What is An Appendix In A Paper With Examples

As the students grow in life, so does the difficulty of their studies. The same is the case of the appendix. Now, many students must be thinking about what is an appendix. The short answer is appendices are used to support your main paper with additional or supporting material.

The appendices are related to your main work, but if discussed between the papers, they may distract the reader from the main point. Let’s see more about the appendices with proper structure and how to do them in your research paper with appropriate format and examples.

According to the APA Citation Guide (7th Edition), Appendices come after the references section at the last of the paper.

What Is An Appendix In A Paper?

The appendix is used in different kinds of writing, like academic research and report writing, to support the main topic with additional or supplemental data. This extra information or data may relate to the main work but is not required to be described between the papers.

The reason behind this is that supporting data can distract the reader from the main point and raise the complexity of getting the main point of view. There may be more than one appendix in one paper to support different main points. These appendices cover data in various styles, which include tables, figures, statistics, written text, etc.

Here are some sorts of data that can be covered in the appendix

TablesFiguresStats from research
QuestionnairesSurvey formsTranscripts of interview
Emails and LettersMaps and chartsTest results

Now that you know about what is an appendix in a paper, it’s time to explore why you need an appendix in writing.

Do You Need An Appendix?

Appendix is optional but in most cases, this may help you to justify your paper more clearly to the audience. Here are some reasons why you need an Appendix in writing.

Provide Additional Helpful Information

It would help if you had appendices to support your main argument or research in-depth. You can add different graphs, charts, supporting text data, lengthy quotes, surveys, or questionnaires to validate your main points more effectively. You can also use a free APA referencing generator to cite references from any book.

To Enhance Clarity

Sometimes adding too much detail in the body section of your text may mislead the reader to get the main argument or narrative. Once you know what is an appendix in a paper, then most probably, you can cut down the detailed explanations and only focus on the most relevant and key information in the body.

The remaining data can be added in the appendices section so the reader can easily access the appropriate information from there.

Comply With Formatting Guidelines

Some publishers, institutions, or style guides require some data to be added in the appendices section instead of the main body part to cut down the complexity. Including an appendix can help you comply with those formatting rules and regulations.

Improve Readability

Why is knowing what is an appendix in a paper important? Appendices help you in making your writing more easy to read and understandable for the reader. You can present your complex and detailed information in a structured format through appendices.

This allows the reader to access the specific details as needed easily. For example, you mention (see appendix A3 for a graph of AI development in 2024)]

To Capture A Different Audience

Everyone has an interest in reading, so it is hard to capture the whole audience and push them to read every detail of your paper.

Some people may only be interested in reading the main points and arguments, while others may be interested in finding in-depth research for your research. Appendices help the reader whether he wants in-depth knowledge or wants to grab the focus point.

What Kind Of Writing Includes In Appendices?

Do you know what an appendix is in writing? Let us tell you that appendices are used in different kinds of writing, including academic papers, reports, and technical documents. Here is a table showing what kind of data can be added in appendices for different types of writing.

Type of WritingAppendices data
Academic PapersIn academic research papers or dissertations, appendices are used to provide detailed text data, methodologies, lengthy quotations, etc. You can also add instruments used for surveys or any stats of your research.
ReportsIn business or scientific lab reports, appendices are mostly used to add charts, graphs, tables, and supplemental material that supports your main evidence. 
Technical DocumentsThe technical documents may include an instruction menu or user’s guide. These manuals may consist of appendices to provide. Troubleshooting guides, technical diagrams, or code samples.
Legal DocumentsWhat is an appendix in a paper legal document? Legal documents may consist of legal briefs, contracts, or agreements. These documents include appendices to provide the user reader with supporting documentation, reference materials, exhibits, or additional clauses.
LiteratureWhat is an appendix in writing Literature works, especially non-fiction or scholarly pieces of literature? These writings may use appendices to provide readers with background knowledge, notes, or additional context to understand the main theme.

How To Write An Appendix In Your Paper?

After knowing what is an appendix in a paper, it’s time to write an appendix in your paper. As you see, the appendix is a useful way to incorporate relevant information that supports your main study or argument without making your main body complex.

Here are some steps that can help you out in adding an appendix to your paper.


First of all, decide what kind of additional information you want to add to your appendix, whether it may be text data, graphs, charts, quotations, or any survey, etc.

Format Of The Appendix

Appendices must be labeled with sequence alphabets. For example (Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C… and so on). An appendix label must be center-aligned and in bold form at the top of the page. After each appendix, there should be a descriptive title about what you are going to describe.

