140 High-Scoring Satire Essay Topics

A satire essay is a form of writing that seeks to examine a subject humorously. The information is accurate but it is often presented exaggeratedly to generate amusement for the reader.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress three-quarters of 8th and 12th graders lack good writing skills. That means there’s less possibility for students to shortlist some good satire essay topics and then write well on them.

The Challenges of Choosing High-Scoring Topics of Satire

Here are the most common challenges that students most commonly face when picking up some topics for satirical essays.

Challenge of Satire Essay TopicsPossible Solution
Relevance of the TopicMake topics with the most recent and relevant subject.
Sensitivity of The AudienceJust ensure that the topics you choose are not offensive to the readers.
Ensuring OriginalityYour topic must have a unique angle to it.
Balancing HumorEnsure that you know how to balance humor with respect.
Cultural ContextExplore cultural nuances and incorporate those well.
Satirical ToneWork on maintaining proper tone.

The fun part of choosing topics for a satire essay is to change the usual into funny. As a student, researching such a topic and then writing a satire essay was an amusing activity for us as well. Trust me it’s not like understanding modernism in literature but has some challenges of its own.

At first, I had so many possibilities for a topic, but I focused on shortlisting some from the social issues that students are facing on campus. This way not only choosing a topic was easy, but I was also able to write a good satire essay very quickly.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with random students’ issues, you can make fun topics out of difficult class lectures and more. Just remember while choosing topics for satirical essays, ensure that they are funny, amusing, creative, and engaging.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing High-Scoring Satire Essay Topics

Here are the 5 working tips for picking up topics for a satire essay.

Tip 1: Concentrate on popular trends or recent news.

Tip 2: Pick up a subject that you can understand well.

Tip 3: Go with something that you can easily exaggerate for a comedic effect.

Tip 4: Make sure the topics you shortlist are resonating with the reader’s interest.

Tip 5: Those subjects that are sparking discussions could make up high-scoring topics.

20 Trendy Satire Essay Topics

Here are the most recent satire essay topic ideas you can count on:

  1. Complaining is the new national pastime.
  2. Everybody is an expert on social media these days.
  3. Selfie obsession can be termed as the ultimate narcissism.
  4. Do gym selfies prove gains or request validations?
  5. Coffee snobbery is the newest social currency.
  6. Office small talk is the contemporary way of killing productivity.
  7. Is the culture of overworking the reason for burnout?
  8. The inception of the armchair activist.
  9. Is reality TV the reason for our love affair with the absurd?
  10. Why do fashion trends make us follow the weird?

Hope you are enjoying our satire essay topics, keep reading more!

  1. We are living in an age of offense where everybody’s a victim.
  2. Can we term the overuse of buzzwords as corporate nonsense?
  3. Is celebrity worship a modern idolatry?
  4. The critics of art and their pretentiousness.
  5. Diet fads are only starving for attention, not health.
  6. The Cold Wars of Android users and iPhone users.
  7. What are wedding extravaganzas proving, spectacle or love?
  8. Public proposals are mere public stunts:
  9. Is the Hipster Phenomenon iconic or ironic?
  10. Which of the helicopter or free-range is winning as parenting trends?

20 Funny Satire Essay Topics

Another example of satire essay topics that could help you choose a high-scoring topic.

  1. Finding a perfect spot is no less than a heroic quest. 
  2. Tips to survive the 5 pm mart rush from the grocery store gladiators. 
  3. The art of winning the epic battle of remote control in siblings.
  4. Is finding a lost sock the biggest laundry room mystery? 
  5. The Untold Story of affection between Monday morning and the coffee spill. 
  6. Is the quiet neighbor the most mystical creature these days?
  7. Effective ways of avoiding household chores.
  8. The empty toilet paper roll an enigma.
  9. The challenges of finding wifi in a popular cafe.
  10. The untold tale of the perpetually tangled earphones.
  11. The story of an elusive leftover container lid.
  12. Can we term the fold or crumple toilet paper debate as the great debate?
  13. Public restrooms and their unnoticed benefits. 
  14. Ways to master the art of pretending to work.
  15. Tips and tricks of surviving a work meeting.
  16. The bottom of the handbag – An epic journey.
  17. Is it a ritual now to hit snooze on repeat?
  18. Is assembling IKEA furniture a misadventure?
  19. The legends of the couch potato.
  20. The peculiar case of the disappearing TV show spoilers.

