is hard to cancel.

People must be finding reasons to challenge your statement, whilst a question cannot be challenged like this. Therefore, a question is never selected as a statement of thesis for the research because of all the above-mentioned causes.

Example of Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are quite common for having strong statements, claims, and evidence that are usually undeniable. They are so powerful that one cannot just reject them in simple manners. One has to bring something really solid to compete with the standard of that statement.

We also have some characteristics of a thesis statement usually used in argumentative essays.

1. Strong Statement

The statement has to be strong and completely undeniable. It should not be a weaker one that has no proper grounds or basis. A thesis is highly important for any research since the research revolves around it. Research is conducted only to justify the thesis and if it’s a weak statement, then there is no use for that research.

Before you start anything in your research, make sure that you have a good statement that cannot be canceled out by anyone easily. It must take them big efforts to bring opposite opinions and impose them on your statement. Otherwise, the purpose of writing that statement will all go in vain if you end up having a poor thesis for your research.

2. Tough to be Canceled

A thesis must be so impactful that it is hard to be canceled out. The readers and the experts will not agree with your stance unless you have a pretty impressive approach. Nobody is going to give enough attention to your research if your thesis is weak or pointless. A statement should be so authentic that readers, even the experts, find it hard to disagree with it.

It is a simple job of yours that the statement must have an impact on the readers. People read a number of researches daily and most probably they are related to similar topics. But what can make your research better and more interesting? Thesis Statement! This is the only answer which we can provide to help you understand what exactly you need to do.

A lot of students and fresh researchers are discouraged by getting their research rejected only because their thesis is not promising. It has to sound like perfection to the readers because you cannot convince somebody to like your work, you just do it in the best manner that people like to read and agree with it.

3. To the Point

This is the point we have shared multiple times with our readers in the previous guides. A thesis must be always to-the-point, there is no room for the absurdities or useless details in a statement. It has to be to the point and always clear.

Many students end up committing this mistake by creating a statement more than just a sentence. It is incorrect; you need to stick to the guidelines and come up with a one-sentence thesis since it is the only way you can have a clear and concise idea of what you are putting forward in your research.

4. Simple Yet Effective

A thesis always has to be simple rather than complicated. First of all, it’s a statement, so a statement must be easier to understand. By reading the statement, the readers must know what they are considering and if their observation is getting them the right message or not.

That’s why it is highly encouraged to use a simpler statement because it will turn out to be effective for sure. You can design one which has a good background, can be good to fit into your research, and is relatable for the readers. By doing so you will be able to get a statement that matches the requirements of writing a thesis.

As this statement is going to be mentioned in your abstract which is the very first part of a paper, you must keep it short and simple so the readers understand it in the beginning. The purpose of writing an abstract is to read to get a quick idea of the research; that’s why every detail mentioned must be easier to understand.


The above-mentioned writing process for a thesis and all the other aspects of it might have cleared your mind. With the help of this information, you can get a perfect statement of thesis for your research since this is all that you need to write a good one.

If you have anything in your mind about this topic or want to ask something from our expert writers, do leave a comment in the box. We’ll be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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