For example (A chart showing the Impacts of social media on Teenagers). Always remember that your descriptive title must be clear, short, and must be depicting your main point. The title should also be in bold form and center-aligned. To know more about formatting read on APA research paper format for a detailed view.

Placement Of Appendix In Paper

Appendices typically come after the main body under the references section, just before the footnotes. Since there could be more than one appendix in the paper, each appendix must start from a new page.

Refer To The Appendix In The Main Body

Refer to your appendix in the main body section to relate your work with additional information. For example, use this format in the main body where you want to refer to the appendix (For further detail, see Appendix A3 for a questionnaire that is taken for social media issues in society)


While the appendices may contain detailed information, they must be close to the main topic or point. Additionally it is recommended to make the length concise. Do not include unnecessary information that doesn’t directly contribute to your paper. But if you are facing a problem in cutting down the length, you can pay for a paper to be written shortly.


Styling is necessary when understanding what is an appendix in a paper. Appendices must follow a consistent format and style with the rest of the paper, including font size and style. The data that you used in the appendices, like tables, visuals, figures, and stats, must be clearly labeled and referenced with the text.

Page Numbers

The page numbering of the appendix should follow the whole numbering of the paper. It should be on the top right corner of the page. For example you have 30 pages before the appendix, then your appendices page must start from 31 page numbers in the top right corner.

We have discussed how to write an appendix for your paper, thesis, or literature. Now, it’s time to give you some additional tips for appendix formatting.

More Tips For Appendix Formatting

Still a puzzle? Worry not, here are some more helpful tips to help you better understand the format of an appendix, whether an APA appendix format or MLA Appendix format. 

  • The appendix in writing comes at the end of the paper, right after the references.
  • The Appendix label and descriptive title must both be bold and center-aligned in MLA and APA format.
  • The remaining Appendix format will be left aligned.
  • The first paragraph must not be indented, and after that, all paragraph’s first line must be indented with double spacing (0.5).
  • The font size remains 12, but for MLA, The font style is Times New Roman
  • Page number will come at the top right corner in the header section of the page for all style format
  • And at the end the appendices must be complete at the footnotes.
  • In MLA style, the appendices will come before the references. 

These above tips will guide you more about what is an appendix in a paper and how to format it in your paper. Now it’s time to explore a detailed appendices example 

A Complete Example of Appendices In A Paper

Although we have described the whole steps and tips to add appendices in a research paper, let’s see how an appendix in writing looks in real life with proper examples. 

Based on the research, we have collected and crafted a complete example of an appendix for you. For your own tasks, you can hire someone to write a paper with an appendix to avoid loopholes. 



Author unknown: An article on the side effects of excessive usage of social media

Author unknown: Use of social media to enhance your productivity

The above appendices example clearly depicts that the first paragraph is not indented, but the remaining two are indented with the first line of each section.

Moreover, both the Appendix label and descriptive title are center-aligned and bold. The content is also left aligned, as discussed before. And most importantly, after the appendix, there is a footnote.

Appendix B

Survey Questionnaire on Audience satisfaction with social media

  1. How satisfied are you with the Use of social media?

A: Very satisfied

B: Somewhat satisfied

C: Neutral

D: Somewhat dissatisfied

E: Very dissatisfied

  1. How satisfied are you with teenagers’ use of social media?

A: Very satisfied

B: Somewhat satisfied

C: Neutral

D: Somewhat dissatisfied

E: Very dissatisfied

Appendix C

Raw Data: Responses to Audience Satisfaction Survey

Participant IDSocial media effectivenessEffectiveness for teenagers

(We have only one table in Appendix B, so we will mention it in the body like (See response to customer satisfaction in Appendix B). But if we have to add more tables, then there will be a number for each table, and it shows in papers (See Appendix B1, See Appendix B2, and so on..).

To make your concept clear about what is an appendix in a paper, check out the statistics appendix example below.

Appendix D:

Bar graphs for social media usage

bar graphs for social media usage

The above-mentioned complete appendix example from the research paper writer shows you an easy way to add different types of appendices to your research paper. You have also seen how additional information and research can support your main text. Each appendix is clearly labeled and organized to enhance readers’ accessibility and readability.

That’s It, You’ve Got Your Answer

First thing first, we hope that all your doubts regarding what is an appendix in a paper are clear now. From the basic definition of an appendix to a comprehensive and detailed example, we have written down each and everything.

Furthermore, we have also addressed the proper method to add appendices to your research paper. All you need is to read carefully and follow the procedure to add an appendix to your research paper. Because you know what? Whenever you have a problem, we will get the solution.

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