5 Thesis Writing Examples: Custom-Fit Samples For Research Project

No doubt, a research project takes time, and the majority of a student’s time is spent on finding thesis writing examples. Fear not! We are here to supplement your efforts by giving you thesis writing help with extraordinary features. This blog will discuss how you can write your thesis by following some perfectly written samples. So, let’s go!

Why do Students Need Examples of the Thesis?

Since it’s a well-known fact that students are in dire need of academic help or assistance of any sort. A research project or thesis paper is a comprehensive investigation into a phenomenon. Students must complete it in the specified time, such as three to six months. This academic process requires extensive study of many books, journals, and scholarly articles. To bypass these extensive and exhausting steps, students should take help from already written samples.

5 Thesis Writing Examples and Statements

Here, we will present some of the best and most refined samples for a research project or thesis. These examples can be used to understand and compose your chosen research thesis.

Ban on Smoking

According to the CDC, smoking causes 7 million deaths worldwide (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Second, smoking causes another 1-2 million deaths in non-smokers. Recent studies suggest smoking causes macro and microvascular damage and leads to cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, 7 out of 10 people who suffer from heart attacks are smokers and diabetics. Other major health problems include premature congenital disabilities, retinal issues, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and Asthma. To curb this issue, putting a 1000% tax on its production, sales, and distribution is imminent to deter its users.

Free of Cost Medications For Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is the biggest pandemic of the 21st century, resulting in 1.5 million deaths annually. Along with deaths and burden on healthcare facilities and staff, it costs billions to maintain the insurance and medications for this disease. The biggest hurdle in diabetes prevention is costly medications that, most of the time, are not included in insurance. Many retrospective studies have shown positive results that free medications can prevent diabetes and its complications threefold.

Therefore, new legislation must ensure every citizen receives free anti-diabetic medicines and insulin. State and federal legislation authorities must act together and form a manifesto to act on it.

Mandatory School Uniform

School uniform seems boring for many students, but it serves a vital role in any society. In every school, students from all financial and cultural backgrounds receive education. The basic purpose of enforcing a uniform determines a student’s psychological or financial upper hand compared to other students. Students feel safe and privileged where uniform is mandatory, and it helps in their academic growth.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence Halted Human Creativity

Humans have always relied on their intelligence and self-learning capabilities. Since the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, reliance on computers has increased by 300%. The COVID-19 pandemic also fuels the fire to shift manual work and processes to machines with less or zero human interaction.

The positive trajectory of this shift is forecasting that all manual and critical human interaction roles will be transferred to robots and computers one day. The role of humans will only be limited to decision-making and monitoring.

Vegetarians Live Healthier Life Than Carnivores

Vegan vs. non-vegan food is a lengthy discussion, and people from both sides have their own opinions. Scientifically, it’s proven that vegetables are enriched with nutrients and vitamins essential for human life’s longevity.

On the other hand, omnivores or meat consumers may fall into the pit of diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity. A study in the US, Japan, UK, and Germany showed a 9% decline in death rates in vegans than omnivores. Furthermore, vegetarians are 50% less likely to get metabolic diseases like Diabetes and cancer. It’s essential to have a balanced diet and consume as much vegetables as possible for good health.


These 5 thesis writing examples provide useful information to students. Reading this blog can assist you and fill the gaps of knowledge in your research. Our thesis writing help ensures you’re able to complete your research project on time, and it demonstrates its value for future generations.

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