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Writing a qualitative research paper is not a piece of cake. Let alone the research and writing; the first and most significant challenge is finding the qualitative research topic that is a perfect fit for you. You have to be sure about a handful of things to decide the best topic for you, and you can ace it. First and most important, you must choose a topic that you find appealing and motivating. If you are not interested in a topic, not only will it tire you, but it will make your research dull and exhausting as well. Two, choose a relevant topic that adds value to the academia. Last but not least, there must be enough data about the theme that you are about to choose. In case of any confusion, concerns, or questions, you can consult for paper writing help from Paper Perk

Qualitative Research Topics: Psych, Education, Health, Medicine & More

Wandering around the internet looking for qualitative research topics can be exhausting. We are writing this article to make it a one-stop solution for you. There is enough inspiration to come up with the most suitable topic for you, no matter your academic area.

Psychological Qualitative Research Topics

psychological qualitative research topics

  • Emotional Intelligence: Can it be an excellent alternative to IQ?
  • Oxytocin in autistic children.
  • Meditation: A means to control emotions
  • Emotional dependency during pregnancy
  • Schizophrenia: Causes and treatment
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
  • Psychology of physical attraction in opposite sexes
  • What is a borderline personality disorder? Facts and myths
  • Psychological elements in electronic media: Marketing, persuasion, and propaganda
  • Psychology in public relations
  • Psychology in international relations
  • Causes of depression and what to do to avoid it?
  • Detailed analysis of speech disorders
  • Criminal psychology and the origin of serial killers
  • Psychological aspects of the aging process
  • The character of NGOs regarding awareness about mental health
  • How to prevent child abuse with the help of psychology?
  • Aspects of criminal psychology
  • Emotional imbalance: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
  • Memory loss? Is it a neural problem or a psychological problem?
  • The secrets to well-being
  • Mental disorders in teens

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Political Qualitative Research Topics

political qualitative research topics

  • What role did masons’ living conditions have in forming workers’ political movements?
  • How do presidential elections matter?
  • Political compass: A critical analysis
  • Is a representative democracy genuinely democratic?
  • How has Europe evolved in terms of democracy?
  • Democratic evolution in the United States in the last three centuries
  • Is democracy a myth or a reality?
  • Why is voter abstention a danger to democracy?
  • Role of minorities in the United States politics
  • Freedom of expression in developing countries
  • Freedom of expression under Islamist regimes
  • Misconduct on television: Awareness and Legislation

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Qualitative Research Topics for Art and Culture

qualitative research topics for art and culture

  • Is history a universally shared concept?
  • Can a man be indifferent to art?
  • How do we articulate the link between science and technology?
  • What is the purpose of art?
  • What does the artist show us? Expression and symbolism
  • What is an artist? What does an artist do?
  • What is an artist?
  • Is art always transgressive?
  • Work of art: The proof of the freedom of the spirit
  • Can art compete with nature?
  • Does art only have the function of freeing us from our passions?
  • Passion and emotion in art
  • Absurd surrealism 
  • Grotesque surrealism
  • Different movements in art
  • Progress and evolution of art
  • The art of the middle ages
  • The art of the renaissance
  • Is the work of art necessarily beautiful?
  • Does art change our relationship with reality?
  • Does the critic able to regard something as art or not?
  • Does the experience of beauty necessarily pass through the work of art?
  • Things that art teaches us, artists, as a technician
  • Importance of meaning in a work of art
  • Meaningless art and absurdist existentialism
  • The need for a model in the production of art
  • Can we conceive of a society without art?
  • Different aspects of society are defined and differentiated by art
  • The fear of industrial production among the artists
  • Dystopian art: The ability to predict the future among artists
  • Elements that distinguish the work of art from any object
  • Why the artists deserve a special place in the world
  • Rules and regulations in art
  • Reproduction of art: Plagiarism in art and harm of repetition
  • Art and escapism
  • Anachronistic art and the element of satire
  • Should the artist seek to please the audience
  • Can we blame a work of art for not being worth anything?
  • Does every human being understand and appreciate art?
  • Do you think that, according to Aristotle’s formula, art is an “imitation of nature”?
  • Why does what we dislike in life please us in a work of art?
  • Does art seem to be a “revolt against the tyranny of desire”?
  • Why do we apply the term “creation” to artistic activity?
  • Sacrosanctity of art and human duty to uphold it

