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Immigration is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. The world has become a global village in the last couple of decades. People must move to other countries for work, change their lives, or seek refuge. You can choose from plenty of research topics for your thesis as a researcher.

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. The USA hosts more than 44 million people as of 2016. The US has always been a nation that attracts immigrants from all over the world. The US has welcomed them all for a long time.

Immigration research paper topics can be very broad. It is important to choose a topic you are passionate about. That way, you can write an excellent paper on it. We offer research paper writing services, and our writers have learned much from their experience. Let’s talk more about it.

Issues & Challenges in Middle East Immigration Research paper topics

There are several immigration paper topics that you can choose from. We have some of the most popular topics for writing your research paper.

Reasons For Immigration Paper Topics

reasons for immigration paper topics

  • What are the basic reasons that Middle Easter People are migrating to the USA?
  • Immigration trends in South Asian countries
  • What are the growth opportunities associated with immigration towards Western Countries?
  • Reasons that people migrate from Africa to America. How can the USA make the immigration process easy?
  • The humanitarian crisis in Syria: A major reason in the story of Syrian Immigrants
  • The place of Sahrawi States in the migratory journey of sub-Saharans
  • Analysis of the needs of immigrants via the dimensions of the notion of integration
  • Irregular migrants at the gates of the European Union
  • Bashar’s Oppression. One of the major reasons behind one of the greatest immigration trends in the world
  • Impact of recent immigration reforms
  • The case of undocumented immigrants
  • How do trends of immigration affect the host country? A study with immigration research
  • Access to housing and work for unaccompanied refugee minors
  • Major reasons behind African migrations towards Europe
  • A study of Afghan refugees in Pakistan: The condition of post-war Afghanis
  • Turkey: The country to host the largest refugee population. What are the motives behind it?
  • Spain-Morocco: One of the biggest migration routes
  • Dynamics of internally displaced persons in Ukraine
  • Access to psychological and psychiatric care for asylum seekers. Obtaining a residence permit for medical reasons
  • Reintegrating young migrants into the workforce
  • Future England: the ephemeral dichotomy present in a city of transit. The shift in traditional notions of hospitality
  • Implementing a multidimensional approach to fighting discrimination
  • Migration experiences of pregnant women and migrant mothers in France
  • Sudan’s experiences with the externalization of European migration policies
  • South Caucasians’ migratory journey to France
  • People who have were forced to flee from their homes in Palestine
  • Experiencing migration as a female migrant
  • Helping migrants dealing with PTSD after being violently attacked in Iran
  • A study of the professional careers of African women who immigrated to the United States
  • Using WhatsApp to maintain and strengthen relationships. Communication between immigrants. And their countries of origin.
  • An analysis of Schengen visa statistics. An indicator of the challenges facing visa policy in the EU
  • Are undocumented immigrants always considered criminals? Should they be or not?
  • Illegal immigration in Europe
  • How will Serbia treat migrants stranded there? A study of their current economic and social environment?
  • Returning to the country of origin and forming an identity.
  • Can the immigration effect solve the bias and prejudice problem in the next decades?
  • Immigration logics of illegal migrants from Mexico: The case of New Mexico
  • Migrants from marginalized Caribbean communities and social cohesion
  • Involvement of Chadians in French politics and migration paths

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Challenges for Immigration Research Topics

challenges for immigration research topics

  • Right to education. Unaccompanied immigrant minors not supported by the protection services in the USA
  • Immigration laws related to illegal immigration in the USA
  • The anti-racist commitment of descendants of immigrants
  • Access to healthcare for migrants: The case of post-immigration health problems
  • The need for hospitability and solidarity towards the immigrants
  • The challenges of supporting migrant women in prostitution or wishing to leave prostitution
  • Are illegal migrants connected to other crimes? A correlative study
  • Dealing with illegal immigration
  • What are the consequences of illegal immigration from Morocco to Spain
  • International cooperation and solidarity for immigrants
  • Efforts and commitments for Syrian refugees in Europe
  • Role of media in helping the refugees: From media representation to institutional recognition 
  • Perceiving, feeling discrimination and racism Personal and professional trajectories of qualified black women
  • US Immigration policy toward illegal immigration from Mexico
  • Negative effects of illegal immigration in the United States
  • How to deal with drug mafia corporations run by illegal migrants

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Problems of Immigrant: Immigration Research Topics

problems of immigrant immigration research topics

  • Sexual and reproductive health of Irani migrants in precarious domestic violence situations
  • The problems with asylum and reception policies in the United States
  • Why is it so hard to Migrate to The United States? Is America Anti-refugee?
  • The visibility of the struggle of unaccompanied minors. The opportunities for the artists from the African diasporas
  • Image and perceptions of the refugees in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Representing migrations, imaginations and realities
  • Gender experiences and international solidarity
  • Europe’s Human corridors. The problems faced by refugees coming from Syrian and Sahara
  • Case of Irani Women: Dealing with PTSD of living under an authoritarian state
  • Humanitarian corridors in Europe: Syrian and Iraqi migration routes from Lebanon to France
  • Countries with the most number of illegal immigrants
  • Is the crime rate of a refugee-hosting country increased with illegal immigration trends?
  • The protection of migrant women victims of gender-based violence in international and French Politics
  • Are all illegal migrants criminals?
  • The territories of waiting in migration

