200 Legal Research Paper Topics to Keep You Stay Ahead of the Curve

Legal research papers are scholarly documents written by law students, legal scholars, or professionals in the legal field. They involve in-depth analysis, interpretation, and discussion of legal issueslegal, principles, and concepts. Therefore, picking up a good topic plays a significant role in the paper’s success, which a professional paper writing service provider would agree with! Speaking of which, we have curated a list of 200 trending topics to help you craft an impressive paper. So, let’s dive in!

Unique Legal Research Paper Topics to Impress Your Professor

Looking to make a memorable impression on your professor with your legal research paper? Check out these unique and intriguing legal research paper topics that will demonstrate your critical thinking skills and set your work apart.

Criminal Law Research Paper Topics

Choosing a topic from this list will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of various issues in criminal law and their implications in contemporary society. Here you go: 

  • Means of execution in genetic fraud
  • Crime classification by type 
  • Differences between atypicality and absence of the type
  • What are the degrees that guilt can present?
  • General principles of typicity
  • Differences between putative crime and impossible crime
  • Classification of a passive subject in criminal matters
  • Explanation and study of the budgets for the crime
  • Typicity and atypicality in intentional crimes
  • Study of the causes of crime
  • Elements of the crime and its negative aspect and positive aspect 
  • Forgiveness of the offended party in cases of negligent crimes
  • Responsibility and scope in the crime of injury and manslaughter in the traffic of vehicles
  • Family violence – How it can be prevented and what factors influence its emergence
  • The right to refrain from testifying that witnesses of the accused have during the criminal process

Top Legal Research Paper Topics

These legal research paper writing questions or topics will help you dive into the depths of Civil Rights Law and learn its complexities, struggles, and successes in the fight for fair treatment and social justice. Here’s the list:

  • The impact of technology on the concept of privacy in civil law jurisdictions.
  • Legal remedies for online defamation in civil law systems.
  • The role of civil law in protecting intellectual property rights.
  • Comparative analysis of contract law principles in different civil law jurisdictions.
  • The liability of internet service providers for copyright infringement in civil law countries.
  • The concept of negligence and its application in civil law systems.
  • Civil law approaches to product liability and consumer protection.
  • The role of civil law in addressing environmental damage and pollution.
  • The legal framework for medical malpractice claims in civil law jurisdictions.
  • The regulation of data protection and privacy in civil law countries.
  • The role of civil law in addressing discrimination and promoting equality.
  • The legal requirements for establishing a valid will in civil law jurisdictions.
  • The application of civil law principles to contractual disputes involving international parties.
  • The concept of tort law and its development in civil law systems.
  • The legal framework for family law matters, such as marriage, divorce, and child custody, in civil law jurisdictions.
  • The enforcement of court judgments and arbitral awards in civil law countries.
  • The legal framework for business organizations, such as partnerships and corporations, in civil law systems.
  • The role of civil law in regulating financial transactions and banking activities.
  • The legal protection of personal data and privacy rights in civil law jurisdictions.
  • The development of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and conciliation, in civil law systems.
  • Remember to choose a topic that aligns with your interests and the specific requirements of your research project.

Unique Legal Research Paper Topics Related to Human Rights

This collection of research paper topics will take you on an intellectual voyage, unraveling complex issues such as the universality of human rights and more. Use the following topics to write a legal research paper outline.

