147 Best Social Media Research Topics To Beat The Trend In 2023

With the advancement of technology, social media has become an essential part of our lives. It provides a platform for people to express themselves and share their thoughts with others. It also allows people to connect on a global scale. Social media has helped to make the world smaller and more connected.

Social Media is essential in many industries today – from marketing, advertising, and public relations to education, healthcare, and even entertainment. Social Media is now so widespread that it has become a necessity for businesses.

As writers who have a lot of knowledge regarding custom writing services would share what we know about social media research topics that can make your day.

Social Media Research: Related To Trends, Privacy, Psychology and more

We are rooting for you to leave your competition behind in your research. That is why we have 147 of the most engaging social media research topics that work as a muse and introduce you to an uncanny inspiration. Let’s go ahead and discover together!

Trendy Social Media Research Topics

trendy social media research topics

Have you been following the trends lately? If the answer is no, you don’t need to panic. We’ve extracted all of the trendy social media topics for you.

  • What is quality management for social media?
  • Branding and Social Media? How does it work? What are the best strategies?
  • Use of the Internet networks, social networks, and mobile in 2021
  • Facebook as a source of distribution of content and remote communication
  • Training of professionals toward their audiences for social media platforms
  • Facebook: A place of digital socialization among top social media sites
  • The place of social networks in journalistic information
  • The positive aspects of the Internet and social networks
  • Increasing impact and importance of social media networks
  • The future of social media: Would Facebook remain a monopoly?
  • The negative aspects of social media sites and the internet
  • Instagram vs. Facebook: A complete research on features. Which is better?
  • The rise in popularity of TikTok
  • Role of social media politics in the society

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Social Media Platforms Research Topics Related Journalism

social media platforms research topics related journalism

Social media and journalism go side by side. How can it be? Well, these research topics for social media research papers will give you an idea:

  • News and citizenship in the digital age
  • Mutations in journalism in the digital age
  • What is multimedia journalism? How can social media be a part of it?
  • Rise of influence of journalists with social media sites
  • Do we still need journalists in the time of social media sites?
  • What role can social media sites play in overcoming the impact of toxic journalism?
  • How to deal with the swarming misinformation on social media?

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Social Media Research Topics For Psychology

social media research topics for psychology

Social media research can be written for many psychological research topics as well.

  • Temptations of Social Media and its effects on marriages
  • Is social media leading spouses to infidelity?
  • The Internet is a free universe without any control. How to make your mental health a priority in the social media dilemma?
  • Social media addiction and its impact on mental health
  • Has social media increased the cases of mental health problems? Prove write or wrong with analytics and data.
  • How Social Media is isolating children from parents and teachers
  • The psychology behind social media addiction
  • The positive aspects of the Internet and social networks on mental health
  • The positive aspects of the Internet and social networks on mental health
  • Do you think that the Internet, in general, and social networks pose Psychological risks for an individual?
  • How social media is affecting family mental health
  • Mental health problems in adolescents caused by Social Media
  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness in people who spend 3-6 hours a day on Social Media
  • Best and safest social media websites
  • The dangers of social media addiction to mental health
  • Isolation and radicalization are rising because of Social Media
  • How social media is different than mass media?
  • Nazi and fascist presence on social media: Campaigns against minority
  • The psychology behind online hate speech and bullying
  • Can social media lead to lower self-esteem?

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Social Behavior And Social Media Research Topics

social behavior and social media research topics

Social media has been a significant impact on our social behavior. Writing a research paper on this topic could do wonders. Let’s explore more on that.

  • The benefits of social networks in social lives
  • Why do young people use social networks?
  • How people’s behavior differs on multiple social media websites
  • Behavior of people who have been victims of cyberbullying on social networks
  • The social response to cyberbullying and online harassment through social networks
  • An examination of the mental health implications of social networks
  • What is the impact of Social Media on our happiness?
  • As a result of social media, we need more time to concentrate.
  • As a result of the extensive use of social media, we experience a decline in the quality of our sleep.
  • The adverse effects of Instagram and Snapchat on our self-esteem and self-confidence
  • As a result of social media, people are more likely to experience depression, loneliness, and isolation.
  • Virtual worlds pose a threat to our brains because of the overload of information they provide
  • What are the chances of social networks improving for us in the future?
  • Which social networks are trustworthy, and which are untrustworthy?
  • How much time do we spend on social media, and is it bad for us?