Keep on reading as more satire essay topic ideas are coming your way!

Satire Essay Topics for College Students

Here we go with another list of informative essay topics that you can utilize and convert into satire topics. However we have some more topics listed below that are satirical; humorous and engaging:

  1. A college student’s guide on mastering the art of procrastination.
  2. Is ramen the ultimate college diet? 
  3. Easy A class and its myths. 
  4. The roommate conflicts with comedy. 
  5. All-nighter warriors and their heroics. 
  6. The great debate of studying and partying. 
  7. The perks of achieving the perfect GPA. 
  8. How ironic is the requirement of elective courses? 
  9. Is coffee worship a new ritual on campus? 
  10. A fun adventure of discovering affordable textbooks. 
  11. The untold stories of peculiarities in the unpaid internship. 
  12. The comedy-drama of group projects. 
  13. A secret campus tour.
  14. Meal plan dollars and their mysterious disappearance. 
  15. The perks of living in a quiet study dorm. 
  16. Student loan debt – An epic tale. 
  17. Is finding a perfect parking spot a fantasy? 
  18. The legends of a professional napper. 
  19. Is registration week the toughest test of endurance? 
  20. College freedom and its paradox. 

20 Satire Essay Topics Related to Technology

  1. Is smartphone addiction the new age love affair?
  2. How is social media recognition a modern-day royalty?
  3. How is autocorrect an unseen comedy writer?
  4. The odyssey of great tech support these days. 
  5. How is emoji evolution a language revolution? 
  6. The IOT can make your fridge more about you than your friends. 
  7. How do we escape the real world one pixel at a time with virtual reality? 
  8. Ways to master the art of online trolling. 
  9. Why can we regard a smart home as a not-so-intelligent invasion? 
  10. The obsession with the fitness tracker. 

We are using satire essay topics that are relatable, so you can easily write upon them.

  1. Constant connectivity and its dystopia. 
  2. How is napping on the highway possible with self-driving cars? 
  3. Online dating perils that every teenager must know. 
  4. How is tech startup culture disrupting the common sense in new entrepreneurs? 
  5. The credibility of privacy policies. How can we trust them with our interests? 
  6. How does our data get lost in the cloud?
  7. Machines are trying but they can’t be humans. 
  8. The endless streaming services and nothing to watch dilemma. 
  9. Tricks to survive without wi-fi. 
  10. What to do when the mute button fails in a virtual meeting? 

20 Satire Essay Topics Related to Historical Events

Here’s another list of good satirical topics you can use. We bet you’ll have a similar list of satirical historic events essay ideas even if you hire professional essay writing services online.

  1. How did an accidental tourist discover America?
  2. Is there any better and more elaborate prank than the Trojan Horse in history?
  3. How did smoke become fashionable with the Industrial Revolution?
  4. How is the French Revolution related to guillotine usage?
  5. Is the Great Wall of China the world’s longest DIY project?
  6. Tips to spot a witch in the Salem Witch Trials.
  7. Nothing is a better and original food fight than the Boston Tea Party.
  8. How does the overexpansion of the Roman Empire go wrong?
  9. Is Gold Rush a glitter chaser or just a broken dream?
  10. How is the wheel invention the first and last great idea?

By using these satire essay topics you will be able to reveal big secrets of the world by keeping the tone moderate.

  1. How was cheating invented in the first-ever Olympic games? 
  2. How did the unsinkable Titanic ship forget to float? 
  3. Ways to ban fun and make money. 
  4. How is the space race a great cosmic showoff? 
  5. How is the Cuban missile crisis a lesson in brinkmanship? 
  6. Is the Berlin Wall a Cold War divider? 
  7. How is everyone an artist in the Renaissance? 
  8. We can regard Vikings as early tourists with an attitude. 
  9. How was the black death the most unwanted houseguest of Medieval Europe? 
  10. Is the moon landing a giant leap or just a great hoax? 

