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181 Bewitching Philosophy Research Paper Topics To Win Your Supervisor

To be, or not to be? That is the question… Among many others, we ask daily to find the meaning and purpose of things. It would get messy if it weren’t for the great works of philosophers, namely Plato, his student Aristotle, and even Camus and Kant. Philosophy answers the greatest of questions about the meaning and purpose of existence.

If you are facing a dire need for philosophy research paper topics and an existential crisis simultaneously, you’re not alone! We can relate to that. When asking questions of higher purposes, our writers sometimes get into existential dread. Luckily for you, after offering research paper writing services for a decade, we know how to deal with a pre-research existential crisis. And we are here to help.

Best Philosophy Research Paper Topics: Existentialism,

From Schopenhauer to Nietzsche, Plato to Aristotle, philosophy has played an important role in the development of human civilization. Philosophy is one of the greatest subjects to read and write about. Here is the list of best philosophy research paper topics that can provoke deep thought and kickstart the next big philosopher in you.

Existentialist Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Existentialism is one of our best research topics theme at Paper Perk. Here are some thought-provoking brilliant research topics.

  • An analysis of the philosophical approach between existentialism and essentialism
  • The Existentialism vs. Essentialism Approach in Sartre’s Philosophy
  • What is the philosophy’s view of human existence regarding the world around us?
  • Many things exist in common between atheism and existentialism, but what are they
  • Existentialism: its origins and development
  • “Existence precedes essence,” according to the Sartrean theory.
  • Which existentialist writer is regarded as the father of existential literature? Is Beckett better than Sartre?
  • Romantic love vs. existential philosophy: How do they relate?
  • Waiting for Godot: A Study of Existentialism
  • An examination of existentialist thinking in the character of The Joker, from DC Comics
  • Existentialism in the Endgame: An Overview
  • What is No Exit About? An existentialist analysis of Sartre’s most popular play
  • A discussion of the implications of existentialism
  • Camus’s literature and the theme of existentialism
  • “One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy.” An extract from the play The Myth of Sisyphus.
  • An analysis of the historical and analytical background of the statement “To live is to suffer.”
  • Existentialism and Sartre’s philosophy of existence
  • An analysis of the work of Françoise Sagan from the perspective of existentialist theory
  • A study of the relationship between existentialism and pessimism and discouragement
  • Do boredom and indifference have anything to do with the existence of existential dread?
  • What is literature’s meaning, and how does it relate to the quest for meaning?
  • Existentialism’s epistemology: an overview
  • Word and Worlds: The Search for Meaning in Sartre’s Word and Worlds
  • No Exit: Sartre’s Existential Dread in an Age of Crisis
  • An analysis of contextual equivocation and existentialism during the post-World War II era
  • In search of meaning in literature: the silence of the word
  • Nietzsche’s Ubermensch, the search for meaning in life, and the escape from its dread
  • A study of the relationship between the theater of absurdity and existentialism
  • The kiss between Garcin and Estelle in No Exit depicts several things: What does the kiss symbolize?

Absurdism Philosophy Research Paper Topics

When you are thinking about writing a research paper on philosophy, absurdism can be one of the greatest themes.

  • Theatrical works that portray absurdism as a theme
  • The works of Albert Camus are narrative
  • An intertextual analysis of some of the most famous absurdist works
  • How does Waiting For Godot fit into the ethical context?
  • What do you think? Is Godot God, or is he Jesus, or is he Karl Marx?
  • An analysis of the sociological context of the film Waiting For Godot
  • What is the religious context of Waiting For Godot?
  • Jean Genet’s The Balcony: A Metaphysical Context for the Painting
  • An analysis of The Dumb Waiter in the context of its time and place
  • In Act Without Words by Beckett, the author discusses the existentialist theory and the absence of words
  • An analysis of The Bald Soprano from a literary perspective
  • Literature written by Camus has a sociological dimension that deserves attention
  • Camus’ Myth Of Sisyphus: From the absurd to the sublime
  • Albert Camus rejects the traditional novel in his famous novel The Rejection of the Traditional Novel
  • Meursault, the man of absurdity
  • An example of the absurd being presented abroad is the absurd
  • The Portrayal of an Endless Absurdism in No Exit: Explorations into Existential Hell
  • No Exit by Sartre refers to Hell as “other people,” but what does that mean?
  • An analysis of the cinematography of No Exit
  • Analyses of the cinematography in Waiting For Godot
  • An analysis of the cinematography of Endgame by Beckett
  • Beckett and Sartre: portraits of absurdist characters in absurdist plays
  • Analyzing the text in Waiting For Godot from a textual perspective
  • Analyzing No Exit’s text based on its content
  • An analysis of Endgame by Beckett based on its text
  • Despite Hamm’s existential suffering, he continues to strive. A detailed study of the titular character from Endgame