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Qualitative Research Topics Involving Environment Issues

qualitative research topics involving environment issues

  • Advantages and disadvantages of technology for the environment
  • Benefits of environmental education in children
  • Methods to make modern society aware of the environment
  • Alternative energies
  • Nuclear energy production: An alternative to the planet’s growing energy demand
  • X degree care for the environment
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of renewable energy
  • Need to develop environmentally friendly products 
  • Documentation of experience: Protection of nature
  • Elements involved in environmental deterioration
  • Environment and strategies for sustainability
  • Environmental activism in adolescents and young people
  • Sustainability and security for environmental justice
  • Raising awareness about the protection of the environment through sports, literature, and culture
  • Environment influenced by collective and individual actions
  • Awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technologies
  • Effects and causes of acid rain and groundwater
  • Ways to live sustainably or focus on a specific aspect of sustainability
  • Recent disasters caused by global warming
  • Greenhouse effect and melting ice
  • Importance of renewable energy
  • Wildlife and endangered species
  • Air quality and pollution
  • Water quality in underdeveloped countries
  • Famines caused by environmental changes
  • Various recycling programs: Which one is the most effective
  • Awareness to participate in the initiatives about the protection of the environment
  • How deforestation has affected animals or how it is related to climate change
  • Importance of the coral reef, the dangers of its destruction, or preservation strategies

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Qualitative Research Topics on Public Relations

qualitative research topics on public relations

  • Public Relations and socio-productive activity
  • Organizational Communication and Public Relations
  • Ethics in the practice of Public Relations
  • Epistemological foundations of Public Relations.
  • Factors that limit the practice of Public Relations.
  • Public Relations is a strategic factor of the company.
  • Relationship workers and professional practice in the United States
  • Corporate image and Public Relations
  • Corporate identity and Public Relations.
  • Public Relations and social enterprise
  • Public Relations as an integration factor.
  • Profile of the teacher of Public Relations.
  • Legislation of Public Relations in Europe
  • The free exercise of Public Relations
  • Public Relations and the labor market
  • Public Relations and digital communication
  • History of Public Relations in Europe
  • History of Public Relations in the United States
  • History of Public Relations in Canada
  • Semiology and Public Relations
  • Linguistics and Public Relations
  • Indicators to evaluate Public Relations programs
  • Planning of Public Relations in organizations
  • Public Relations through radio and television
  • University teaching in Public Relations

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Qualitative Research Topics for High School Students

qualitative research topics for high school students

  • How has technological development helped hospitals?
  • Benefits of technological advances in the classroom
  • Advantages and disadvantages of technology in children
  • How and why are fun activities different during every stage of the educational period, Montessori, school, college, and university?
  • Most dangerous challenges that must be avoided as students
  • Challenges made by celebrities: How do future career choices and jobs look for you in the next decade?
  • The pros and cons of viral challenges from Tiktok and reels
  • How/what do social networks help?
  • Disadvantages of social networks
  • Problems of social network in adolescents
  • What is the most suitable age for children to have a social media presence?
  • Toxic behaviors accompanied by social media: Prevention and Solution

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Educational Qualitative Research Topics

educational qualitative research topics

  • History of education
  • How education has changed over time in one place
  • Importance of sports and games in early childhood education
  • Possible results of adding playtime to education
  • Pros and cons of a grading system
  • Most effective grading methods
  • How tests affect the success or mental health of students
  • Assessment methods: Such as standardized tests or open tests
  • Investigate how dress codes affect student performance
  • Different schools of learning
  • Qualities that effective teachers possess
  • Effects of teaching and lesson planning
  • Different approaches of public and private schools
  • Pros or cons of a charter school systems
  • How class size and number of students affect student performance
  • Qualities of an Effective Teacher
  • The length of the school day, or the length of breaks, and how the durations affect the progress of the students
  • How the start time of school affects performance

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Qualitative Research Topics for Business and Economy

qualitative research topics for business and economy

  • The chartered accountant and the client: what relationship today?
  • How does the arrival of the low-cost accountant change differentiation practices in accounting?
  • Law and accounting: how do the new laws impact the profession of a chartered accountant?
  • Accountants, why are they so difficult to recruit?
  • How does accounting make it possible to assess the state of health of a company?
  • Accounting and new technologies: the future or the end of the accountant?
  • Can inequalities be reduced with new technologies?
  • What distribution of wealth in France (or other)?
  • Why do companies relocate?
  • Protectionism or free trade?
  • Has the organization of work changed after the pandemic?
  • Do flexibility and home-working reduce unemployment?
  • Should we be afraid of financial bubbles?
  • Financial crises, similar cogs? Are we headed to a new recession?
  • What is money, and who creates it?
  • The stock market against growth?
  • How does economic growth lead to sustainable development?
  • What is the impact of innovation on growth?
  • What role does investment play?
  • What are the keys to productivity?
  • Is it possible to measure economic growth?
  • Why do stock markets crash?

