Types of Expository Writing: Crafting Assignments with Unique Style

In assignments, students are always confused about how many types of expository writing are there. This question resulted in many late submissions and incomplete and sub-standard assignments. Today, we will guide you thoroughly on the types, their usage, and how to differentiate between different types. Read this blog and end your confusion about this topic forever.

Understanding 7 Types of Expository Writing

Students may use 7 types of expository writing styles for their assignments. Each one is used for a specific requirement to demonstrate the writing capabilities of an author. Here we will present all the information on different types with comprehensive details.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays provide a complete description of a topic, such as a place, person, thing, or feeling. In academic writing, the narrative descriptive essay is the norm in educational institutions. These assignments are designed specifically to evaluate the student’s creative mind. For writing a descriptive essay, you may have to take the following steps;

  • Select a topic or a subject.
  • Research extensively about the topic through reliable sources.
  • Define key features.
  • Describe how each part is connected to the other and their relationship.
  • Add as many details as possible so your reader has a holistic idea of the place, thing, or person.
  • State the facts and avoid all types of exaggeration.
  • Avoid using jargon or statements that might confuse the audience.

Process Analysis Essays

The second important type is process analysis essays. These essays take you through the entire process of doing and completing a process. This process might be a how-to guide on repairing your car or bike or a cooking recipe.

In a process analysis essay ideas are presented in the following steps;

  • Select a process (cooking, repairing, cleaning, buying, riding, driving, etc.)
  • Define how many steps are in total to complete the entire process.
  • Select each process in a hierarchy and describe them in full detail.
  • In conclusion, explain how the end product or results would be like

Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essay structure provides a systematic approach to finding the facts of an investigation. 

Good cause and effect essay topics provide an in-depth understanding of how phenomena cause ripple effects. By reading them, audience members are enlightened by the shocking revelations. For creative writing, you may write a cause and effect essay sample and take a second opinion from your friend or teacher. an outstanding cause and effect essay,

  • Select a cause, incident, accident, mistake, etc.
  • Explain how the cause originated and its outreach.
  • Describe the effect(s) that originated after the cause became known.
  • Define thoroughly all the effects that resulted afterward and how they impacted surrounding areas, people, places, and things.
  • In conclusion, make the connection vivid to your audience.

Compare and Contrast Essays

The compare and contrast essays provide precise information on the two subjects’ similarities and differences. This academic style provides an apple vs. oranges analysis. Compare and contrast essay format is fairly simple and easy. Students just need to choose two items: subjects, persons, personalities, or concepts for comparison.  

Compare and contrast essay ideas are very intriguing and entice the audience who wants to know. An example of such essay type is iPhone vs. Samsung, etc.

Here’s how you may start this essay.

  • Choose two topics, subjects.
  • Highlight their similarities to your audience.
  • After writing similarities, explain dissimilarities between them.
  • Compare the level of similarities and differences between these two subjects.
  • Write the conclusion and give a concluding statement mentioning how similar and different they are.

Definition Essays

A definition essay defines complex topic(s) or subjects and enlightens the audience with helpful information. Like the expository essay definition, both types highlight the facts and explain them to their readers. Examples of definition essay topics may include the following ones,

  1. What is “Democracy”? What are the fruits of democracy?
  2. Explain the “Presidential Electoral College” and its voting power in electing the President of the United States. 

These topics help you write a good essay with a thought-provoking definition. Here are the steps to writing a definition essay;

  • Choose a topic.
  • Do the research.
  • Define the subject in simplified form.
  • Present facts.
  • Conclude the essay.

Problem-Solution Essays

This essay allows the writer to choose an existing problem and offer its solution. Students may select a problem and study the phenomena thoroughly. After careful examination, they may deliver a short-term or permanent solution.

Problem solution essay topics encourage critical thinking in college students and introduce healthy competition. You may write one by following the steps below.

  • Choose a real problem that requires a solution.
  • Explain why you’d chosen the topic or problem.
  • Detail the outreach of the problem and the damage it has caused.
  • Now present your solution that offers a 360-degree perspective on how this problem can be solved or eradicated.
  • Add all the statistics that collaborate with your opinion.
  • Conclude the essay by restating your thesis statement that fits perfectly with your solution.

Explanatory Essays

Explanatory essays explain the details of the topic to educate their readers. Students must use an explanatory essay definition to explain a topic, subject or phenomenon in this writing type. Students may also define context and try to be precise in their explanations. You may write your essay in the following steps;

  • Choose or select a topic.
  • Do your research completely.
  • Explain the topic’s research and context to readers.
  • Never deviate in your explanations.
  • End the essay by presenting a conclusion.


Students need to learn different types of expository writing to compose good assignments. We’re confident now you are familiar with essay writing so follow the steps accordingly and make a difference.

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