Writing Thesis Statement Practices To Impress Your Audience

Writing a thesis statement is one of the most delicate and challenging tasks for students. Most of the students are unfamiliar with this term until they reach college. If you’re from one of the aforementioned student profiles, this blog guide will help you in the long term. Keep reading the entire blog and get professional-level skills in writing thesis statements. Let our expert writers take you on a journey to learn this technique.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a short sentence between 1-2 lines in length. The primary purpose of a thesis statement is to concise your research’s main points and bring them forward to readers. So in case your audience is unaware can be familiarized with how much an author has researched on the topic. Hence, whenever you hear this name, you should know it’s a short two-sentence in length statement you use to highlight your research.

Impressive Ways To Writing Thesis Statements

Students here will share the most unique and impressive ways to write a thesis statement. Let’s learn how these ways will help you from start to finish. Without further ado, let’s start.

Find A Challenging Topic For Your Essay

The first step is to find a topic that will be challenging and interesting for you and your target audience. Students use many methods for choosing a topic, but usually, they are simpler ones that don’t allow them to be creative with it. Students must step out of their comfort zone to find a challenging subject. A topic that provides thorough research opportunities always helps you add value to the topic.

Secondly, a research-oriented subject is demanding, and it helps you explore different or unseen findings. This way, you can inform your readers better than others. Hence, choosing a topic of your choice that has depth and challenges is the best strategy.

Write your Thesis Statement as a Question

The second impressive way to compose a thesis statement is to present it as a question. Right after reading the entire research, you’ll be able to make your research results in an interrogative form. Turning your thesis statement into a question and making it intriguing is the best way to engage your readers. A short example of the interrogative research question is the following.

“Did Europe flourish after World War Two and lessons learned during wartime helped them reach where these nations are now?”

A thought-provoking question-based thesis provides your audience with the emotional stimuli that other writers have failed to provide. Therefore, you may follow the steps for presenting your statement in this style.

Must Be Concise

A third way of doing your thesis is to keep it concise and one sentence long. A creative research statement is always short but enriched with vivid details or information. Irrespective of topic depth and demands, you must encapsulate information in 8-10 words or one sentence. For making a short but concise statement, remember the results of your research and present them in the shortest way possible.

Here we will present a practical example that will help you ensure how to be concise and detail-rich in presenting the thesis. 

“How superior quality and security of an iPhone make it the number one cell phone brand in the world?”

In this statement, we presented an already fact with persuasion and intriguing questions. Your readers will feel the compulsion to read it with more interest and zeal.

Add Refinements

The last step is refining your thesis statement to a point where it becomes perfect. To do so, you may revise, find the missing pieces of the puzzle, and edit. The best way to do this is to read the research and compare it with the crux of the research. If a statement is not aligned with the results, edit it until it fits perfectly.


Students, through this blog, we’ve presented our expert’s opinion on writing thesis statements easily and efficiently. You may follow the steps and make a compelling statement for your essay.

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