Thesis Writing: The Ultimate Guide

Thesis writing is an Achilles Heel for higher education students. In academics, it’s the most arduous task for learners to conquer. It’s the prime reason these students use thesis writing services to get through this step.

Today, our experts are here to take you through this challenging task effortlessly. We will explore what, how, and why of this subject to take you to the bottom of this and make you a pro. Without further ado, let’s start.

What Is Thesis Writing?

Many students don’t know what thesis writing is. They have heard this question, but they are unfamiliar with this academic term. A thesis is your research paper, and it’s given as a final project before a degree is awarded to its candidate. Since it is given a project, it serves a vital role in a learner’s life.

Thesis writing takes tremendous time and effort from students to produce them. Due to the complexities of composing it in an organized structure, it takes six months to produce one. The entire work in a thesis writing is research-based and becomes an example if written perfectly.

How To Begin Writing A Thesis?

Now that we have already discussed what is a thesis, it’s essential to talk about how to begin writing a thesis. As we explained earlier, it’s a long research developed over months and months of researching and coming up with a solution.

Additionally, writing a thesis is the same as writing your essay on a subject; the difference only becomes visible upon closer inspection. An essay is a short literary work, but developing a thesis is a lengthy and evidence-based research paper. Hence, you might be required to bring out the best of your abilities in writing a thesis for your assignment. In any case, it helps you sharpen your analytical skills and argument presentation to justify your work. Below, we will present you with steps on how to begin writing a thesis most effortlessly.

Choose an Argument That Would be Base of Your Topic

The best way to start an essay is to find a challenging, controversial, or disputed argument. That argument can be turned into a topic your audience finds interesting or debatable. There are many ways that may help you do that.

An example of such a controversial argument is that “religions throughout the world had created and supported misogyny and thus resulted in suppression of female rights and voice.” This topic might force university students to research hundreds of years of historical records and evidence. Hence, choosing such a topic will help you understand and present your thesis, which compels your readers to read the entire thesis.

Conduct a Thorough Investigation into the Topic and Gather Supporting Evidence

The second student must start working on the research and gathering evidence from primary sources. A research’s primary source can be a history book, a Journal written by experts, first-hand interviews, newspaper cutouts, etc. Thus, anything that provides you with a direct answer to your research question is your primary evidence.

Additionally, you may be asked to conduct secondary research or forced to do so. In both cases, secondary research offers the opportunity to learn from your peers–other analysts who are not from your respective field of research. This way, you may be able to collect other somewhat relevant but valuable information.

After you complete both steps, it’s time to review both pieces of evidence by placing them side by side. You can connect the dots from historical practices to developing patterns in all religions. So, there you will have your research and then develop it as supporting evidence that you must add to your thesis.

Writing a Thesis Proposal

Before you start thesis writing, it’s essential to make a thesis proposal for approval of the research work. A research proposal is a short version of your thesis and consists of a 3-4 page long essay that showcases your research intentions. You may continue your project after the college or university governing body approves it.

Secondly, you must appear before a group of experts or panelists to defend your thesis work. Your research proposal gives you an excellent chance to have their buy-in or back to support your work. After your thesis proposal is approved, start the thesis with full speed and writing perfection.

Choose a Thesis Writing Format

Before you put pen to paper, choosing a thesis writing format for your research is vital. Many format styles can be used, depending on your subject. A golden thumb is choosing the AMA (American Medical Association) style for medical research only. APA (American Psychological Association) for Psychology and Social Sciences research paper. MLA (Modern Language Association) for Humanities and Literature subjects.

You must follow anyone of the above-mentioned thesis writing formats for your research. It’s best to use your college or university-recommended format regardless of what is typically used.

Start Thesis Writing With an Introduction

The first thing you need to write is the introduction of your thesis. An intro is the first paragraph of your thesis work that uses emotional tactics as an attention grabber. The introduction has three basic parts known as:

  • Hook Sentence
  • Background Information
  • Thesis Statement

A hook sentence is the first line of the paragraph that challenges your readers emotionally. Using a hook, you intrigue the audience and play with their emotions by inciting anger, excitement, sadness, or any feeling you want from them.

By challenging your readers emotionally, you’ve involved them passionately; it’s time to shed some light on the background. A hook statement highlights a problem, whereas background information highlights why this problem needs a solution.

The last part is writing a thesis statement, and many of you might need clarification on the thesis and thesis statement. A thesis statement is a small fragment of your thesis or an argument from your entire research that makes a connection to the big picture. Your thesis statement must be compelling, based on your investigation, and showcase why this research is essential.

Why is a thesis statement so important in writing

Writing a thesis statement in your introduction is very important. First of all, it connects your readers to the central theme of the entire research. Through this, your readers will be able to understand the discussion points from the start. Secondly, the college assessment board doesn’t have enough time to go through dozens of pages to understand the theme. By writing a thesis statement, you provide sufficient information that helps them understand your narrative.

Due to these qualities, it’s one of the essential components of the thesis writing process. Students must possess adequate skills to make one or hire thesis writing services to demonstrate their command over it.

