206 Social Work Research Topics

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Social Research Topics: Administrative, Elderly, Youth and More

If you are still looking for some research paper topics for inspiration, we are here to help. Today, we have 204 Social Work Research Topics to make your day and research a happy beginning.

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Social Work Research Topics For Administration and Management

social work research topics for administration and management

  • Initiatives to improve public life quality in rural areas
  • Organizing activities to enhance efforts to raise awareness about climate change
  • The roles of administration and management to control and manage social disputes
  • Influences of social support and stress on the public behavior
  • Exploration of knowledge relating to interprofessional collaboration among graduates
  • Intervention models used by social workers for the improvement of social structure
  • Conflict management in organizations and workplaces
  • Conflict management in childcare center work teams
  • Community management in housing societies
  • Social representations of gambling and how to manage its impact on society
  • The decision-making process in stress-induced organizational environments
  • The specificity of social work within a multidisciplinary team in a school environment
  • The ancient art of storytelling. How can administrators organize such events to bring out social harmony
  • Social disaster management in localities and SOPs to help the public avoid panicking
  • Social management of a disaster: a multidimensional analysis
  • The identity construction of street youth
  • Social representations and public policies
  • Fight against poverty as a social responsibility
  • The case of non-governmental organizations and community groups
  • The role of social workers in civil societies
  • Influence of roads on the variance of reproductive success
  • The direct action of anti-authoritarian groups working in California
  • Privatization and Commercialization of Social security in the US
  • Role and contribution of medical social work in university hospitals
  • An exploratory study of social support. The process leading to accommodation for senior citizens
  • Duty to provide shelter, food and clothing for every citizen of society

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Social Work Research Topics About The Elderly

social work research topics about the elderly

  • The process of obtaining consent from older adults during social interventions
  • Building the well-being of seniors in the European territories
  • Housing and accommodation of homeless seniors
  • Various indicators of the well-being of the elders
  • The delivery of training and information sessions aimed at the well-being of seniors
  • Aspects of end-of-life well-being among older adults in The United States
  • Promoting the needs, protecting the assets and defending the interests of senior citizens
  • The offer of products and services that meet the needs of the elderly
  • Facilities such as insurance, senior citizen benefits and discounts
  • The representation of elderly members of society by governments, institutions and other groups
  • Non-profit agencies. Carrying out projects to identify and meet the needs of senior citizens
  • Resources for the welfare of the seniors
  • Studies highlight the importance of strong social ties among older adults
  • Adult education for the improvement of elderly citizens
  • Lower health and well-being indexes in older people without close relatives
  • The well-being of middle-aged adults and older people without partners or children
  • Seminars and events to gather the information and opinions of elders
  • Practitioners, policymakers and researchers to improve the health and welfare of the elderly
  • The development and evaluation of the Mental Health Policy Assessment Tool for
  • seniors
  • The mental health of elderly citizens
  • Initiatives to check policies and programs based on the values and needs of seniors
  • Understanding the values and concerns of seniors
  • Factors that may influence the elderly’s mental health
  • Importance of employing senior interns. They have more understanding of the world and experience of human emotion
  • Understanding older people as they have different needs
  • Examples of health care reorientation for senior citizens
  • Societal preferences and needs of aging populations

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Youth Social Work Research Topics

youth social work research topics

  • Sociology at the service of social work among young students
  • Debates about social work in schools and colleges
  • Social work through debates and discussions by raising awareness of social issues
  • Managing uncertainty and risk about child protection
  • Rights of students and the need to raise awareness in the regard
  • Issues and practices in expression and creation workshops in schools
  • Students working on social issues
  • The institutes that provide financial help to students engaged in social work
  • Environmental education and social work
  • Prepare students to do social work to become better versions of themselves
  • Encouraging youth to think about public service
  • Education of young women in underdeveloped countries
  • The involvement of students in social work. Students that have experienced a mental health problem
  • Immigration policy and the economic integration of international students
  • Problems and Solutions Retained for international students in The United States
  • The cause of women over the centuries. Has their condition improved or gotten worse?
  • Quality of life and drugs. For young people dealing with post-recovery trauma
  • Youth court and child protection. Judging and decision-making in disputes among young people
  • Programs to prevent drug abuse and addiction among young people
  • Programs to inspire students and thought. Reflecting on the orientation of social work
  • A student’s journey from structured education to a model with social goals
  • Awareness and solution to the challenges for parents of teenage students. How can students help these efforts
  • Group intervention with adolescent clients of a social services center
  • Youth and social practices
  • Young people and social work
  • Being young and exposed to a technological disaster
  • Parental involvement in the context of youth protection
  • The point of view of workers working in youth centers on parental involvement
  • The experience of parents living in California with autistic children
  • Social functioning and coping strategies used by adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Social policy and regional development of students
  • Method and design of a home adaptation guide
  • The academic journey of university students diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder
  • Supporting the motivation of Aboriginal female students in their university studies
  • The effects of an internship. International students enrolled in an adult education center
  • Students with disabilities in the context of a university internship

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Social Work Research Topics Related To Mental Health

social work research topics related to mental health

  • The contribution of social work to the therapeutic relationship. The recovery of people with a severe mental disorder
  • Factors that influence recovery in older people with severe mental illness
  • Consequences of macro social catastrophes on psychosocial health
  • Environmental control, behaviors and feelings of the elderly
  • Factors that help or hinder intervention. Young people with one or more mental disorders
  • The perception of young homosexual people. The factors that influence their state of mental health
  • Post-disaster recovery, mental health and resilience: the role of public health organizations.
  • Impacts of floods on mental health in South Asian countries
  • The recovery process. People who have developed a mental disorder after being victims of violent crime
  • The relationships between self-stigma, self-esteem, self-efficacy and recovery in people with mental disorders
  • The practical initiatives in social work with mental health aspects
  • Role of social media in the rise of psychological problems. The endeavors to overcome the dilemma
  • Attachment styles, family context and severe behavioral disorders
  • Implementation of a support program: Parents helping young people with a mental disorder
  • People with severe mental disorders and their influencing factors
  • The experience of parents with an adult child with borderline personality disorder
  • Social awareness of Histrionic Personality Disorder

