200 Unique Political Science Research Topics

Political science is an interesting field which covers the study of government, politics, and public policy. It is an intriguing subject hence you get plenty of potential areas to explore for research. All you need is to choose a good research topic to craft a masterpiece.

Speaking of which, are you having issues choosing a research topic? Don’t worry, we have huge lists of amazing topics here from a professional paper help to get you started. Let’s read them all.

Top Political Science Topics to Ace Your Research Paper

Political science has loads of potential topics for research. Hence, it’s a great opportunity for you to make a mark academically with this paper. Let’s get started with our first list!

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

If you want to delve into the complexities of international politics, go for a topic from this list.: 

  • Afghanistan in international relations
  • The Great Afghan Game and its impact
  • The national interest of The States: from the origins to the era of multilateralism
  • The political history of the United States geopolitics institutions government
  • Security and Geopolitics Strategies
  • The transformation of international economic and geopolitical relations
  • Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
  • European Union public opinion regarding Middle Eastern Affairs
  • European integration foreign policy for Albania
  • Soft power: the case of the United States and China
  • China vs. the United States: Soft power affairs and the role of Media
  • University course of Political Sciences and International Relations
  • Strengthening the capacities of the European Union’s international relations after the Lisbon Treaty
  • The Uniting for Peace resolution and its impact on the United Nations’ practice
  • Iraq from a province of the Ottoman Empire to the fall of the monarchy (1514 – 1958)
  • History of Islamic Middle East
  • International relations of Iraq During the Ottoman Empire
  • Cyberwar: instability in international relations
  • America’s political and trade relations with Iran
  • The Case of North Korea 
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
  • Agreements, conflicts and power strategies
  • Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Policy and Post-Ukrainian-War relations with the world
  • Ukraine between East and West
  • Sport and International Relations
  • UN and the IOC for the protection of human rights
  • Nonverbal and intercultural communicative competence for tourism promotion
  • US Energy Security Strategies
  • Russia and China: history of relations from 1949 to 2012 and oil relations from 1992 to 2012
  • From the Silk Road to the natural gas route: geopolitics and international relations in Central Asia
  • The Evolution of a Political Phenomenon
  • Relations between Russia and the European Union from 1992 to today and the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War
  • Chinese diplomacy in Africa: an example of strategic cooperation
  • Recent international aspects of the China-US relationship
  • The evolution of the international discipline relating to climate change
  • The difficult relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States
  • China and the international legal system
  • Diplomatic aspects of the Balkan wars

Public Law Political Science Research Topics

Check out our selection of interesting legal inquiries and explore the world of Public Law. Here you go with the list:

  • Private economic activity and public administration: mutual limits and collaboration tools
  • Public services and local public services
  • The role of the municipality in the constitutional and European framework
  • Local autonomy and fiscal federalism
  • The concept of the Republic and the reorganization of territorial autonomies 
  • The protection of fundamental rights between domestic law and European law
  • Legal reserves and the principle of legality
  • The guarantee of democratic control
  • The nullity of the administrative provision
  • The administrative precautionary judgment
  • Constitutional law, administrative law and Public economic law
  • The constitutionalizing of the subsidiarity principle
  • The protection of competition between the State and the Regions
  • The division of jurisdiction in the American constitutional system
  • National law and community law
  • Legality, impartiality and good performance of the Public Administration
  • Constitutional principles of administration
  • Internal and external relations of the European Union
  • Regulations, procedures and organization regarding European structural funds
  • The institutions of the European Union
  • International organization
  • The American judicial area and the free circulation of civil and criminal judgments
  • International civil procedural law
  • Private international law
  • Internal and international criminal procedure
  • International cooperation in criminal matters
  • Comparative law of the environment
  • Citizenship, immigration and asylum
  • Constitutions and constitutionalism

Top Political Science Research Topics

Check out this list of thought-provoking political science topics. Here’s the list:

  • State reform and political culture
  • Electoral processes, political parties, political groups
  • Civil society, social movements, collective action and political culture
  • Political role regarding human rights
  • National security
  • Scenarios of politics and power
  • Political processes
  • Federalism and state reform in Europe
  • Legislative powers in the United States of America
  • Public security, justice and rule of law
  • Transition to democracy
  • Transition to democracy
  • Democratization
  • Political culture
  • Reform of the state
  • Problems of political change 
  • Political socialization and values of democracy in the child population
  • Political system
  • The political system in the States
  • Comparative political culture
  • Exclusion, participation and citizenship
  • Political organization
  • Participation of the workers
  • Government, processes and social actors
  • Public opinion and political behavior
  • Comparative political institutions
  • Electoral processes and voter behavior
  • Political transition
  • Political and electoral communication and marketing
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Mass media and political transition
  • Comparative political transformations in Latin American countries
  • Globalization and trade unionism in Mexico and Brazil
  • Religion and politics, religion and economics
  • Political parties and electoral systems
  • Actors and leaders Global Political Powers
  • Political conflict and social order
  • Legal system and institutional designs
  • Structural reforms in comparative perspective
  • Democratic consolidation
  • Democracy and rule of law
  • Civil society, political culture, governance

Political Theory Research Topics

  • The Idea of Political Theory
  • Varieties of Political Theory
  • The foundations of a fair policy
  • Power: politics, identity and the Law
  • Political thought as theory
  • Research about political ideologies
  • The founding political ideologies in modernity
  • Difference between liberalism, socialism and conservatism
  • Approaches to their divergences and affinities
  • The positive and analytical theory of politics
  • Institutions and problems of institutional design
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Liberalism, Marxism, Libertarianism, Feminism, and Communitarianism
  • Contemporary political realism
  • The foundations of a secular order
  • The question of modernity in political America
  • The search for the sources of moral and/or political energies
  • The search for transparency and certainty
  • The intellectual pre-conditions of modernity
  • The impossibility of emancipation
  • The Rule of Law and its aporias: Sovereignty, Exception and Constituent Power
  • The “technical” nature of political power
  • The moral problem for political power
  • The question of political realism
  • Power as a contingency of the human
  • Power as self-government: the techniques of democracy
  • From the Idea of Justice to the practice of Justice
  • Multiculturalism and Justice
  • The question of the feminists and the idea of Justice
  • Different principles for the Idea of Justice
  • Justice, collective interest, common good and rights

Political Science Research Questions

  • What are the primary factors influencing voter turnout? 
  • To what extent does the media’s framing of political events influence public opinion? 
  • What are the key drivers behind the persistence of authoritarian regimes in certain regions? 
  • How does international cooperation on climate change mitigation and adaptation vary? 
  • What are the implications of emerging disruptive technologies? 
  • How do different electoral systems affect representation and governance outcomes?
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities in crafting effective immigration policies? 
  • What role does identity politics play in shaping the dynamics of conflict? 

Research Title About Politics

  • The Heights of Discord: the Golan between Syria and Israel
  • The use of conventional weapons, and chemical or bacteriological weapons
  • The use of nuclear weapons
  • Exclusive use of conventional weapons
  • Wars of colonial liberation
  • International Wars
  • International regional wars
  • International bilateral wars
  • Direct and unilateral political violence
  • Common criminal violence
  • Political assassination
  • State terrorism in Kashmir
  • Human rights and political violence
  • Terms of damages to civilians
  • War and Violence in the Middle East
  • Youth violence in urban contexts
  • Collective action – Mechanisms of the dispute
  • Consciousness, values, identities and ideologies
  • Analysis of the weight of structures in the transition from traditional to modern society and from this to the current one