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Social Media Research Topics Related To Activism

social media research topics related to activism

  • Be it social work topics or activism themes, you can see that social media papers has helped us in more than one way.
  • Respect for freedom of expression
  • The wave of publications of feminist works powered and empowered by social Media.
  • Social Media is the origin of vast protest movements.
  • Role of social media in Arab Spring
  • How Wael Ghonim changed the fate of Egypt with the help of Social media?
  • Conduct relevant campaigns based on an analysis of digital news
  • A campaign that conveys solid values and convictions is an activist marketing campaign.
  • Activists can use social platforms as practical tools.
  • Increasingly engaged social media users can spread moral messages more widely.
  • As fake news becomes more prevalent, activism becomes more critical.
  • Youth of Generation Z: more aggressive than ever? In what ways does online aggression originate?
  • How social media creates more opportunities for marginalized societies
  • Managing a positive social media political campaign
  • The most effective way to be a better ally for people of color
  • What role does body diversity play outside of fashion?
  • Even though sexual racism affects everyone, it is a phenomenon that must be addressed

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Social Media Research Topics On Cyber Security and Privacy

social media research topics on cyber security and privacy

Security and privacy are now a fundamental human rights in the virtual world. You can contribute by writing a thesis for your research paper to promote online security awareness.

  • Security regulation of social networks
  • The essential protection of Internet users and social cohesion
  • Security risks involved in using social networks like Facebook
  • Can terrorists use social media to provoke violence? How can we deal with it?
  • The morality of social networks, sensitivity, and responsibility
  • Bullying and Harassment in social mass media
  • How to get over the social media addiction
  • How to promote cyber security?
  • Professional and private life: How to maintain family safety on Social Media
  • How social media poses a threat to family privacy and security
  • Barriers between professional and private life diminishing with social networks
  • How secure privacy settings on social media are?
  • Is social media impenetrable for hackers? The hanging sword of data leaks
  • GBWhatsApp Data Leaks: A study on insecure methods leading to harmful privacy dangers
  • Cybercrimes on social media: Identity theft

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Social Media Criminology Research Papers Topics

social media criminology research papers topics

Cybercrime is one of the most talked about issues among criminal justice research topics. Here are some of the most critical topics for social media criminology:

  • How to report and prosecute cyberbullying in Social Media
  • Using social networks to process information
  • Advertising on YouTube is a popular method of cybercrime
  • Using automatic publication functions on certain sites and forums for malicious purposes
  • In the age of cybercrime, Twitter has become the preferred platform for advertising
  • Cybercrime can be dealt with by acquiring both human and technical skills
  • Definition, characteristics, and types of Social Media
  • The Characteristics, Motivations, and Strategies of Cybercrime from a Criminological Perspective
  • What are the forms of cyberbullying on social media and what can be done to prevent it?
  • Defamation, the most common cybercrime handled by law enforcement
  • Facebook and social media users should be aware of cybercrime and hoax information
  • Cases of child prostitution on social media during the lead-up to elections
  • Using Social media is dangerous because of hoaxes and low trust
  • The use of information technology facilities as a means of committing crime
  • Using social media to commit cybercrime is common
  • Fraud Committed Through Social Media in Online Shops
  • Child pornography and pedophilia: The Darkside of Social Media
  • How can we control and put a stop to the rise of cyberbullying against children on social media?

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University Social Media Research Paper Topics

university social media research paper topics

Whether you’re writing for a university or researching for high school research topics, you can always talk about social media. Won’t you love to write something about one of the favorite parts of your life, that is social media?

  • The uses of digital social networks in the context of socio-educational support
  • The contributions of social network analysis to the management of communities
  • Social Media is a useful tool for evaluating and improving the functioning of piloted communities
  • How can students deal with social media addiction?
  • Innovation and social networks: new sociabilities for another sociality
  • Creating a Science of the network through social media: A Case Study
  • The social network as a space of hodological individuation
  • Learning through social networks. How has social media presence helped adapt to changes after COVID?
  • Role of Social Media in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Social Media Marketing Research Paper Topics

social media marketing research paper topics

Next to business research topics, most of the orders we receive are for social media marketing research. You would like some of the following examples for sure when writing for a social media research topic:

  • The different types of advertisements used on social networks
  • The presence of companies on social networks in the era of digitalization
  • How to counter competition on social networks?
  • How to deal with negative social media effect on your business
  • Why is it essential to be able to stand out from others, and how to achieve this?
  • How can such a social media marketing strategy have a lasting impact on a company’s reputation on the Internet?
  • How does influencer marketing add value to brands?
  • How the influencers have formed and transformed the modern market for gen-z entrepreneurs?
  • Social media vs. mass media: Pros and cons for each of them
  • Building your audience based on tweets, occupation, interests, and location
  • How to define and manage audiences when working on social media marketing?
  • How can social media insights keep you updated with modern trends?
  • How to establish your analytical milestones while working with social media?
  • How has Google Trends helped a business into a global transformation? A Case study
  • Beating the boundaries with social media platforms. The global business boost on Facebook marketing
  • Competition and social networks: how do companies stand out?
  • How do companies choose the advertising method that suits them best?
  • How has digitization made the use of the internet essential for the success of a company?


Social Media transformed our lives into something amazing. However, everything comes at a price. Regardless, of whatever aspects of social Media you are looking for, we are sure that you will find them in our social media research topics.
If you need any further help, you can talk to us through Paper Perk contact page. We can help you with finding your research topics, or any research help that you need.

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