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Imagine reading a novel with no breaks, no spaces, and no gaps between sentences. It would exhaust you at first look. You will always need to figure out where to break. Additionally, multiple ideas and concepts will collide and get mixed up. That will be a confusing and strenuous experience. A good research paper or any document must have a sophisticated way. You can use multiple formatting techniques and paragraph structure examples to ornate your write-up. Data of the people that visit us regarding paper writing service shows that most theses are rejected for using poor paragraph structure.

When you want to write a paragraph, you first need to create a strong opening sentence. This sentence is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph. Next, you need to Contextualize the information in the paragraph. It means that you give the reader a clear understanding of what is being discussed. Finally, you need to Define concepts in the paragraph. It means that you give the reader a clear understanding of what they will discuss in the paragraph.

Why Are Paragraph Structure Examples Important?

Let us talk about a fun historical story. Once Upon a long time ago, a Neanderthal was writing a research paper on his laptop alone in his cave. He kept writing until p(ages). When he was done writing, the Neanderthal went to review. Was he satisfied with his work? No. Because he was writing without any paragraph structure at all. Boy! Was that exhausting? The sentences were all mixed up; there were no breaks. No one could understand where a point of discussion started and ended. Fortunately, the Neanderthal was smart enough to Google Paragraph structure examples,just like you do. Now they knew how they would format the paper for Paleolithic-age university. True story! (or not, but you got the treat, right?)

Let’s talk about those paragraph structure examples with what type they belong to.

Paragraph Structure Examples and Their Types

The paragraph structure is important for understanding the idea of the subsection, Contextualizing, and Defining concepts. A paragraph’s structure is usually organized into three main parts: the main body, the introduction, and the conclusion.

The introduction of a paragraph is a short, explanatory statement that helps the reader understand the main body of the paragraph. It can be a sentence or a paragraph itself.

The main body of a paragraph is the main idea of the paragraph. It is the most important part of the paragraph and should be filled with strong, clear language that makes the reader understand the main point.

The conclusion of a paragraph is the most important part of the paragraph and should be the most persuasive. It is the last sentence of the paragraph and should make the reader believe the paragraph’s main point.

Before we get to starting your research paper, let’s discuss various types of Paragraph Structures, and It’s examples:

Process Or Sequence: Paragraph Structure Examples

Process Or Sequence: Paragraph Structure Examples

The sequence or process model of paragraph structure is a text structure that uses chronological order and cause-and-effect relationships to create a powerful and engaging read. This type of text structure is often used to tell a story or to communicate important information. A sequence or process model of paragraph structure can be used to create a clear and concise story. This type of text can communicate a wide range of messages using chronology and cause-and-effect relationships. Sequence or process models of paragraph structure can also be used to create a powerful and persuasive argument.

Sequence Paragraph Structure Examples:

  • A paragraph defining the recipe for a pineapple ice-cream

First, you have to get all the ingredients. Then use your tools to mix up the recipe. After that, you can put it in the fridge as it will taste better when it’s cold. Finally, after an hour in the fridge, your ice cream is ready to serve.

  • A paragraph about installing Windows 10

To install Windows 10, first, you need to get a DVD from a reliable vendor. Or you can directly purchase it from Microsoft Store. Once you have your copy, you can insert DVD or create a bootable USB from your disk image. Then you will go through easy and guided steps into the installation. After it’s done, you can finally enjoy the coolest version of Windows.

Chronological Text / Temporal Narrative Paragraph Structure Examples

Chronological Text / Temporal Narrative Paragraph Structure Examples

Many stories follow a chronological paragraph structure pattern. It is the dominant feature of a textual structure, typically used to tell a story in order. Temporal order is usually the dominant feature. It is most suitable for theses on historical research topics.

To tell a story chronologically, you will often use flashbacks and foreshadowing to help your readers follow your story. Flashbacks are usually used to flashback to a past event while foreshadowing hints at a future event.

Chronological Paragraph Structure Examples

  • A chronological paragraph following colonization

First, the British came as traders and seemed to have a weakness for spices. They were looking all over the eastern world in search of spices. Natives did not realize their true motives until it was very late, and India had become a colony of British settlers.