Conflict Resolution Research Topics

  • Challenges for social research and public policy
  • Studies on the post-conflict, coexistence and the role of civil society
  • Conflict studies
  • The conflict and the vicissitudes of building a national project
  • Modernization, conflict and democracy
  • Reconciliation and the role of Civil Society
  • Difficulties in carrying out fieldwork
  • Results of the fieldwork
  • The reconstruction of the conflicting events
  • The study of community conflict through biographical interviews
  • The observation of conflicting parties
  • Symbolic disputes, authority and representation
  • New intermediaries: migrant agents
  • Transnational communities: changes and continuities of communities
  • Social drama and contentious language
  • The community as a political and intermediary process
  • The community as a sense of belonging
  • Local government and system of uses and customs
  • Derivatives of a concept: the community in sociology and anthropology
  • The perspective of intersectionality for the analysis of intra-community conflict
  • Passion and political culture
  • Towards a proposal for the analysis of political conflict: the production of antagonisms
  • Analysis of international conflicts from the Sociology
  • Celebration between the different levels of analysis
  • Types and classification of elites
  • Analysis tools and methodological concepts
  • Agents, population and linear power relations
  • Power and power resources
  • Sociology of Power and conflict analysis

Good Topics in Political Science (Mediation and Negotiation)

Still looking for a research topic about politics? Check out this list. 

  • Restorative justice and reconciliation
  • International law and treaty law 
  • Race and ethnic relations
  • International organization for mediation and negotiations
  • International negotiations
  • Mediation: skills and applications
  • Negotiation: skills and applications
  • Understand the conflict
  • Basic course on mediation and conflict resolution
  • Argumentation and critical thinking
  • Presence and involvement of the parties in the resolution of the dispute
  • Difficulties and dilemmas in the political processes of mediation and negotiation
  • Preliminary questions on political mediation and negotiation
  • Collecting the relevant information to negotiate
  • Behavior and positions of those involved in the negotiation
  • General policies, established by those who promote the negotiation
  • Identification of contingencies and their probability of occurrence
  • Specific policies that are applicable to the negotiation itself
  • Challenges Of Business Mediation in Europe
  • Would Mediation Be Adequate and Beneficial for Resolving Business Disputes?
  • Application And Development of Business Mediation
  • Business Mediation
  • Principles Of Mediation
  • Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Conflicts In Politics Research Topics

  • Contemporary history cold war
  • Political studies and conflict resolution
  • Comparative analysis of public policies and actions aimed at health promotion and prevention of Covid-19
  • International Conflicts: Manners of Solution and International Humanitarian Law
  • International Conflict Resolution Means
  • Diplomatic or Political Media
  • International Humanitarian Law of War
  • Basis of the Obligation of International Humanitarian Law of War
  • Juridical-Legal Basis of International Humanitarian Law
  • Geneva Convention to improve the fate of the Wounded and Sick of the Armed Forces in Campaign
  • II Geneva Convention to improve the fate of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked of the Armed Forces at Sea
  • Relative to the protection of victims of International Armed Conflicts
  • Relative to the protection of victims of non-international armed conflicts
  • Mechanisms to control compliance with International Humanitarian Law in armed conflicts
  • Role Played by the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Time of Peace: Complies with the teaching and dissemination of the norms of International Humanitarian Law
  • Sanctions for Non-compliance with International Humanitarian Law
  • Criminal Responsibility of the Individual

Comparative Politics

  • Islamist regimes: the case of Iran
  • The democratic institutions
  • The crisis of democracy
  • The quality of democracy
  • The processes of transition and democratic consolidation
  • The political transitions in Eastern Europe
  • The Westminster model and the Westminster model of democracy consensus
  • The parliamentary regime, presidential regime, semi-presidential regime and semi-parliamentary
  • The concept of democracy
  • Communist regimes: the case of China
  • Populist and nationalist regimes
  • Traditional and tribal systems
  • The military and civil-military dictatorships
  • Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes
  • The formation of political systems in Europe and the USA
  • Neocolonialism and economic dependence on the Third World
  • Reform and revolution
  • The construction of the nation-state in Africa and Asia
  • The institutionalization of power
  • The process of political modernization
  • Dynamics of political systems: development and change
  • Cultural and political socialization
  • Social groups: pressure groups and social movements
  • The socioeconomic structure: market and planning
  • The social environment of political systems
  • Political system and decision process
  • Dynamic and institutional comparability
  • Research methods in political science


No doubt political science gives you a lot of options for research. But you have to pick a good one which will guide you in the right direction. Hopefully this blog post has helped you pick a topic or two to work on. 

If you still have problems choosing a topic or dealing with political science assignments, do count on the professional expertise of our writers.

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