Add Solid Body Paragraphs

The next part is making body paragraphs for your thesis. Body paragraphs of a thesis contain many technical parts that form the structure of your arguments. The following parts all work together to make your thesis as required by academic standards.

Literature Review

In the literature review, you present your analysis of two or more pre-existing studies on the topic. The benefit of this is finding the missing points or unaddressed research gaps that help you start your investigation. By doing this, you can add more weight and credibility to the existing knowledge or reject them altogether.


In methodology, you must present what methods you’ve used to acquisition and complete your research. For a thesis, you may collect your data using two approaches such as qualitative or quantitative method. Furthermore, you may also add whether this research’s data is collected from a formal interview or a sample collected from an experiment, etc. Adding these details makes your thesis body paragraph credible and sufficient to stand critical examination.


The results section is the most important because it presents your findings on the topic. Any study you’ve completed to achieve the results must be added here to justify the results. You may also take help like using graphs or pie charts for an accurate representation of the research results.


Discussion is the last part of the body paragraph, where you discuss the far-reaching effects of your findings. Here you’ll have the opportunity to present results and their discussion and how these results will add value to existing research. You may also add the hurdles or obstacles you faced in this research phase and how you overcame those.

Lastly, add counter-arguments from other researchers on your topic and address them in your rebuttal. After adding all the things, move to the conclusion part.

Add a Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of writing the thesis project. A conclusion shouldn’t be a repetition of already said words and statements. Just provide a summary or highlights of key game changers from your research and connect it to your thesis. Emphasize the importance of your work and what role for future generations it will play.

Lastly, add your concluding remarks that should end the discussion you’d started and enlighten the audience. Make your concluding remarks persuasive and relatable and should pack a punch. Your thesis is ready to make a blasting entry into the academic world.

How Long Should A Thesis Be?

A thesis should be as long as required and concise as required by the academic guidelines. Here we will answer by the current academic standards set in the US that will help you with your work.

For a Bachelor’s program, a typical length is between a minimum 5000 to a maximum allowance of 20,000 words. On the other hand, a Master’s program requires you to write your thesis from 20,000 to 30,000 words. Lastly, a P.h.D. program is over the excess of 80,000 words.

5 Thesis Writing Topics

Students if you are looking for thesis writing topics, don’t worry. We will share some of the best subjects that can be used for your thesis. Here are the challenging ones; 

  • Hitler’s wrong decision and purging of jews were the main reasons for fall of Germany
  • Industrialization has caused massive damage to flora and fauna since its initiation in early 18th century.
  • Use of medication has caused more diseases than finding permanent solutions in the healthcare industry.
  • Casual relationships and busy professional life is causing more divorces and one night stands in US than any other country.
  • China is rising globally and taking control of the international geopolitics and US Government to curb Chinese influence is failing miserably.

 These thesis writing topics will help you in articulating arguments and presenting your opinion.

Thesis writing example

Many students require to know the process of writing thesis statement when it comes to it. Since it’s challenging work and requires absolute precision, many students cannot cope with its demands. Here is an example of thesis writing help on your research paper.

“UKPDS (United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study): A retrospective double-blind study and it’s analysis in 2023 with evidence-based results and endpoint cardiovascular mortality reduction 0f 23% in more than 70% of patients.”

By reading this thesis writing help example, you’ll be able to make your research thesis easily.

Which Statement Is The Strongest Thesis For The Writing Prompt?

Writing a thesis statement is complex, and students must study their research and books to make sense of it. Your thesis statement writing technique must possess the following qualities to deliver appropriate and robust academic results. A strong thesis statement is considered to have these below-mentioned qualities.


Your thesis statement writing style must have eloquence or persuasion to make a difference. If it’s vague and filled with childish and non-academic words, it will lose its charm to impress your readers.

Value Driven Research:

A strong thesis is composed of value-driven research. This makes it most potent and more effective in delivering a key message to your reader.

Perfectly Concise:

Writing a thesis statement gets easy if you keep it concise. This helps in choosing appropriate words. Conciseness makes your thesis statement worthy of catching your reader’s attention.

5 Tips for Effective Thesis Writing

Students, here we will give you effective thesis writing tips that will help you sort out this academic need. Following steps should be taken to make your thesis a solid research work. 

  • Start developing your thesis prior to your research and investigate if current or previous research is endorsing it.
  • Research from primary sources, then secondary ones to have an open mind about your thesis.
  • If required, also use the tertiary research method. This way you may be able to gather more or collective voices on the topic that will help you understand the phenomenon. 
  • Your thesis should be presenting a holistic approach throughout the content. Its should discuss your argument’s validity and credibility. 
  • Students must study a minimum of 8-10 credible researches before writing thesis statements. This way, they will be able to write effective and creative thesis for their projects.


Students, we have provided you with the best definition of a thesis and how to write it from scratch. If you want a quick solution right from the start, you may be better off hiring thesis writing services for a custom-fit solution. By following these guidelines, you will be able to complete your work effectively and quickly.

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