110+ Irresistible Persuasive Essay Topics And Titles

Persuasive essays are the type of essays that aim to influence the thoughts and ideas of the readers with the help of supporting evidence. The most crucial part of a convincing essay is the topic or the thesis statement, because it provides a direction to the entire essay.

If you are assigned to write a persuasive essay and you have no ideas or topics in mind, checkout this blog for the best paper writing help in effective essay topics for your highschool and college assignments.

persuasive essay topics for college

Persuasive Essay Topics For College

These essays can be written on any topic because they cover a vast range of studies. In the below section, we have divided the persuasive writing examples and titles into different categories.

20 Persuasive Essay Prompts About Science And Technology

The incredible science and technological research are ever changing sectors of life that always bring new research papers, inventions, and advancements for the students to observe and analyze. So we have provided tons of ideas whether it is for tech or science research topics for students. Now by continuing the legacy we are taking readers towards the persuasive essay topics college students can write on in this category. 

  1. Is a trip to the moon possible in the near future?
  2. What are the chances that humans can live on Mars?
  3. What do the vaccines do?
  4. How screen time affects physical health?
  5. Climate Change: Reality or Hoax
  6. Safety on Social media
  7. Chances of Consumer Data Theft
  8. Stopping Animal Testing
  9. Are placebos ethical?
  10. Why does AI need to Stop?
  11. What are the chances of the FBI monitoring our internet history?
  12. Can Solar Storm End the Internet of the world?
  13. Science Labs importance in Colleges
  14. Most needed Technological advancements
  15. Are genetically modified foods safe?
  16. How is space exploration wasting earth resources?
  17. Should People be allowed to clone themselves?
  18. What are the chances that aliens are already on earth?
  19. Why Technology is becoming a threat?
  20. What is the scientific solution for pollution?

Easy Convincing Essay Topics About Sports

Sports are an everyday part of our lives and also on the international level where they represent the athletic expertise of countries. Following are the best topics for persuasive essays in the category of sports and activities.

  1. Why Trans Women shouldn’t be Allowed in Women’s Sports?
  2. The best sports in the world 
  3. World Olympics and Its Advantages
  4. Why are sports not the reason students fail?
  5. Why Professional athletes needs to pay less
  6. What’s better? Watching or Playing Sports
  7. How Sports contribute in Country’s development
  8. Summer Vs Winter Sports
  9. Fundamental of Professional Sports 
  10. Gender biases in Sports committees
  11. Why is Athletic Pharmacology so important?
  12. Why do college athletes need to be paid?
  13. Stop Denying that Cheerleading is a Sport.
  14. Michael Jordan Vs Labron James
  15. Is Basketball only for Tall players?
  16. Muggsy Bogues: The Shortest NBA Player 
  17. Why football is so great of a sport
  18. How does a sport represent country 
  19. Most popular sports around the world
  20. What sports can be played even in rain

Best Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

Entertainment industry is one of the top grossing and most followed industries all over the world. Fans all around the world are always ready to read about their favorite stars and their life. The following essay topics given by our writers are falling into the entertainment category.

  1. Best Rock Bands of The Century 
  2. BTS: The Biggest Boyband In The World
  3. Most popular Genres of Movies
  4. Should criminal documentaries be banned?
  5. Why shouldn’t live concerts be recorded?
  6. Movie at home or Movie at Theater
  7. Horror or Thriller: What is more Adrenaline Rushing?
  8. Movies that will always be remembered
  9. Marvelous Actresses around the world. 
  10. Does sad music makes you even sadder
  11. Songs that are most relatable 
  12. Best ever written movie scripts 
  13. The impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Society
  14. Best Ad campaigns around the world 
  15. Why are villains more interesting in the world?
  16. Luxury Fashion Brands and their Ambassadors
  17. Why Celebrities should have the right to privacy?
  18. Paparazzi needs to be banned
  19. Mass Media influence on Culture
  20. Can Celebrities be our role models?

Examples of Persuasive Essay Titles About Social Issues

Social Issues are the part of most debates and discussion and this blog will be incomplete without discussing persuasive essay topics that are focused on elaborating and evaluating social issues.