20 Satire Essay Topics Related to Health Care

  1. A timeless tradition of the waiting room joys in a healthcare facility. 
  2. How is WebMD miracle a self-diagnostic made fun of? 
  3. Effective ways of understanding prescription writing. 
  4. Working tactics to overcome the fitness tracker craze. 
  5. How is the diet industry striving for profits only? 
  6. The biased magic of essential oils. 
  7. Finding fun with the over-the-counter medicine aisle. 
  8. How is the wellness industry turning relaxation into a stressful affair? 
  9. The untold stories of annual checkups and preventative panic. 
  10. Is cleansing your waller form part of the detox trend? 
  11. Let’s discuss the wonders of plastic surgery. 
  12. Does the perfect health insurance plan exist or is it just an illusion? 
  13. Things we should know about the evolution of quackery. 
  14. How can your phone know your heart rate with an app? 
  15. Is marketing the latest superfood?
  16. How can gym membership prove to be paying for guilt? 
  17. Is the anti-vaxxer movement a fantasy? 
  18. The organic food dilemma these days. 
  19. Things we should know about the hospital food paradox. 
  20. Ways to overcome the mental health stigma.

20 Satire Essay Topics Related to Media

Here’s another list of topics of satire you can use:

  1. Is it good to break the weather forecast as a Hollywood thriller? 
  2. How is a 24-hour news cycle turning common into a crisis? 
  3. The disappointments of the clickbait headlines.
  4. Whenever reality needs a script they term it as reality TV. 
  5. How is social media only an echo chamber? 
  6. Things you should know about the influencer’s economy. 
  7. How to master the art of fake news? 
  8. From fun to foolish – The rise of the viral challenge. 
  9. The truth behind unbiased news sources. 

We are focusing on this social viral stuff for satire essay topics because it is a need of time, to uncover behind the scenes truth in a satirical form. 

  1. Ways to gossip like a celebrity and earn more recognition on social media. 
  2. The curious cases of political pundits and their dramas. 
  3. How is award show overload just celebrating mediocrity? 
  4. Is public meltdown the only social media drama? 
  5. How can you reboot everything for ratings with a nostalgia trap? 
  6. Things we should know about the cult of morning talk shows.
  7. How not to be the partner in streaming wars? 
  8. Different ways of exploiting tragedy for ratings. 
  9. How is social media the death of thoughtful reporting? 
  10. Ways to overcome the social media’s algorithm Dictatorship
  11. The Illusion of Privacy these days.

20 Satire Essay Topics Related to Politics

  1. How to master the fake grin like politicians?
  2. Does the election campaign promise a great work of fiction?
  3. The politician’s way of surviving and thriving after elections. 
  4. Is out-yelling the other the ultimate election debate? 
  5. Dodging questions like the politicians. 
  6. The art of learning by buying influence with the lobbyist’s guide. 
  7. Is bipartisanship a myth? 
  8. Let’s interpret the great election circus. 
  9. Are political ads selling election candidates like soap? 
  10. Is there a way for the temporary government shutdown? 
  11. Mastering the art of talking without saying anything from the infamous politicians.
  12. How can an election turn neighbors into enemies?
  13. Is the press conference a comedy hour or public relations?
  14. What defines the political family, democracy, or dynasty? 
  15. Predicting the unpredictable of the polling game. 
  16. Ways to master the art of red tape bureaucracy.. 
  17. How are world leaders playing pretend games in the International Summit? 
  18. The expert’s guide to winning the budget battle. 
  19. Everything we should know about the state of the union. 
  20. Is political memoir a way of rewriting history for the sake of profit only? 

Final Thoughts

Good satirical topics will help you stay on the right track to writing a perfect essay. There are different approaches one can use for shortlisting a topic or two subjects to write on like making the usual topics a bit funny or giving them some humorous touch to make them awesome topics of satire. Overall this blog post has so many awesome satire essay topics you can pick or customize and write a perfect essay on it.

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