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Interesting Immigration Topics

interesting immigration topics

  • The activism and efforts of social workers within an association managing asylum for immigrants
  • Aid to irregular foreigners and the fight against illegal immigration
  • Immigration laws are made to protect immigrant women.
  • What is the concept of home for refugees? Do refugees feel at home in the Land Of Opportunity, the United States of America?
  • Migratory experiences of women from sub-Saharan Africa in Istanbul
  • The question of the right of migrants to live in the priority neighbourhoods
  • Sports and the leisure activities of young migrants. Equal right to socialize and access recreation
  • Illegal migrants vs legal migrants: What are crime and punishment?
  • History of migration: from the Palestinian diaspora in Sweden to the African cultural diasporas in America
  • Recognition and legitimization of memories of immigration through art and heritage
  • Immigration topics mostly occurred after the world war.
  • Immigration issues faced by Libyans for the specific destination country
  • Perception and thoughts of American citizens towards the immigrants
  • America is a host country for immigrants from various countries. How do American citizens see the permanent residence of Immigrants?
  • Role of NGOs to provide equal job opportunities to immigrants
  • How do we interview immigrant families for their opinions and historical perspectives for the research questions?
  • Hurdles in the way of green card lottery and permanent residence faced by people with the work visa
  • How can illegal migrants make themselves legal and be a better part of society?
  • Immigration laws impacting illegal immigrants coming from Mexico
  • Does immigration compensate people worldwide?
  • Host countries providing refuge to people from developing countries after the second world war
  • World immigration: The role that different groups of immigrants have played in the industrial revolution
  • Immigration laws in New Mexico. A study of the United States Immigration policies
  • Is American culture welcoming towards immigrants? How do different groups of people see new communities?
  • The immigration law of Canada. Their behaviour toward legal immigration vs illegal migration
  • Various countries are open to offering work visas to people worldwide after Donald Trump effect.
  • US Immigration policy and its attitude toward immigrants from various countries
  • Can people with work permits easily live up to US immigration policies?
  • The impact of the Trump Regime on the legal migrants
  • Legal and illegal immigration: How to protect the former and prosecute the latter
  • Legal migration: Mexican immigration vs border security
  • Legal immigration towards developed countries: How to gain legal status?
  • The story of writing a persuasive essay to a foreign country to raise awareness for the health problems of immigrant families
  • Health care concerns of immigrants stranded in Bulgaria

Good Immigration Research Topics

good immigration research topics

  • French metropolitan migration of Comorians and Mahorians
  • Illegal immigration in France: Behavior of public towards French Immigration Laws
  • Turkey is a target for human trafficking networks that target migrant female prostitutes
  • Integration and adaptation to a different cultural environment
  • Transnational family practices from the perspective of the country of emigration
  • The question of family memory and Jewish migration from Algeria
  • Migration between sub-Saharan Africa and Europe
  • Western countries’ education policies for returning refugee children
  • Building a future at the gates of Europe: Education and asylum seekers’ lived territories
  • The case of Libyan returnees to Ivory Coast: Voluntary return and reintegration
  • Senegalese migrants’ religious practices in the United States
  • The movement of goods and people between Mali and Eastern Europe from Central Africa
  • Are illegal immigrants a threat to national security?
  • The migration policy of Algeria toward the sub-Saharan Africans
  • Women from Syria who are resisting in Lebanon
  • The vulnerability, strategies, and occupation practices of waiting for young migrants
  • The mental health of those who are in exile. An analysis of the reception system in the United States
  • Negative impact of illegal immigration in our country
  • What is the one country that tops the list related to illegal immigration? What are the causes and the effects?
  • How to interview people and gather facts when writing for environmental immigration topics?
  • Immigration laws in Europe
  • What can we do to stop illegal immigration without violating human rights?
  • European Immigration Policies and Treatment of illegal immigrants in Eastern Europe
  • How dream act helped assure a better life for international students: A study from historical perspective

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Easy Immigration Research Topics