  • Conflicts presented before cultural rights
  • Human Rights for minor boys and Girls
  • Importance of the implementation of shelters for homeless people
  • Has the intervention of mass surveillance contributed to the decrease in crime?
  • Forced disappearances: A sad reality that plagues today
  • Alternatives for the eradication of Discrimination against women
  • Urbanization in human rights
  • The intervention of human rights regarding corporate and globalization
  • Privacy rights today
  • Ways to combat cases of torture
  • The Role of human rights around education
  • How do human rights protect vulnerable groups such as disabled people?
  • The illegal arms trade
  • Human Rights and Alternatives to eradicate cases of violent extremism
  • Covid-19 and the increase in violence against women today
  • The intervention of international solidarity in human rights
  • The Role of international human rights treaties in promoting global justice
  • The impact of social media on freedom of expression and privacy rights
  • Addressing systemic racism and Discrimination in criminal justice systems
  • Human rights implications of counter-terrorism Measures and national security policies
  • The Protection of Refugees’ Rights in the Context of forced displacement
  • Gender equality and the fight against gender-based violence
  • The Rights of indigenous peoples and the Preservation of their cultural heritage
  • Ensuring economic, social, and cultural rights in times of economic crises
  • The Role of international organizations in Promoting and enforcing human rights
  • Human rights considerations in the Context of armed conflicts and humanitarian crises
  • The Intersection of human rights and Environmental Protection
  • Protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, including children, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Transitional justice mechanisms and human rights accountability
  • The Right to Education and Its Role in empowering marginalized communities
  • Promoting religious freedom and combating religious Discrimination

Interesting Legal Research Paper Topics Related to Tax Law

Pick a research topic from this list and venture into the dynamic world of Tax Law, where fiscal complexities, legislative dynamics, and economic considerations intersect. Here’s the list:

  • Functioning of tax revenues: evolution and international comparison
  • Fiscal benefits ignored by the general population
  • Instances of individuals before the Internal Revenue Service
  • Forms of extinction of taxes and their economic repercussions
  • Tax evasion and the ineffectiveness of the English authorities for its prevention.
  • legal security of the taxpayer in the exercise of their tax obligations
  • Tax discrepancy and timely detection by the tax authority in India.
  • Means of challenge in the tax system.
  • How can international tax law influence, eliminate, and avoid double taxation?
  • The cost of the fiscal guarantee
  • Mortgage Credit and its legal nature
  • Tax disadvantages of the business activities regime
  • Precautionary embargo, is it unconstitutional?
  • Inefficiency in the administrative acts of the public finance authorities
  • The importance of tax law in the balance of the economy
  • Social impact of reforms
  • The ineffectiveness of the resource for revocation of tax
  • Tax system and the execution of tax policies and their efficiency
  • The functioning of the Withholding Tax Administration
  • Taxes and their impact on the general state budget
  • Variants of tax revenue

Good Legal Research Topics

Get a chance to research the legalities of real estate with these carefully-picked topics for an amazing legal research project:

  • Value generation through risk management
  • Business plan model of a real estate housing project
  • Use of natural resources in multi-family housing
  • Social housing real estate project
  • Feasibility Proposal for a Real Estate Project
  • Proposal for low-cost housing modules
  • Proposal for improvement in the finishing phase for the supply and installation
  • Analyzing the legal implications of smart contracts in real estate transactions.
  • Exploring the regulatory challenges of short-term rental platforms (e.g., Airbnb) in the Context of real estate law.
  • The impact of sustainable development practices on real estate law and regulations.
  • Examining the legal frameworks for real estate crowdfunding and its implications for investors and developers.
  • The Role of real estate law in addressing affordable housing and housing inequality.
  • Exploring legal mechanisms for resolving disputes in real estate transactions.
  • Analyzing the legal implications of blockchain technology in real estate transactions and land registries.
  • The legal considerations and challenges of real estate development projects in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The legal aspects of real estate financing, including mortgage law and foreclosure processes.
  • Examining the Role of zoning regulations and land use planning in real estate development.
  • Legal issues surrounding property rights and ownership in intellectual property and digital assets.
  • The legal responsibilities and liabilities of real estate agents and brokers.
  • Analyzing the legal implications of real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the Context of real estate law.
  • The legal considerations of real estate transactions involving international parties and cross-border investments.
  • Exploring the legal challenges and opportunities of real estate developments in the Context of urbanization and smart cities.

