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Are you tired of having to pay for costly tools that do the same thing over and over again? Well, look no further! We have various academic tools to help improve your work process, and provide you with the writing edge. Join our free tools community today.

Perform Better with These Academic Tools


Spell Checker

How many times have you sent out a typo-riddled document that made you look incompetent? This tool prevents embarrassing typos and grammar goofs in your important life, work and school documents.


Harvard Referencing

Harvard Referencing was a pain before we built this free tool. Now it takes seconds to create the perfect reference. Whether you're making a research paper or thesis, this tool just makes everything look professional and smart.


Paper Checker

Want to see if your essay is up to scratch before you hand it in? Pick a paper, any paper of your choice. All set to use some big words to make your paper foolproof? Then use this tool and never sweat the small stuff again.


Grammar Checker

There's nothing worse than having perfect thoughts and then bumbling over your words because your grammar sucks. We love error free words. So we created this free online grammar checker to help you identify and fix common grammar errors in no time.


Dissertation Editors

Do you need to get a Ph.D. but hate school? Paper Perk will find you the best editors on the internet, who are making a living helping people do what you're trying to do -- graduate! Take extra help to tackle your dissertation with confidence!


Bibliography Maker

All you need to get your paper done! Now, using thousands of popular sources, you can make a bibliography in seconds and improve your scholarly writing skills. Solve a problem and save time with our free citation makers.

Writing Tools That'll Help You Ace Your Papers


Essay Writer

For those of you struggling to write your essays the night before it's due, we have a solution for you. This is an online essay writing tool that helps students from all over the world write academic papers accurately, within the deadline specified by their professor.


Paraphrasing Tool

Ever been asked to paraphrase something? Well you're in luck, because here's your go-to text for all things paraphrasing. All you need to do is copy and paste the article into this paraphraser, click on a button, and out pops a brand new article – just for you!


Word Counter

Our free word counter can help tweak your writing just enough to make it better. Just type in your text and get a detailed report on your work. It's that easy! It's like a calculator for your writing. Count excess words. Track readability scores. Take the pain out of editing!



Avoid embarrassment and make sure your next email, paper or presentation is perfect with Paper Perk. Don't wait for a rejection, fix your work yourself with our proofreading tool. And you'll be 10 times more likely to get appreciation notes..


Topic Generator

Are you struggling to come up with blog and article ideas? This free service will generate topics based on your specific instructions. You'll get your shiny new idea within seconds - guaranteed. Now, you can go fire up that brain-blasting machine you call a computer and write.


Plagiarism Checker

You're the best writer on the block, right? So why put up with shoddy work? Save time, energy and sanity while propelling your career with the best plagiarism checker online. For free. Our service boasts the best accuracy, leaving no room for those pesky false-positives.

Free Calculators to Solve Your Queries


GPA Calculator

We all know college students are neurotic about their GPAs. We created this simple calculator to answer the most pressing question on a student's mind: "How do I get a good semester GPA from multiple semesters of grades?"


Probability Calculator

Who wants to pay for something that is already freely available? Our goal here is to make the world a better place by making math and stats less expensive. Practice using our probability calculator and you will feel like a math wizard.


Algebra Calculator

Are you ready to take algebra on? Sick of using a pencil to do a math problem? No more toil and trouble with poring over dusty textbooks. Just point your browser at Paper Perk and get instant access to your calculator when you need it.


Integral Calculator

No more handwritten integral signs! Take the pain out of doing integrals by hand. Press a couple buttons and get back to what you were supposed to be doing. Our calculators make it easy to evaluate difficult integral problems in a matter of seconds.


Factoring Calculator

Love math? Hate fractions? Give a shot to our factoring calculator. It's totally free. No ads, no catches, no fine print. Get instant support with our easy-to-use service + get to know your accurate numbers with our pro level calculators. Everybody wins!


Radius of Convergence Calculator

Ever pulled an all-nighter to finish a paper on the Radius of Convergence when you should have been sleeping? We have too. That's why we built this online Radius of Convergence calculator tool! Gosh, you'll be so glad you don't have to do math anymore.

Free Tools To Help You Keep Your Work In Order

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that makes you look like a smarter person? Don't miss out on any of these great free resources! Try them all to get a sense for what works for you and what doesn't. You can't WIN if you don't PLAY, so no matter what... get that takeaway, there's something in here for everyone.

Don’t worry. We won't charge you a dime for our academic helping tools, writing and editing tools and online calculators for different subjects and tasks. They are all free and secured.

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