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Medical Qualitative Research Topics

medical qualitative research topics

  • Current situation of palliative care in health institutions in the United States
  • Complications of acute diarrheal disease in children under five years of age
  • Nutritional status of surgical oncology patients and its relationship with postoperative complications
  • Cost-effectiveness of cervical cancer screening strategies in California
  • Thyroid cancer and risk factors in patients treated at San Jose Hospital
  • Communicative processes in American ancestral medicine
  • Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis in a patient with a pulmonary septic complication
  • Telemedicine and Tele-health of the inhabitants of Massachusetts
  • Feasibility study and technical, infrastructure and human sustainability for the implementation of the care model
  • Epidemiological profile of the general surgery outpatient service 
  • Physical activity and sport as determinants of health
  • Cost of treatment and follow-up of people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 
  • National Health System for the formal introduction of the family doctor
  • How is the social security system in France unsustainable?
  • Comparative study of health systems in the United States and Europe?
  • Allergies and intolerances, what are the differences for lactose?
  • Is gluten intolerance an actual disease?
  • Social inequalities in health in rural countries
  • Public health policy or health policy
  • Public health at the European level, what public policies
  • Public health in developing countries
  • Public health and environmental issues through the prism of red meat consumption
  • Communication of medicines when advertising is prohibited

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Qualitative Research Topics for Law and Crime

  • Consequences of the death penalty.
  • Capital offenses: Law, persecution, and penalties
  • Classic methods used in the death penalty
  • Arguments for or against this punishment
  • The stipulation for others and the promise of a stronghold
  • Consumer protection in the American Law
  • The social attributions of the captain of the ship
  • Recent developments in the constitutional justice
  • Reframing the civil code
  • Critical analysis of the scope of the principle of free justice
  • Institutions of the criminal records
  • Equality of the creditors in collective proceedings
  • Risk management in expertise
  • The repressive jurisdiction of the court of peace in the event of insufficiency of the judges
  • Labor law and the rights of workers
  • Secularism and labor law: Question of religion in business
  • Animal law
  • The Management of transit migration
  • The legal framework of bank credit
  • Legal regime of intellectual rights
  • Compensation for moral damage
  • Family criminal law in the relation between parents and children
  • Unilateral termination of the contract
  • Role of the military in public prosecution
  • Critical analysis of the pre-jurisdictional procedure regarding human rights
  • The fault of the administration in land matters
  • The subsequent attitude of the victim and compensation for the damages
  • Action for retrocession in the event of excessive liberalities
  • The exploitation of child labor under Labor Law
  • Reflection on the introduction of the system of the dematerialization of bearer shares
  • Study on the feasibility of a structure for the amicable settlement of consumer disputes
  • The life insurance contract
  • Legal liability of the community pharmacist
  • The legal age of marriage: legislative, jurisprudential, and doctrinal approach
  • Protection of the unpaid seller in the event of insolvency of the buyer
  • The renewal of the employment contract
  • The regulatory framework for outdoor advertising, signs, and pre-sign
  • Extra-judicial resolution of land disputes

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Qualitative Research Topics Concerning Drug Abuse

qualitative research topics concerning drug abuse

  • Drug use in adolescents
  • Consequences of excessive drug use
  • Legal and illegal addictive substances
  • Effects of drugs on the brain
  • Effects of alcohol and tobacco
  • Social science research on drugs
  • Psychological research on drugs
  • Biomedical research in the field of drugs
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Cannabis in Europe: a study of social research
  • Drug expectations
  • Dynamics of drug cartels: Perception, politics, and markets
  • Sources and uses of methamphetamine
  • Sensation seeking
  • Contribution of research in psychology on drugs
  • Drug research: recent developments
  • in the field of psychology
  • Places of cannabis consumption
  • Drug prevention for the most vulnerable young people
  • Cannabis retail markets
  • Cultivation of cannabis at home
  • Cannabis Dependence and the Strength of Marijuana
  • Cannabis and youth
  • Cannabis and schizophrenia

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Women Issues and Rights Qualitative Research Topics

women issues and rights qualitative research topics

  • How to educate teens about pregnancy
  • Women’s rights violations in the middle east
  • Forced-Hijab conflict in Iran
  • How to live a healthy pregnancy period
  • Emotional dependency during pregnancy
  • Access to health is a fundamental right: what role can parliaments play in ensuring health for women and children?
  • The wave of feminist movements in the Middle East
  • The situation of women and children in times of conflict
  • The role of women parliamentarians in the prevention of national and international terrorism and in the promotion of peace
  • Promoting women’s participation and gender equality in multilateral negotiations
  • The contribution of women to the establishment of a new global financial and economic model
  • Feminism in Egypt
  • Impact of the media on the status of women and image of women politicians in the media
  • Poverty and extreme poverty: women as victims of this phenomenon and as key actors in the fight to eradicate it
  • Complementarity of women’s rights and children’s rights
  • Health and well-being of older people, especially women
  • Women in Armed Conflict
  • Feminism in the South Asian Subcontinent 
  • Violence against women
  • Role of women in ensuring environmental protection within the framework of development
  • Women in the informal economic sector and their access to microcredits
  • Women in economic life and the world of work
  • Impact of women on the democratic process
  • Women in the political process
  • Women’s rights violations in Africa
  • Financing women’s electoral campaigns
  • Women’s political and electoral training
  • Women in political parties
  • United Nations Initiatives for Women’s Education and the role of Malala Yousafzai
  • Women in national parliaments
  • The partnership between men and women in politics

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As we said in the beginning, writing a qualitative research paper is not a piece of cake. But after reading all these topics above, you now know that it is not rocket science either. All you need is a little commitment and a pint of inspiration potion that we have above 300 research paper topics. 

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