Nihilism Research Paper Topics

  • Nietzsche’s philosophy of Nihilism and existentialism and how they relate
  • It is said that modern philosophy has been doomed to Nihilism
  • Nihilism: a question that needs to be answered
  • Nietzsche’s Complete Nihilism, in its entirety.
  • The concept of Nihilism and the concept of the death of God
  • Does Nihilism offer a solution to human misery, or are there other ways to deal with it?
  • Incomplete traditions of nihilistic thought
  • An examination of Nihilism in the poetry of modern Indian poets
  • An introduction to Nietzsche’s philosophy of Nihilism
  • The quest for meaning in Nietzsche’s philosophy and modern research on it
  • Nietzsche’s Quest and the Role of Zarathustra in Nietzsche’s Philosophy
  • Concepts of existentialist Nihilism related to Nietzschean philosophy
  • Nihilism in Sartre’s philosophy and its relation to existentialist thought
  • Nihilism as seen from an anthropological point of view
  • What is the concept of free will, and does it exist?
  • The conflict between religion and Nihilism and the conflict between superstition and reason
  • Conceptual relationships between Nihilism and basic existentialist ideas
  • Is it possible to reconcile ethics with Nihilism?
  • Nihilism as a philosophical concept and the search for its meaning and origin
  • The concept of Nihilism in the 21st century: Defining it in a nutshell
  • The major force behind postmodern culture has been Nihilism
  • Nietzsche’s ethics as the counterpart to religion and as a replacement for it
  • An analysis of Sartre’s ethics: principles and values
  • Nietzsche’s conception of authenticity is one of the most significant features of his ethics
  • The Ethics of Nietzsche and the Humanism it embodies

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Metaphysics Research Paper Topics

  • An investigation of the relation between Hegel’s literature and history and of the different forms of temporality he uses within it in his writings
  • Maurice Blanchot and Images: The Question of Imagery
  • Second Analytics in the Western world during the 13th century: an analysis
  • An exploration of life from vanity to wisdom
  • Thomas Aquinas’ demonstration based on his teachings
  • Phenomenology of fantasy as a field of study
  • The relationship between Nietzsche’s philosophy of affectivity and hermeneutics of power
  • Often used in modern video games as a metaphysical concept.
  • An examination of passive creation in Thomas Aquinas and his contemporaries
  • Believing in oneself and its relevance
  • The Dialogues of Love witnessed a revival of Aristotelianism during the middle of the 17th century.
  • The Revolution, History, and Politics of the 20th Century
  • Interpretation of musical experiences, poetic expressions, and artistic creations
  • Reflection on self-awareness and self-awareness in practice
  • The concept of truth and existence
  • A comparison of Kant and Husserl’s philosophies of meaning about the problem of meaning

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Literary Philosophy Literature Research Paper Topics

  • Shakespeare used several philosophical concepts in his plays
  • Marlowe’s philosophy in the works he wrote
  • Renaissance literature and the role of Aristotelian philosophy in its development
  • A study of philosophy in the works of modern writers
  • What are the three philosophical functions of literature?
  • The intelligence of Nietzsche expresses itself in his brilliant existentialist literature.
  • Manifestations of Philosophical Content in Literature and the Relevance of Literary philosophy
  • A comparison of different literary theories
  • A study of numerology compared to dactylomancy
  • What is literary philosophy, and what are its definitions?
  • Critique of philosophy through the use of philosophy
  • The fields of philosophy that deal with literature in some way
  • A brief history of the origins of philosophy in literature
  • The role that Greek philosophy has played in the development of literature
  • Aristotle’s Poetics: Philosophical concepts from Aristotle’s Poetics
  • Platonic philosophy and its influence on European literature from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era
  • The debate between Plato and Aristotle
  • The difference between implicit and explicit symbolism

