206 Best Music Research Topics That Rock The Stage

Music is one of the greatest sensations in human life. If you are writing a music research paper, you have to make sure that the topic is eye-catching. Most importantly, it should move and make you dance yourself. The topic that you are not interested in will not only make you weary, but the results would be unsatisfying too.

That is why our writers have found music research paper topics for you to save the day. We love music very much, and so our team offers an Academic paper writing service, so you can trust the word.

Music Research Topics: History, Technical Music, Contemporary And More

Although our writers mainly offer research paper writing services, they did not hesitate for a bit when we asked them to come up with some music research topics for you. You can use any of these 206 topics for free and modify them to fit your needs and match your taste. Read on!

Music History Research Topics

music history research topics

  • Use of songwriting in relation to the political and social situations in Nazi Germany and the French Revolution
  • Musical Education between two centuries
  • Evolution in the definition of music over the centuries
  • Birth of Music in Mesopotamia
  • Impact of Arab-Andalusian music on renaissance
  • Folklore bands of wind music, a cultural manifestation of the people and for the people
  • Harmonic implications studied by Pythagoras
  • Music from Ancient Greek
  • Importance of Music in Greek Mythology
  • Song of the Sirens in the evolution of music
  • Greece, music, poetry, and dance
  • Athens was a center of musical poets in the BC era
  • Classical Greek Style Music
  • Yanni: A Musician that fuses Modern and Classical Greek Music into one
  • Role of Music in Greek Tragedy
  • Famous musical-dramatic pieces
  • Heroic poets: Arab poets that formed the basis of European music
  • Performances in amphitheaters by singers-actors-dancers
  • Classical musician considered himself more of a performer than an author
  • Ritual dance with kettledrums around the fire: Musical Traditions of Pagan cultures
  • Classification of primitive musical instruments
  • Music in China
  • Music in Mayan Tradition
  • Apache and Native American Music
  • How Africans and Columbians formed the modern American music
  • The musical theory and the instruments used in Japan
  • Bagaki for Japanese Emperor ceremonies
  • Evolution of Indian Music
  • Music in the Mughal Empire
  • Anarkali: A musical myth with a royal background
  • Christian Music, Hymns and Choirs

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Technical Music research topics

technical music research topics

  • Similarity measures, including rhythmic and melodic similarity.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of music.
  • National Center for Music Diffusion
  • Mathematical measures of rhythmic complexity and syncopation
  • Musical transformations of rhythm and melody
  • Automatic analysis of traditional music, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and African music
  • The mathematical theory of rhythm
  • Musical constructivism
  • Model models (MM) and counter models (CM)
  • The role of sound design in video games and its application to contemporary independent works
  • Mathematical and computational modeling of musical phenomena (grouping, phrasing, tension, etc.)
  • A mathematical theory of tuning and temperament systems
  • Teaching mathematics through art
  • Music visualization
  • History of Modern Columbian Music
  • Acoustic-instrumental composition, electroacoustic and sound art
  • Interpretation and musical investigation
  • sound production
  • Transcription and music editing
  • Recovery of musical heritage
  • Studies of music, literature, culture, and colonial anthropology
  • Music by European composers of the 16th century (Renaissance)
  • Education and technology in educational scenarios of musical training

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Music Argument Topics

music argument topics

  • Visual Media Music Studio
  • Music as an important expression in the history of the world
  • Conversations about music, culture, and identity
  • The architectural space as a link between music and the citizen
  • Music Schools for children and young people with limited resources
  • Role of practice and need for devotion in learning and acquiring musical skills

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Contemporary Music research topics

contemporary music research topics

  • Impact of Coke Studio: From Pakistan to take over the world
  • Effects of Modern Music on Youth
  • Musical Martyrs: Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley
  • Music of Hans Zimmer
  • Production and exhibition of contemporary music
  • Entertainment and music centres
  • Non-formal music schools
  • Music and education today
  • Contemporary Mexican music
  • Satanism movement in modern music
  • Western musical history and “modern” music
  • Journey of Music: From the Medieval Family to the Modern Family
  • Importance of Opera in the modern age
  • Evolution of music over time: From orchestra to electric
  • Self-management and promotion of independent music
  • Music of electric musicians: Alan Walker, Serhat Durmus, Chain Smokers
  • Modern Music, A Wonderful Expression
  • The idiomatic reality of the English language
  • Modern Music in the United States
  • Current music pedagogy
  • Music education in the twentieth century

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Classic Music Research Topics

classic music research topics

  • Classic music of South Asia
  • Classic music of Africa
  • Classic Arab music, the influence of Soad, Um Kalthum
  • What makes classic music so important and why do we still have to reserve it?
  • Music of Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms
  • Use of classic music in the film
  • Beethoven: How he lived, composed and died
  • Life and music of Mozart
  • Classical music by Afro-American women
  • Music in classical films
  • Greatest compositions of 19-20th centuries
  • Style and compositions of Einaudi
  • Music during the classical period
  • Classical Music Criticism

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African music research topics

african music research topics

  • The Effects of Slave Music on American History and African-American Music
  • The use of Afro-Caribbean rhythms for the construction of jazz musical moments
  • African folk music of Cuba
  • History of African-American Popular Music
  • African diversity in music
  • The study of the oral and musical traditions of the Afro-Mexicans
  • Studies of African Musical History and its Relationship with modern society
  • South African influences on American music
  • African music in Mali
  • African music: South Africa
  • Music of the Middle East and North Africa