New Topics for Legal Research

Researching one of these topics will help you explore the science of product liability, medical malpractice and more. Here you go:

  • The role of negligence in personal injury claims: Comparative analysis of different legal systems.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of tort reform in personal injury cases.
  • The impact of social media on personal injury litigation and privacy rights.
  • Analyzing the legal framework for product liability in personal injury cases.
  • The role of insurance companies in personal injury claims: An examination of coverage issues and settlement practices.
  • The legal implications of autonomous vehicles in personal injury cases.
  • The role of expert witnesses in personal injury litigation: Challenges and best practices.
  • Analyzing the impact of statutory limitations on personal injury claims.
  • The legal and ethical considerations in mass tort litigation involving personal injuries.
  • Analyzing the role of punitive damages in personal injury cases: Deterrence versus compensation.
  • The intersection of personal injury law and medical malpractice: Challenges in establishing liability.
  • The impact of pre-existing conditions on personal injury claims: Causation and damages assessment.
  • The legal framework for premises liability in personal injury cases.
  • Analyzing the use of surveillance evidence in personal injury litigation: Privacy concerns and admissibility.
  • The role of mental health issues in personal injury claims: Challenges in proving and quantifying damages.
  • Analyzing the legal remedies available to victims of workplace accidents and occupational injuries.
  • The legal and ethical implications of third-party litigation funding in personal injury cases.
  • Analyzing the impact of jury bias and prejudice on personal injury verdicts.
  • The role of alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving personal injury claims.
  • Assessing the future of personal injury law in light of emerging technologies and societal changes.

Military Law Research Paper Topics

These topics will let you delve deep into understanding military law as you research. Here’s the list:

  • The legal framework for the use of autonomous weapons systems in armed conflict.
  • The application of international humanitarian law to non-state armed groups.
  • Analyzing the legal and ethical challenges of cyber warfare under international law.
  • The legal implications of targeted killings and drone warfare in military operations.
  • The role of military commissions in prosecuting and trying war criminals.
  • The legal framework for the protection of cultural property during armed conflict.
  • Analyzing the legality of preemptive strikes and anticipatory self-defense under international law.
  • The legal and ethical considerations in the use of private military contractors in armed conflict.
  • The legal obligations of states in providing assistance and support to victims of armed conflict.
  • The application of international human rights law in military operations and occupations.
  • Analyzing the legal and moral implications of torture and interrogation techniques in military contexts.
  • The legal framework for the protection of civilians in armed conflict.
  • The role of military justice systems in ensuring accountability and discipline within the armed forces.
  • Analyzing the legal challenges of prosecuting sexual violence crimes in military contexts.
  • The legal implications of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, in military operations.
  • The legal obligations and challenges in protecting and assisting refugees and internally displaced persons in armed conflict.
  • The legal framework for the use of force in peacekeeping operations and humanitarian interventions.
  • The legal and ethical considerations in military surveillance and intelligence gathering activities.
  • Analyzing the legal obligations and challenges of military occupations under international law.

Labor Law Legal Research Topics

Let’s dive into the depths of Civil Rights Law and get to know its complexities, struggles, and successes in the fight for fair treatment and social justice. Here’s the list of hot topics for your legal research project:

  • Operation of the holiday period
  • What to do if your labor rights have been violated?
  • What to do if my schedule needs to be respected?
  • What is the salary?
  • At what point does the worker lose the right to compensation?
  • Right to severance pay for voluntary dismissal
  • What actions to take in case of suffering an unjustified dismissal?
  • What actions to take in case of suffering an accident at work?
  • Consequences of an occupational accident
  • Pre and postnatal rest for pregnant workers
  • Labor benefits when filing a dismissal or resignation from the job
  • The impact of employment opportunities over the years
  • Gender Equality in the Workplace
  • What does the National Labor Law stipulate?
  • Right to compensation after resigning
  • Rights of the worker when resigning from his job
  • Legal consequences suffered after dismissal
  • Covid-19 and its impact on the work environment
  • What is labor law, and what is it responsible for?
  • Background of labor law
  • History of labor law, how did it happen?
  • Importance of labor law
  • The emergence of collective law as a defender of social groups
  • What is labor procedural law, and what are its principles?
  • What is the acquired labor right, and what does it stipulate?
  • Objectives of labor law
  • Parts of labor law