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Social Justice Research Topics

social justice research topics

  • Significant milestones in the history of social justice
  • Solid contributions to social justice by social workers
  • The standard of reasonableness through surveys on values
  • Anthropological elements that help social justice.
  • Role of philosophical understanding to promote social justice
  • Truth, Justice and The American Way: An original slogan or a sham?
  • The need for social justice on international grounds
  • Need for social justice to have a fair globalized environment
  • Social work in the global supply chains
  • The future of social work
  • The crucial role of social justice in international labor standards
  • International employment standards and the importance of social justice
  • What side of political economy serves social justice better? Socialism or Capitalism?
  • Use of the Word Justice and Meaning of Justice and its critical importance. Making the world a better and more liveable place
  • Social justice and the community structure
  • Economic analysis of profit and investment with moral strings attached
  • Cultural prejudice holding back social justice
  • Role of cultural understanding to improve the application of social justice
  • Social Justice, Civil Sense and Education
  • Social justice and rules of recognition
  • The universality of the humanitarian law
  • Moral responsibilities of judicial office
  • Evolution of social legislation in Europe and the Americas in the nineteenth century
  • Social Justice in Post-Revolution France compared to the monarch-era
  • Social justice and subjective rights
  • Public interest or humanitarian mission
  • On what basis can a sociological explanation base on the norms of justice?
  • Believing in justice: from psychological comfort to ideology
  • Religious values behind social justice
  • Importance of religion in improving human life
  • The action of the public authorities in matters of social justice
  • Different conceptions and perceptions of social justice
  • Economic and social inequalities and their evolution

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Social Responsibility Research Topics

social responsibility research topics

  • Building and implementing an action plan for restructuring the local community
  • Communities and local deployment
  • Risk management and corporate social responsibility
  • The need for social responsibility during the recurrence of a natural calamity
  • International Labor Organization. Importance of improving the work culture
  • What CEOs can do to improve work culture at a multinational organization
  • Social responsibility to stop employee persecution in underdeveloped and developing countries
  • The Green Paper on corporate social responsibility
  • The specificities of the European approach to customer services representation
  • The genesis of corporate social responsibility and evolution over the years
  • Elements and aspects of the concept of corporate social responsibility
  • Aspects and elements of the green economy
  • Layman’s duty to fight corruption
  • United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection: Importance and application
  • International standards for gender rights
  • Violation of gender rights in countries of the Indian Subcontinent
  • The values of influence of the practices in companies: The degree of responsibility
  • Corporate social responsibility and profit-making
  • Policy evaluation as a social process
  • Theoretical issues and evolution of customer service responsibility
  • Declaration of the International Labor Organization
  • International standards relating to labor law
  • International standards relating to social justice
  • International standards relating related to customer services

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Social Work Research Topics: HealthCare

social work research topics healthcare

  • Group work, the health awareness initiative from the pupils in the universities
  • Situate the intervention of professionals in the health and social field
  • Discovering different professions and pursuits of social health studies
  • Using digital technology in activities in the health services
  • The first level of knowledge of the health and social work collaboratives
  • Questioning in health-social situated with the technological approach
  • Health and social sciences in the time of technological boom
  • Artificial Intelligence is helping health care on massive levels
  • Quality, safety and relevance of care
  • Social work to spread awareness on the prevention and control of viral diseases
  • Health and complementary health insurance
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Adult health and awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Elderly health and aging: Care for the elderly in the post-pandemic era
  • Mental health and prevention and control suicide ratio
  • Financing and pricing of health establishments
  • Role of social workers to provide alternatives to conventional hospitalization
  • Evaluation of the national health strategy
  • Employment and income of health social workers
  • Conditions of exercise and work of health professionals
  • Training of medical social workers and health professionals
  • Topics to cover the areas of health problems in social sectors
  • Health and social matters: Need for the optional technological education

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Criminal Justice Social Work Research Topics

criminal justice social work research topics

  • Social work to enforce fair and honest criminal justice
  • Efforts to make a mentally better society to avoid critical crimes such as murder and assault
  • Role of social workers to improve the delivery of criminal justice
  • Research related to the effects of the conviction
  • Social responsibility to understand compatible languages. Science and justice in terms of a layman
  • Social work to improve the quality of Justice and Quality Standards for Analytical Laboratories
  • Role of social work in search of a new balance in procedural law
  • Social work activities. Efforts involving monitoring the performance of the criminal justice system

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Environmental Social Work Topics

environmental social work topics

  • Social vulnerability and crises
  • Environmental intervention in social work
  • What we know about the consequences of flooding in various studies
  • Social workers faced with the demand for environmental justice
  • Social professions put to the test the environment
  • Social work and consideration of “living” in environmental problems
  • Ecology and social work: Initiatives to save the planet earth
  • Importance of education and training: social work in the fields of environmental sciences
  • Socio-political debates for ecological sustainability
  • Transformation of social policies to secure the environment and control global warming
  • Environment-sustaining activities to perform on the event of International Social Work Day
  • Co-constructing a New Eco-Social World to leave a better world behind


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