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Socialism and Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • An explanation of the concept of philosophical economy
  • Whether or not there is a possibility of phenomenological reduction
  • The concept of family, the ethical bond, and the recognition that goes along with it
  • Feminist activism in the 21st century is confronted with the issue of the economic subject
  • A phenomenological study of Marx and Husserl’s work
  • A Philosophical Analysis of Karl Marx’s Thought
  • Karl Marx was a proponent of an ecosocialist philosophy of work during the 20th century.
  • Brecht’s plays can be seen as an expression of socialism
  • An examination of Chekhov’s plays in the light of socialism through a comparative analysis
  • The utopian socialism of the 19th century in Great Britain
  • An analysis of the role that socialist literature played in the Russian Revolution
  • Europe’s reaction to socialist literature in the 20th century
  • According to Karl Marx, a well-paid job is enough for a man’s welfare.
  • Is socialism more of a philosophy than a political movement?
  • The political philosophy of Karl Marx: How it influenced the modern world as it is
  • Evolution of socialism
  • How socialism and communism are different than each other?
  • Cultural impacts of communism in farther Western Europe and The US
  • The socialist pressure that abolished slavery and raised worker’s rights

Interesting Philosophy Research Topics

All our topics are interesting. But what we mean by our upcoming interesting philosophy topics is that they’re interesting for everyone.

  • Ethical ideas and ethical conduct related to human nature
  • Human beings on other planets? Possibility of it and ethical questions
  • Genetic engineering is a dream job for a perfect life, but is it ethical?
  • What are Nietzche’s views related to a supreme religion, and how does he differ from ancient philosophers?
  • Human life affected by artificial intelligence is a strong thesis statement.
  • Morals related to contemporary youth: Final point
  • Postmodern ideas and social behavior in the contemporary world
  • Have there been previous attempts at creating artificial babies? Philosophy and Earth Ethics
  • Do human beings deserve capital punishment? Religious beliefs and moral philosophy
  • What are the positive aspects of universal language in human development?
  • Studies of genetics contribute a lot to human development, but it comes with negative features and a dark side.
  • Historical philosophy research related to human behavior in twentieth-century
  • Islamic philosophy improved moral behavior and contributed to modern society: A comparative analysis.
  • Moral obligations related to human life on other planets
  • Human beings in developing countries: God’s Abandoned Creation
  • Can a rich person be trusted with his thesis statement related to the perspective of an ideal society?
  • A happy life and an ideal society? Do both targets lie under the same morality objective?
  • Philosophy essay about a happy life
  • Philosophical literature leaves human life senseless. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • Human life and artificial intelligence: How to maintain crucial modern life values?
  • A case study of a college student
  • How did the presence of God change human nature in the history of human beings?

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Easy Philosophy Paper Topics.

  • Ethical and economic foundations
  • Philosophical and ethical considerations
  • Teaching philosophy to children: a tool for educating them
  • Surgical procedures affecting intimate areas of women’s bodies
  • A critique of Schopenhauer’s asceticism
  • Individual rights and collective rights: the case of Syrian refugees
  • The mainstreaming of justice and injustice in the development
  • Who is responsible for corruption and poverty in developing countries?
  • South Asia’s journey to social progress through technology
  • A study of literature and philosophy during the Enlightenment
  • Considering our responsibilities when it comes to refugee issues
  • The importance of philosophical works in saving the planet
  • Authoritarian regimes, political ignorance, and electoral corruption
  • Vulnerabilities in society’s structural foundations
  • What is the relationship between philosophy and mental health?
  • Environmental sustainability can be metaphorical or literal. What’s the difference?
  • A collection of philosophical works about music and the performing arts
  • A proposal for resolving the identity crisis among Middle East refugees
  • Explanations for the evolution of life-based on mechanisms and teleology
  • Concepts of skepticism based on Hegelian philosophy
  • In the science of consciousness and psychoanalysis, was Freud more of a philosopher or a scientist?
  • Political engagement and the ethics of companionship
  • The relationship between philosophy and politics in Ancient Greece
  • Does original talent exist? The philosophical as well as literary debates of T.S. Elliot
  • Aristotle’s Poetics: How do they oppose Plato’s Utopia
  • Why did Plato want to banish poets from his ideal world?

To Sum Up…

Philosophy has helped define the meaning of life for thousands of years. Now is your chance to find and define your meaning. Our philosophy research topics will be your best companions in this way.
You can contact us at Paper Perk if you need clarification or help writing your research paper. Our professional writers will be right there to help you in this noble cause within 24 hours.

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