International Law Research Paper Topics

Studying and researching international law is an interesting activity for many researchers. Check out the list below:

  • The teaching of public international law
  • Extradition treaties and their alleged ineffectiveness
  • The Free Trade Agreement, in the light of international law
  • Concept of international responsibility of the State, according to Hans Kelsen
  • Aspects of Reparation in international law
  • Historiography and the study of the immediate origins of the World wars
  • Palestine: Independence of a State
  • Fundamental human rights
  • The right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression
  • Rights of Journalists
  • Collective International Security and the Persian Gulf Crisis
  • Nature of human rights and their validity in customary international law
  • The right to asylum in the international legal system
  • Notes on the so-called international law of development
  • Human Rights, the advisory opinion
  • Specificity of international legal principles in an order
  • The current State of international jurisdiction

Legal Topics for Research Paper Related to Intellectual Property

You may already know that unauthorized use of paid software is a crime. Get to know more of such facts by researching a topic from this list:

  • Related rights and internet
  • Technologies against unauthorized copying
  • The Jurisdiction Problem
  • E-commerce copyright
  • Conclusions Bibliography
  • Approach to intellectual property
  • Intellectual property and new information technologies
  • Copyright and the Internet
  • The network and the right to the integrity of the work
  • Playback and communication
  • The network and originality of the works
  • Protection and online programs
  • Databases
  • Internet pages
  • Second-use patents within the general regime of patent law

Legal Research Paper Format for Your Perfect Topics

Apply the following format and present your ideas in a way that reflects perfection and wins your position in academics.

  1. Use Times New Roman or similar font
  2. Add footnotes,page numbers,one inch margin on all sides,and use headings / subheadings.
  3. Page numbers should be added in the footer.


We hope you have picked a topic or two for your legal research paper. As you explore these topics, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, stay updated on emerging trends, and make meaningful contributions to the law. Still, if you need help picking up legal research paper topics or help in writing the assignment, feel free to consult our writers.


plus-icon How do I find a good research paper topic?
If you're looking for a great law research paper topic, check out what's happening in the legal world. Think about issues being discussed right now, what's new in the field, and what kind of impact you want to make. Look through legal journals, news, and databases to get some ideas. If you need help, reach out to professors, mentors, or legal professionals for advice. Finally, ensure your topic is relevant, doable, and fits your assignment's requirements.
plus-icon How to Write a Legal Research Paper?
Pick a topic that's relevant and dive into your research. Make an outline and come up with a killer thesis statement. Make sure your analysis is balanced, and back it up with evidence and legal authorities. Start off with an introduction that will draw in your readers and follow a logical flow when discussing the issue, including different points of view. Don't forget to cite your sources correctly and stick to the right citation style.
plus-icon Can I Explore Interdisciplinary Topics in My Legal Research Paper?
Yes! Looking into interdisciplinary topics can add an extra layer to your project. Many legal matters touch on other areas like tech, psychology, economics and sociology. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, you can develop some insightful points and contribute to a deeper understanding of tricky legal issues.
plus-icon How Can I Ensure that My Chosen Legal Research Paper Topic is Original?
It's super important to do your own thing and develop original ideas regarding legal research. Before you decide on your topic, do a deep dive into the literature to understand what's already out there and find any holes or areas that need further investigation. Try to come up with something new, propose new ideas, or look at legal issues from an unusual perspective. Drawing from existing research and bringing something unique will guarantee that your legal research paper stands out.
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