  • A chronological paragraph about Brain Virus

The world was still growing up in the age of technology. The gadgets that we have now as essentials were alien to many. But two brothers in Lahore managed to create a virus of their own. Although it was an accident, thousands of computers worldwide were affected. It came later to light that it was only an attempt by the owners of Brain. NET to protect their digital property.

Cause and Effect Paragraph Structure Examples

Cause and Effect Paragraph Structure Examples

The cause-and-effect text in this paragraph is based on the temporal order model. This model suggests that certain effects are the product of certain causes. The cause is the thing that causes the effect. The effect is the thing that results from the cause. The order of effect is important for understanding the cause-and-effect text.

Cause and Effect Paragraph Structure Example

  • Causes and effects of COVID-19

Although it is impossible to blame any natural calamity or pandemic on any single entity, we can rely on local data. We understand and acknowledge that the Coronavirus originated in China, and the probable cause was a bat. That could happen in any piece of land around the world. But this epidemic became a pandemic because of the panicking and rushy nature of human beings.

Comparison Paragraph Structure Examples

Comparison Paragraph Structure Examples

The Comparison Paragraph structure model is most commonly used to indicate the similarities or differences between objects, actions, ideas, or processes. However, the Object model can also indicate the relationships between objects. The keywords for such type of text are usually “same as, different from, although, whereas, while, like, and in contrast.”

Comparison Paragraph Structure Example

  • England and Australia In Cricket

England and Australia are both one of the greatest cricket teams in the world. Although England is called the home to this sport, Australia is not new to this either. Both teams are leaders on the ground. Their relationship is very much like the cricket rivalry between Pakistan in India. However, the number of World cups owned by Australia is much greater than in England.

Descriptive Paragraph Structure Examples

Descriptive Paragraph Structure Examples

This descriptive paragraph structure model is based on defining or explaining a thing or concept. However, make sure your new concept is abstract before writing it down. Keep in mind that the thing you are going to give the definition must be abstract. In other words, you need to define something new for readers. A descriptive paragraph structure works best when writing an introduction for your research paper.

Descriptive Paragraph Structure Example

Descriptive Paragraph Structure Example

The Butterfly Effect is a concept first introduced and explained by Zhuangzi. He said,I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

Inductive And Deductive Paragraph Structure

Inductive And Deductive Paragraph Structure

A deductive structure is general to specific. The introduction of such structures encompasses the main generalization or definition. The main purpose of deductive reasoning is to reach a logical conclusion, which is why they are used in many fields of study. An inductive structure starts with observations, suggestions, and unanswered questions, then moves on to the main points. In an inductive structure, readers realize the author’s intent step by step.

Inductive Paragraph Structure Example

Inductive Paragraph Structure Example

The recent data tells us that the world is going all digital. This will lead to a society highly focused on virtual reality. Is this the end of the human concept as we know it? We will soon find out.

Deductive Paragraph Structure

Deductive Paragraph Structure

The world is going virtual. People will soon lose their sense of reality, and this world might turn into a cyberpunk dystopia. But, if we look closely, aren’t we all already living in a digital dystopia? All our actions are defined by what we see on social media. The only thought we have come from digital sources.

Problem Solution Paragraph Structure Examples

Problem Solution Paragraph Structure Examples

When there is a problem, there is a solution. Even in writing, problems and solutions go side by side. It will be far from a good research paper that discusses problems but not solutions. In this model, we follow the paragraph structure that introduces itself with acknowledgment of an existing problem. After realizing the problem and discussion, it concludes with a solution. When researching social work topics, problems and solution paragraph structure can be very beneficial.

Problem Solution Paragraph Structure Examples

Problem Solution Paragraph Structure Examples 2

Pakistan is one of the first countries to be affected by Global Warming. Recent developments have indicated that. This situation is leading to floods and natural disasters. The global communities need to come forward and work together for a solution. We need to cool the atmosphere and adopt more sustainable business and living infrastructure.


Structure and symmetry are two things that make this universe beautiful and worth living for. A paragraph would look tolerable only when written with rules and structure. We are confident that you will not need any more worries to bear about paragraph structure examples.
If you are still confused and concerned, contact our writers, who will guide you with your paragraph structure.

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