Problem Solution Essays: Offering Breakthrough Solutions in Writing

Problem-solution essays are interesting assignments that help students find new ways to solve issues. Many students find them daunting and avoid writing them at all. This step results in no late submissions or low-quality content. There’s no need to worry when Paperperk’s expert team is here to sort this out for you. Read till the end and get the remedy to your academic woes. Let’s start this new journey of understanding this topic thoroughly.

What is a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is an assignment that allows students to choose a real-life problem and offer its solution. A problem can be related to anything, such as the social, moral, economic, or political sphere. Students must investigate this problem, evaluate root causes, and suggest a logical solution.

Students are also allowed to have a retrospective view of history topics and offer suggestions based on the present time. For better grades, it’s recommended to use current and challenging issues and debate them through your solutions.

Steps to Writing Problem Solution Essays.

Here we have mentioned easy steps to write a solution essay. Students may follow this approach to produce such assignments effortlessly.

Find a Unique Problem for Your Topic.

First, students must find a problem that requires a solution. You may also look at the problem that is solved, but its results are unsatisfactory, requiring new solutions in place to curb its adverse effects. Look outside the box for unique problem-solving essay topics that offer various remedies. Here are the ten challenging and controversial issues that will surely provide help in making a solution essay;

  • The corporate takeover in America.
  • Inflation hit countries and their drowning economy.
  • Mismanagement during the COVID-19 pandemic and preparation for future outbreaks.
  • Rising costs of iPhones around the world.
  • Suppression of women’s rights in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan and role of United Nations.
  • Anti-semitism and why the world is unable to stop it.
  • Rise of Cannabis and recreational drugs and how local and federal governments can control it.
  • On-campus studying is becoming obsolete. How can students and their parents pressure their schools and colleges to allow online classes?
  • Russian invasion of Ukraine. How the United Nations (UN) can protect countries against future attacks in Europe and Asia.
  • Fossil fuels are the biggest cause of global warming. How young generation can protect marine ecosystems and force oil-producing companies to reduce pollution?

These problem-solution essay topics are the best to start your essay at a fast pace.

Offer an All-Rounder Solution.

The second thing you need to do is offer a valid solution that provides short and long-term fixes. You cannot offer a cure or remedy to a problem that only works for the short term and then either exacerbate the problem or become nullified. This part takes more than half the time of writing because it requires thorough research.

Secondly, students must think from the audience’s perspective and then develop a problem solving answer. Some of the steps you must consider before researching and offering solutions are following;

  • Evaluate the effects of the problem and how your solution can mitigate, halt or reverse its damages.
  • Secondly, how quickly can it be deployed or made effective?
  • Thirdly, you need to think about how cost-effective this solution will be. Is it logical to suggest if it costs more than it’s worth?
  • Fourthly, your solution must be feasible to implement. If it’s not possible or logical to implement or is too big, costly, or unable to provide relief, then you must move to different measures.
  • Lastly, think critically about the affected population, subjects. If your solution puts the affectees at risk, then developing a new option is better.

Write an Introduction Paragraph.

Start writing your problem-solving essay by dividing it into three parts. The first part is an introduction, then the body paragraph, and the final part is the conclusion. Write your introductory paragraph and inform your audience about a persisting problem.

Provide thorough information on the selected problem, and persuade them of the need for an immediate solution. You may convince them effectively with a hook sentence that immediately grabs their attention. Provide background information on the existence and continuous effects on the environment, society, etc.

Lastly, offer the solution by adding your thesis statement that precisely tackles the issue. Your thesis will be the essay’s central theme, and the contents should relate to it.

Add a Body Paragraph(s).

A body paragraph is a lengthy and comprehensive paragraph that contains all the arguments. The essay’s arguments in favor and against it should be added here. You may start with a topic sentence that quickly informs readers about the paragraph. Then add the problem(s) and their solution(s). Use transitional words when moving from one topic to another or a section.

Write a Conclusion.

Lastly, end your debate in the conclusion paragraph. Restate the thesis statement here and summarize the essay’s main points. Emphasize the quick resolution of the issue and highlight the importance of your solution. Add concluding remarks to end the discussion on the problem and its solution. Different solutions can be found by changing the type of expository essays each have a different methodology of doing it.


Problem-solution essays are challenging to compose. Students need ample time for research and finding a perfect and long-term solution. This blog covers the essential steps a student must take. After reading this, college students can easily compose assignment essays like this.

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