easy immigration research topics

  • The Impact of Remittances on Syrian Migrants in Canada
  • Movements of Cameroonians according to their religious beliefs. An analysis of the case of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon
  • Pensioners in Morocco receiving French retirement pensions
  • France’s judicial and extra-judicial mobilizations around the veil
  • IMMIPLICATION AND INEQUALITY IN ACCESS TO THE CITY: a case study of African women immigrants
  • The creation of migratory routes towards the southern border of Europe
  • How to get rid of a label? The political mobilization of asylum seekers and the citizenship process
  • How can international trade solve cultural conflicts amid rising immigration rates: An opinion essays
  • Asking research questions from immigrants for homeland security to protect them and promise a better life
  • Redefinition of social relations of gender, class, and “race” through the collective appropriation of space
  • Managing accommodation systems for asylum seekers in France presents challenges
  • An investigation of the relationship between football practice and education in local development
  • Religious and racial prejudice in France against refugees
  • Illegal immigration: Immigration laws in Turkey
  • Integration of foreigners into the Romanian society
  • Project management for the Center for International Cooperation in Health and Development via the internet
  • Coordination of a team of relocated volunteers for humanitarian projects
  • For the good management of development projects, international organizations must become professionally organized as a result of migrations
  • Factors affecting social entrepreneurship integration, as well as the part played by migrants
  • Social and Solidarity Economy’s approach to co-constructing territorial policies
  • Empowerment as a process for creating cross-cultural collaboration
  • Traders from Nigeria and their contributions to global trade
  • Dual approaches to polymorphic vulnerability in international migration
  • Syrian refugee conditions and thoughts among non-Syrians in Jordan
  • Illegal immigration trends among through Morocco-Spain 
  • Immigration policy of Turkey: How European and Turkish Immigration Laws differ?
  • How to ask questions to immigrants when writing a research proposal for illegal immigration essay topics?

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Trending Immigration Topics

trendy social media research topics

  • An analysis of migration discourse in the media
  • Designing and disseminating information about voluntary returns
  • Students’ school trajectories as they move through high school as migrants
  • Defining a safe country of origin: restrictions on asylum rights
  • Mobility is a privileged form of migration through International Solidarity.
  • An analysis of international engagement practices and social conditions
  • Schools in large US cities that are experiencing migration and educating their children
  • Reunion of descendants of Italian migrants in Las Vegas
  • Migration Journeys of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Transit in Morocco
  • In solidarity with exiles, self-managed groups cross identities and power relations
  • Policy impacts on minorities related to housing
  • The relationship between migration and mental health.
  • Migrants have limited access to mental health services
  • Integration of young migrants on a social and professional level
  • The gender identity of detainees in administrative detention centers.
  • An analysis of interventions in administrative detention centers
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization of space in slums around the world changed

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Hot Immigration Research Topics

hot immigration research topics

  • Migrations outside of the country and agricultural dynamics in rural areas
  • An assessment of the unfinished articulation between decentralization and local development
  • Meetings with community volunteers provide migrant adults with access to autonomy
  • A strategy for advocating for access to water and sanitation for occupants without rights
  • Solidarity projects revolve around participatory approaches
  • In the context of resettlement, a look at the support families receive
  • The reception of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa. The Kingdom of Morocco faces a new challenge
  • An examination of the benefits of entrepreneurship for migrant women
  • Unaccompanied minors in Cyprus and the impact of settlement
  • The transformation of violence into democratic conflict
  • A city refuge during the criminalization of solidarity
  • Morocco’s young Harragas: a phenomenon of clandestine migration
  • A comparison of the economies of sub-Saharan Africa and Europe
  • Migration and refugees are two sides of the same coin.
  • Migration is a process that has been taking place since the beginning of human history.
  • The biggest human migration is the mass migration of people from Europe to North America between the 18th and 20th centuries.
  • Japanese reading of otherness on the other side of the mirror
  • A reconstruction of asylum seekers’ expectations and everyday lives
  • Conflict-related internal displacements in Mali
  • In what ways do newly arrived adolescents build their social identity and live in society through specific school systems?

Simple Immigration Topics

simple immigration topics

  • Bulgarian asylum seekers waiting for their turn
  • Multi-site ethnography of a transnational socio-religious network among Yazidis in the diaspora
  • A priority or alternative in the asylum application process for unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Agricultural rights for migrants in the Americas
  • The Iranian diaspora in the US: family dynamics from the West and the capital
  • Developing associative projects related to immigration research: challenges of funding and partnerships
  • Unaccompanied foreign minors and administrative waiting: resources, strategies, and psychological effects
  • A department’s inventory and difficulties of international solidarity
  • Identifying and altruizing: the conflict between voluntary commitment and altruism
  • The adoption of international children, a particular migration? Children adopted from Russia in Canada are an example
  • Feelings of belonging and home in Jordan among Palestinians
  • Children’s literature and the press’ treatment of migration
  • In the migration process, revival churches played a crucial role
  • In Sweden, the reception of Syrian refugees and their management
  • The psychological risks faced by foreign minors and their access to care
  • Self-affirmation between chance and networks in the international mobility of Iranian students
  • Economic activity and institutional bodies for immigrant rates and employment as integration structures
  • In transit areas in Europe, migration policies have a significant impact
  • Immigrants in Canada. Canada’s reception and support of unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Italy’s reception system, migration speculation and asylum seeker living conditions
  • Local development and popular education: a special relationship
  • In the development of associative projects, research funding and partnerships present several challenges


Immigration is one of the biggest social trends these days. All trends and movements come with problems of their own. Immigration has its challenges too. The researchers play a great role in solving those problems by writing on immigration research paper topics. Now it’s your time to become a problem solver and make the world a better place for immigrants.
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