  1. Why are taxes unfair?
  2. Gender Biases in Military Drafting
  3. Is capital punishment ethical?
  4. Why should we help the homeless people?
  5. Why do drunk drivers need to be punished more?
  6. Women role in government 
  7. Is social media beneficial and harmful?
  8. Is United Nations actually functional 
  9. What is the most unjust law in the country?
  10. Is America Most powerful country in the world 
  11. Aftermath of world wars on Europe
  12. Reforms in Criminal Justice system
  13. Racial Profiling and Its impact on Society
  14. Gender inequality at workplace
  15. Police surveillance and criminal arrestation
  16. Mass media role in invading privacy 
  17. Political policies that needs to be changed 
  18. Healthcare bias in modern society
  19. Systematic Racism in United States
  20.  Impact of Vietnam Wars
  21. Food Scarcity Around the World
  22. What are the biggest social stereotypes?

Ideas of Persuasive Essay Topics About Education

Education sector is one of the most crucial in every country and every day there are researchers and case studies that debate over how to improve and expand the impact of education. This section is going to look over the effective essay that covers the high school research topics about students, and the education system.

  1. Why is the Education system failing?
  2. Effectiveness of Finland Education System
  3. Is physical education necessary in colleges?
  4. How education causes student suicide?
  5. Is having college education required to have a good career
  6. Why sex education is important in school?
  7. Do students have same rights as adults
  8. Why do school need to reform their policy
  9. Is practical learning better than classroom learning?
  10. Why do tests need to be innovative?
  11. How to make graduation ceremony memorable
  12. Life skills that school failed to teach students
  13. Why school needs to be more safe
  14. Bullying at school
  15. How does schools encourage bullying
  16. Do students have freedom of speech
  17. Why should teachers also go through professional tests?
  18. Importance of sports in school.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics About History

History elaborates on human civilization and all the events that happened in human history, whether it’s political, artistical, or archaeological prospects of life. The following topics are going to discuss convincing essays to convert into history research paper topics later on.

  1. The American Revolution
  2. Understanding the side effects of cold war
  3. Industrial revolution and Child labor
  4. Understanding what caused the great depression
  5. Why did the Vietnam war break out?
  6. Martin luther king Jr.’s I have a dream
  7. Biggest Revolutions in The History Of United States
  8. Historical Figures Who Shaped The World
  9. How are African Americans for their rights?
  10. The History of The Roman Empire
  11. Everything you need to know about the European settlement 
  12. Was the industrial revolution in England a great idea?
  13. Leaders who were assassinated
  14. How do cults came into being
  15. Waco Siege and its impact 

Persuasive Essay Introduction Example

You have selected a topic and gathered your thoughts and ideas before writing. The very first thing you will encounter is the introduction of the essay. An Introduction is what gives direction to your essay and introduces the topic to your audience. It should be compelling and interesting enough to hook the audience till the end.

Introduction can be very challenging because of the pressure of grabbing the attention of the audience along with introducing your topic in the most concise and clear language.If you are not sure how to write the introduction of your essay, we’ve got your back. Feel free to get intouch with our essay writing services to get the best crafted essay.


Below we have shared a persuasive essay introduction example to make it easy for you to start your essay.

Essay Title:

 ‘I have a dream.’_ Martin Luther King Jr.

“Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.

Let freedom ring from the Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.

From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

August 30, 1963, that was the day Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the greatest speeches of all time. He was the civil rights activist who fought for liberation of black people and the abolishment of slavery. The speech ‘I have a dream’ has impacted the world of injustice like such a lightning strike that even after 60 years, his words are inspiring and motivating the generations. This essay aims to discover what makes his speech so impactful and out of the world.

Wrapping Up

Persuasive essays are one of the most popular types of essays that require the writer to gather the idea, develop the argument, and back it with strong evidence. The primary aim of this essay is to influence the thoughts, judgements, ideas, and perspective of the reader.

Stronger topics need to have a powerful thesis statement. This blog is an ideal guide for choosing an impressive title for your essay assignment. You can pick any topic from your respective category to write a killer essay.

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