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Fed up with recurring academic writing mistakes, formatting slip-ups, and calculation errors? Worry no more. Our free tool hub has all the AI-empowered tools you will ever need on your way to perfection in your writing. Why wait? Get your hands on them WHILE they are up for grabs!

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Do you know you can still lose grades because of misspelled words even if your paper has every unique idea and cogent argument? Use our advanced spell checker never to let that happen to you.

Harvard referencing


Referencing manually is a dull, tedious, and time-consuming task, right? Don’t worry, with our AI-driven Harvard referencing tool, we make citing sources ridiculously easy. Use it Now and give your paper the Harvard look for free.

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APA Referencing

Why waste hours and hours writing author names, book titles, and publishing houses manually when you have our free academic tools for automatic referencing? Value your time now and leave APA referencing issues to our free tool.



Are you tired of struggling with the complexities and costs associated with other online MLA referencing tools? What we provide is a user-friendly MLA referencing generator that delivers fast and accurate results. Our expertise lies in offering this tool to assist you in your academic endeavors. Best of all, it's available to all students completely free of charge.


Grammar Checker

Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and awkward moments, thanks to the very first free grammar checker designed exclusively for students, complete with premium features! Now no one can question your grammatical skills when you have an advanced grammar reviewer tool by your side at no cost.


Chicago Referencing

Never stress about citations! Use our Chicago referencing tool without spending a single penny. It's easy and quick. So, save time and avoid your mistakes. You only need to enter your info, click 'generate', and your citation is ready. It is perfect for students and professionals alike. Try it now!

Free AI Tools Online That Help Analyze Your Papers



Looking for an online tool that helps keep line spacing, syllables, number of words in a paragraph, average sentence length, and word limit in check? Our word counter does it all for free. Use it now to ensure your paper does not exceed the required length and gets more reads.


Thesis Statement Generator

Say goodbye to manual citations! Our thesis statement generator streamlines academic referencing. Spend less time formatting and more time crafting with our hassle-free, efficient tool.



No matter how much effort you put into making your paper sound original, passages with accidental plagiarism will always pop up. Use our plagiarism checker that scans your paper against huge databases to ensure every plagiarised sentence gets removed from your paper.

Our Free AI Tools Online That Make Calculation Easy



Our factorization calculator helps you break down complex algebraic expressions such as binomials, trinomials, and quadratic polynomials into smaller factors with detailed steps. Use it Now for free and get accurate results in seconds.


Chemical Equation Checker

Balancing chemical equations is a frustrating and tiring task with higher chances of mistakes unless you have free AI tools online. We balance your chemical equation with our AI tool free, fast, and with proper super and subscripts.



Reduce stress by using this simple GPA calculator and keep yourself updated on your academic performance. It's simple, effective and useful for students.

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Have you been searching Google for a hub that offers all the research paper writing tools free? You are at the right place. Not only our prices for custom paper writing service are highly affordable, but we also offer a number of free tools to help students at every step of their academic journey.

So whether you need suggestions, assessment, or formatting help for your assignments, want real-time feedback for your recent research paper, or want to balance equations and factorize polynomials, you have our free AI tools at your back. Why wait? Get the tools you need and open the door to success in your academic life.

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Frequently Asked Questions
plus-iconWhat academic writing free tools do you offer?

We offer many academic writing tools ranging from editing and proofreading to formatting and calculating tools. Our academic writing tools such as spell checker, grammar checker, and paper checker are intended to help students and professionals take their writing skills to the next level.

Our free AI tools are known for their user-friendly interface. Everyone from a beginner to a professional can use them with remarkable ease.

Definitely. Whether you are a school student writing coursework or a college student conducting research, you can use our free AI tools online to streamline your writing process.

The accuracy level of our free tools is unmatchable. They are powered by advanced artificial intelligence and have unlimited access to huge databases across the globe. Every time you use our free AI tools online, your data is scanned against relevant databases to produce the most accurate results.

Never. Our tools are absolutely free to use. We don’t charge you a single penny and offer unrestricted access any time of the day.

plus-icon-04Do I need to pass through registration to get access to a specific free tool?

No. We don’t require you to sign up or register your account when using our tools. Moreover, we don’t distract you with pop-ups or ads while using our academic tools.

Definitely. You can access our tools on your mobile, laptop, desktop, or any other kind of device. Furthermore, these tools are compatible with all operating systems.

Yes. Paper Perk uses secure encryption to ensure that your information does not get accessed by third parties and that your files remain private.

As of now, we are offering factoring, GPA, and chemical equations calculators with many other calculators in the process of development.

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