197 Fascinating US History Research Topics To Top The Class

There is no doubt that America is one of the greatest countries in the world. With its rich history and diverse culture, America has something to offer everyone. The good news is that a wealth of information is available on American history, so you will find one of the research topics that interest you. Today, we will talk about those very US history research topics.

Whether you are looking for a specific event in American history or want to learn more about the country, there is plenty of material to help you get started. If unsure where to begin, try starting with a general search on American history. You can also look for specific topics, such as the American Revolution or the Civil War.

Once you have chosen a US History research topic, you’re on the way to greatness. 

US History Research Topics: Classic, Neo-Classic, Mind Blowing

The initial step in writing a research paper on the history of the United States is to decide on a fascinating topic. If you’re experiencing difficulty finding an excellent US History research topic, don’t fret – we have you covered. This article includes a list of intriguing American History research paper topics for your convenience and to help you ace your thesis. You can also avail History Research Help Service to achieve good grades.

Classic US History Research Topics

classic us history research topics

  • Voyage to Indies and Discovery of North America
  • Influence of The New World On the Lives of American Indians
  • British colonization of North America: Reasons and motives
  • Life and conditions for early settlers in America
  • The difference between Southern Colonies and Northern Colonies
  • The role of women in the Appalachian colonies 
  • The causes of slavery in Newfound America
  • Benefits and harms of slavery in the United States of America
  • Puritans influence American society and prejudice against other communities
  • Conflicts and battles between native Americans and European settlers
  • The reasons behind American Revolution and war for freedom
  • Research on Salem Witch Trials: Causes and Consequences
  • American Revolution War: Causes and Consequences
  • Status of African-Americans and condition of slavery after the civil war
  • Who were the pilgrims?

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Neo-Classical US History Research Topics

neo classical us history research topics

  • Why was the Civil Rights Movement in the United States influential?
  • Is John Kennedy’s death still a mystery?
  • Legal Trials and Investigations over JF Kennedy’s Assassination
  • Media works, documentaries, and films based on the Life and Death of John Kennedy
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: The Threat of Escalation and War
  • The reasons behind America fighting the Korean War and its consequences
  • Primary causes and consequences of The Vietnam War for The United States
  • Analysis of Apocalypse Now in the light of the Vietnam War
  • The Iraq War: Causes and Consequences
  • What was the Cold War?
  • Was The Iraq War a mistake?
  • History of the Cold War and its impact on The World and United States
  • Impacts of the Iraq War on the global scenario
  • War on Terror in Afghanistan
  • Reasons behind 9/11 attacks and what could we have done to avoid this?
  • Importance of political stability in Pakistan for Global Peace
  • Hiroshima Bombing: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity in the history of humankind
  • Was the bombing of Hiroshima justified?
  • Robert Oppenheimer: The Maker Maker of The Atomic Bomb
  • History of Nuclear Weapons in the light of the sentence “Now I become death, destroyer of the world.”
  • The attack of Pearl Harbor: The First Major Allies Defeat
  • The role of the United States in World War II
  • The Great Depression: Causes and Consequences
  • The reasons for Americans Entering World War I
  • Causes and consequences of The National Ban
  • Purpose of the First Constitution Amendment

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American History Research Topics For High School

american history research topics for high school

  • Who were the pilgrims?
  • The role of the Sons of Liberty in the history of the United States
  • History of Slavery and Racism
  • Native American opposition against the settlers
  • A wave of slavery in the United States
  • President impeachment over moral issues
  • President’s impeachment over national security
  • Can the Vietnam War be justified?
  • Possibilities of neutrality for the United States in World War I
  • Did the world become safer after the Cold War
  • Countries involved in The Cold War
  • The role of America In The Cold War in The Middle East
  • The history behind the Russo-Ukrainian War and the role of America
  • Role of Slavery in the American Civil War
  • Was slavery the only reason behind American Civil War?
  • Can the Vietnam War be justified?
  • Imagine yourself in America of 1776? What would be your role? A revolutionary or not?
  • Influence of Puritanism On Modern American Culture
  • The reasons why America is called The Land Of Opportunity
  • The role of the United States in World War II
  • The reasons for the creation of the Articles of Confederation
  • Difference between North and South American Politics
  • The influence of George Washington on the results of the American Revolution

