4 Steps To Writing A Thesis Statement With Mind-Blowing Persuasion

Writing a good thesis statement always seems like an unachievable dream for students. Many students try composing it but fail to grasp its requirements and qualities. Hence, failure becomes inevitable. Don’t worry. This blog will discuss the basics but technical steps that are crucial to a thesis statement writing success. We know you guys are excited to know them, so let’s go!

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a short sentence formed based on your research and its thesis. In academics, a thesis sentence is a one- or sometimes two-line sentence that envisages your findings concisely. Your essay or research project is incomplete without it. Hence, you must make it with clarity and exactness. Here, we will present an example of this statement.

“Excessive use of sugary products, carbohydrates and lack of physical activity is a precursor of Diabetes.”

By reading this blog, you can make a thesis statement with tremendous details. Let’s start learning the 4 key steps of writing a thesis sentence.

Writing A Thesis Statement In 4 Steps

Although writing a thesis sentence takes time, college and university students may take these four steps to reach their goals. Here they are;

Select A Topic

Writing a good thesis statement always starts by selecting a topic that will be the highlight of your premise statement. A topic should encompass broad or far-reaching effects that can be summarized into sentences. If you have chosen a challenging or controversial topic, it’s better to turn your core idea into an interrogative one.

It’s advised that students may ignore the topics discussed already by hundreds or thousands of learners before them. A topic selection should be unique and sufficient to introduce creativity and genuine effort. Here, we will offer some controversial topics that might make your day. 

  • Military-industrial complex: Continuing funding of wars and anarchy in a country.
  • Political Dynasty: Rise of corruption by organized family politics.

So, composing your core idea statement can be easy when it’s based on a challenging topic and should have controversial elements. You may select topics as we mentioned above and surprise your audience with your knowledge. 

Turn the Topic’s Details into a Question

The second step of thesis statement writing is turning the topic and its research into a question. This process seems like an easy one, but it’s not. It involves thorough information beforehand to turn the topic into an interrogative thesis. 

Similarly, turning your thesis sentence into a question invokes the audience’s curiosity. It helps to question their beliefs or create doubts about existing knowledge. For example, if you choose a topic like “Nuclear Weapons,” you may arrange it like the following question.

“Do we really need nuclear weapons to achieve global peace and would it be sufficient enough to prevent World War 3.” 

Hence, it always helps students create a controversial statement and defend it in their essays or research papers. 

Answer Your Question

When you turn your topic’s research into a question, it’s time to answer them. Your answer should be well-thought-out and a perfect example of conciseness. A premise sentence is composed of a short question and a short answer. Like in the above example, we ask our audience about the need for nuclear weapons and provide their answers. 

Make a Final Product by Refining it

The last process of writing a thesis statement is refining it after the first attempt. It’s possible when you ask for a second opinion, an expert, whoever they might be, suggests some changes. So make appropriate edits, add or remove words, and refine it to a point where it delivers the message you want it to. 

Here are some of the best examples of Thesis Research Projects that may help you understand the core knowledge of writing.


Writing a good thesis statement becomes easy when all the steps we’ve provided here are followed precisely. Make appropriate planning when you start writing a thesis statement and amaze the academic world.

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