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Pop Culture Music Research Topics

pop culture music research topics

  • The pedagogical models of popular music
  • Music throughout the decades of musicals
  • Brad Paisley and Country Music
  • The Effects of Music on the popular culture
  • Hip-hop/rap music: One of the most popular musical genres
  • The influence of rap music on teenagers
  • Irish Music: Music and Touch Other Irish Dance Music

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Music Theory Topics

music theory topics

  • Genre and music preferences
  • The effect of instrumental music on word recall memory
  • Sample Music and Wellness
  • The music industry
  • The Theme of Death in a Musical 
  • The Effects of Globalization on MusicMusic psychology research topics
  • The potential of music therapy to develop soft skills at the organizational level
  • Listening to music as a way to relieve stress for teens
  • The impact of theatricality within contemporary popular music concerts of the psychedelic, glam, and progressive rock genre 
  • Trying music as therapy
  • How music can help students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder)
  • How can music help reduce work stress and maintain a healthy work environment
  • Musical manifestations of man consist of the externalization

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Music Education Research Topics

music education research topics

  • New pragmatism in music education
  • Importance and effects of musical education
  • Philosophy of Music Education
  • Music, a tool to educate
  • Competencies in music education
  • Music as a strategy to encourage children’s effective learning 
  • Interconnection between music and education
  • Philosophy of musical education

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Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

persuasive speech topics about music

  • The music is a true reflection of the essay of American society
  • Music and Its Effects on Society 
  • Matter Of Metal Music
  • Beethoven’s Twelfth Symphony: the second movement of the symphonic essay
  • Messages in music
  • The benefits of music trial
  • Does music affect blood pressure?
  • Music Industry Research: An Epic Battle With Youtube
  • Entertainment and education Via music
  • Whitman’s music as a means of expression
  • Music and its Effect on the World
  • Music: Essay on Music and Learning Disabilities

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Music Controversial Topics

music controversial topics

  • Whether or not profanations in music corrupts our youth
  • Drugs and rock and roll
  • Piracy and the music industry
  • Music censorship is a violation of freedom of expression
  • Music censorship
  • The use and overuse of the music

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Music Industry Topics

music industry topics

  • Music Industry Research: An Epic Battle With Youtube
  • Freedom of expression and rap music
  • Censorship in the music industry
  • Influence of music on culture
  • Analysis of Iranian film music
  • Analysis of the Turkish Music Industry
  • Analysis of the South Asian Music Industry
  • Coke Studio Making and Global Impact
  • The digital revolution: how technology changed the workflow of music composers for media
  • Video music as matter in motion
  • Acoustic and interpretive characteristics of the instruments
  • The study of musical composition based on pictorial works
  • Musical prosody of the interpretation

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Arab Music Research Paper Topic

arab music research paper topic

  • Arab music industry: Evolution after colonialism
  • Music of Middle
  • Umm Kulthum: Effects on global music
  • How the Arab music still impacts Asian and American Music
  • Effects of Arab music on popular French music
  • Turkish and Arab Music: A Beautiful Cultural Fusion
  • Arab Heroic Poets of Andalus and how they formed modern European music
  • Revival of Arab music through electrical genre

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Music Thesis Topics

music thesis topics

  • Film Industry Classical Music
  • Finding Meaning in a Musical 
  • Music and its effect on my interpretation
  • How music can interact with politics
  • Musical phrases and the modal centers of interest of the melody 
  • Effect of ambient music on sleep trials
  • The main characteristics of the musical organization
  • Study Of Cadences And Other Harmonic Processes In The Light Of Consonance And Dissonance Theories
  • Theoretical-experimental Study Of Percussion, Wind And String Instruments
  • Recognition Of The Instruments Of The Orchestra
  • Compositive Algorithms Using Unconventional Musical Magnitudes
  • Development Of A Microtonal Harmony As A Generalization Of The Common Practice Period
  • Mechanism related to the recognition of specific emotions in music
  • Musical emotion (emotion induction)

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High School Research Paper Topics on Music

high school research paper topics on music

  • Correlation Between Personality and Musical Preferences Essay
  • Effects of Rock Music on Teenagers
  • Does popular music stay popular?
  • The effect of music on the interpretation of a musical
  • Musical activities in a spiral of development
  • Adolescents in the understanding of contemporary processes of music
  • Musical activities in the content system
  • Music and the value of responsibility
  • Presentation of musical fragments, Performance of live or recorded musical instruments
  • Life stories of composers and musical personalities such as Mozart and Beethoven
  • Presentation of music related to tastes and socio-educational reality
  • Exhibition of musical fragments and execution of instruments
  • Presentation of different types of music, the performance of musical instruments live or recorded
  • Experience composing music, with lyrics, instrumental or with sounds from the environment, what musical genre or type of sound production does it represent?
  • The practice of the studied musical instruments, record the meanings that guide your performance and preparation as a student and for life
  • Why is compliance with the vocal techniques of singing a duty that must be assumed consciously?
  • Does all music express sound? Does every sound express a genre or type of music?
  • Practice sound emission and tuning techniques
  • Why is it important to make movements according to the type of music you listen to?


Music is one of the greatest inventions of the human race. All good music makes your heart beat a little faster and soothes your mind into peace. It has been evolving since the dawn of civilization, 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Whatever research you make about it, just make sure that it touches your heart. 

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