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US History Research Topics for College

us history research topics for college

  • The time of president Jackson
  • Monroe doctrine: “America is for The Americans.”
  • Presidency of Jefferson
  • Conquest of the wild west
  • Systematic plunder and annihilation of the Indians
  • Constitution of the united states
  • Constitutions of the states: the sovereignty of the people, division of powers, the election of positions
  • Public, church and state separation
  • Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • War of independence
  • Bill of rights; suspension of trade with England
  • Boston tea party against England
  • First English emigrants to North America
  • From the end of the great depression to the consumer fever
  • The marginalized societies
  • Black people as a marginalized society
  • Transgender as a marginalized community
  • Women as a marginalized community in America
  • The time of interwar
  • The great depression
  • From the civil war to the 1st world war
  • Consumer society
  • The war of secession
  • The war against Mexico
  • The destruction of Indian cultures
  • Persecution against Indian People
  • The policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean during the second presidency of Barack Obama
  • Americans and political influence in Latin America
  • Changes in the power equation, strategic constants in the last two centuries
  • Defense Policies in a Global Economic Context and unstable politician
  • The United States and anti-Americanism
  • Cultural identity and national security
  • Political and economic reforms
  • The four pillars of US foreign policy toward the Western Hemisphere in the 21st century
  • History of Science and technology in the United States
  • Work, job insecurity and inequalities youth income in the United States
  • History of US-Russian relations and the crisis in Ukraine
  • Hegemony, geopolitics and the United States
  • The Capitalist World System and the New Alignments Geopolitics in the 21st Century

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Political US History Research Topics

political us history research topics

  • Ages of consent and marriage: steps throughout US History
  • History of sexual freedom in America
  • The history of Political Science
  • Political wounds before and after the death of John F. Kennedy
  • Jimmy Hoffa as, a notable figure
  • Involvement of Sicilian Mafia in the Political History of the United States
  • Right to abortion: Past and present
  • Immigration to the United States over the last century
  • Evolution in the rights of immigrants
  • History of Human Rights in The US
  • History of Capital Punishments
  • The US In International rankings
  • Issue of Mass Surveillance: Predictions of George Orwell
  • Political terrorism by the United States officials
  • Economic terrorism
  • Separation of the church from politics
  • Foundation of Healthcare policies
  • Issue of national security and crimes against prisoners
  • War crimes in Iraq
  • Environmental politics over the year
  • Business vs. working-class conflicts
  • Poverty among marginalized societies and the role of the state to overcome the issue
  • Global politics and the role of America
  • Religious prejudice in the United States
  • Racism in Politics
  • The political history of American capitalism

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US Industry History Research Topics

us industry history research topics

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • History of Science and Technology in The United States
  • History of NASA and space quest
  • Attempts to land on the moon
  • History of American Medicine and Pharma
  • History of American discoveries
  • History of American inventions
  • Appreciative research about American engineers and industrialists
  • Research on African-American Inventors
  • A deep look into the National Investors Hall of Fame
  • Science and technology in the United States
  • Industrial revolution in the United States
  • Role of Capitalism in industrial America
  • History of Astrophysics 
  • Research in molecular genetics and genomics 
  • Health care in the United States and the History of biotechnology
  • History of nuclear weapons
  • Manhattan Project: Historical Aspects
  • The space race between USA and Russia
  • Technology during World War I and Technology during World War II
  • The military-industrial complex in the United States
  • History of Banking and Finance
  • History of Wall Street
  • Labour unions in the United States and Immigration to the United States
  • The agricultural history of the United States
  • History of the automobile and Interstate highway system
  • Ford Vs. Ferrari: Historical Industrial elements portrayed in the movie
  • History of electromagnetism and War of currents
  • History of the oil industry and Pennsylvania Oil Rush
  • The invention of the telephone
  • History iron industry 
  • History of the steel industry
  • History of Iron and Steel Manufacturing
  • History of rail transportation in the United States
  • Second industrial revolution
  • Role of industry and technology in World War I
  • Role of industry and technology in World War II
  • History of coal mining
  • Efficiencies introduced during the industrial revolution by motorways and canals
  • Highways and road structures in the US 
  • History of freeways and canals in the United States
  • Native American inventors: A more profound look
  • Native American Industrialists in the United States
  • Structures and industries built by the indigenous people

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International Relations: History of US Research Topics

international relations history of us research topics

  • The institutionalization of Political Science
  • Studies and Trends in Politics and International Relations
  • Historical threats to the US International Relations
  • The origin of international relations
  • Traditional thought of international relations
  • The objective study of historical international relations of the United States
  • Origin of Globalization as the US as the center of it
  • The United States regarding the international exchange of Technology and cultural industries
  • Humanitarian intervention, conflicts and genocide
  • Environment, migrations and development
  • Security in Relationships Contemporary Internationals

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History of Hollywood Research Topics

history of hollywood research topics

  • Filmmakers from New York
  • Life at Hollywood
  • History of Visual Effects in American films
  • Mafia movies as the rise of emerging US Cinema
  • History of American cinema
  • Origin and History of Hollywood
  • History of motion picture
  • Cinema: from the end of the 19th century to the present day
  • Reflection of social and historical facts in Hollywood
  • Pioneering studies on ideological and historical traits
  • Historical Trends That Have Impacted Movies
  • Movies explain the past and relate to it
  • Initial studies on cinema and its impact on the society

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In conclusion, this article has provided 197 US history research topics. With such a wide range of topics, you will find one that interests you. With careful research and a well-written thesis, you can win your supervisor’s heart and write the year’s thesis.
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