What Is A Thesis Statement: Gateway To Academic Success

We’ve all been through a phase where writing a thesis statement feels like an attempt to solve rocket science. It is a common struggle among many students, even if you feel you’re the only one dealing with it.

A thesis sentence is a short, meaningful, guiding statement that captures the essence of your argument on a topic. Most students hesitate while composing one as it requires precision down to the millimeter and leaves no room for error.

But fear not! The task may seem daunting, but you have the power to create a thesis snippet that can inspire the masses. This blog will discuss an in-depth understanding of the thesis sentence and its technical elements. Furthermore, you’ll know how you can make one without the need for any external help. Let’s get started!”

What’s a Thesis Statement?

For writing on a topic, a student must go through research and form their opinion or stance. That stance in short, meaningful words or challenging arguments is called a thesis sentence. It’s brief and doesn’t have to be a paragraph long, but it captivates your readers and ensures your command over the topic.

5 Useful Steps To Writing Thesis Sentence Highlighting Your Skills

Here, we will discuss how you can write your premise statement with finesse and precision. Writing a thesis statement takes time, and you must follow the necessary steps to compose one with ease.

Understanding The Topic

The first thing you must do is to understand the topic before you start researching it. You might already have your opinion on it if it’s a well-known subject. It’s better to brainstorm prior to any lengthy undertaking what you already know and how much new information is required.

Secondly, you must know what the topic/subject or your paper requires you to do. Understanding these requirements helps you like a navigation app and keeps you on course. Ask your professor about the topic if your judgment is clouded with confusion. They are in a good position to sort this out for you.

Start Researching

It’s time to start your research after having a clear mind about the topic and its requirements. This step is crucial to forming your core idea statement since your writing will be research-based. You may look for classical sources such as books, journals, scholarly articles, interviews, etc.

On the other hand, avoid common pitfalls such as doing inconclusive or partial research. Secondly, you must remain unbiased and objective throughout the research process. This way, you can make a difference by presenting your premise statement.

Turn Your Topic Into A Question and Answer It

After conducting thorough and useful research, it’s time to turn your topic into a question. Typically, your topic is explained as a question in your essay prompt; if not, you can do it yourself. The availability of sufficient research and information can help you decide which discussion points you want to add.

Although a premise statement is one or two sentences long, it must provide a short answer to the topic’s question. Your essay will contain a comprehensive answer in the body paragraph, but your thesis instigates and answers a question.

For example, if your topic concerns cancer research, you can turn it into a question like the following.

Topic Question:

“Has cancer research reached at a stage where a cure can be expected soon?”

Now, answer this question with precision and with evidence as concisely as possible. Remember your answer will be featured throughout the essay and its context. Hence, it must be solid and based on evidence. Look at this mock answer to gain a perspective on this important step.


Many landmark trials and FDA Approval of “Larotrectinib” in 2018 offered some partial solutions. However, we are still far from having a complete cure due to aggressive gene mutation in cancer cells.”

Writing Thesis Statement

After having your answer, start writing the statement for your essay or research paper. You should dig more for the truth, as you already have an initial response. This will help you refine your position on the topic. Take an example from the previously mentioned statement and now formulate your assertions.

Now, combine your topic question with its answer and make a thesis like the following.

Topic Question:

“Has cancer research reached at a stage where a cure can be expected soon?”


Many landmark trials and FDA Approval of “Larotrectinib” in 2018 offered some partial solutions. However, we are still far from having a complete cure due to aggressive gene mutation in cancer cells.”

Thesis Statement:

Rising clinical manifestations of different cancers and the new drug “Larotrectinib,” approved by the FDA in 2018, are still far from providing a complete cure. A rapid gene mutation is considered the prime biological defect that damages the DNA and causes exponential growth of cells in an organism.”

Refine Final Product

Now that you’ve successfully composed a thesis sentence, it’s time to refine your work. Make appropriate changes and smooth the rough edges. Revise it until it provides a meaning you would like your central idea to portray. Now that it’s done and dusted, write your research paper on the statement you’ve produced and create a difference.


Students, we have provided you with thorough information on what is a thesis statement. Follow the steps for the desired results and positively change your academic writing. Our 5-step guide contains sufficient knowledge that will help you influence your audience effectively.

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