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You have been putting all your energy into your paper to make it stand out. NOW is the time to cite references to dispel even the slightest doubts about plagiarism with our fast APA referencing tool and pull off high grades.

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You won’t let incorrect citations spoil your otherwise flawlessly crafted work, would you? Get your hands on our state-of-the-art APA 6 reference tool and make every line of your paper talk authenticity.

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The Three Steps That Leads To Well-Referenced Masterpiece

No doubt, writing references manually is a stupefyingly dull and tedious task. Couple that with the chances of errors you are prone to make, and the process of citation becomes a recipe for academic disaster, right? Hold on. Our APA referencing generator has all your problems sorted. All it takes to immaculate references are the three steps below:

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Enter Details

Fill out the form with the details required to get the process going.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are citations and references required when we are writing a research paper? Is your free APA citation accurate? What is the best APA 7th style referencing generator? What does APA in-text citation look like? How do I cite an article published in a journal in APA style? What is the difference between in-text citations and references in APA?

7 APA Reference Generator_We Are Back in Business And How!

The world is advancing so fast, and so is our free APA citation generator. With its state-of-the-art design by geek developers and leading academic scholars, it is faster, more accurate, and easy to use than ever.

Never Charges More Than 0.0$

Yes, you heard that right. Our APA citation generator never charges a penny for its round-the-clock services.

Second To None In Accuracy

If you have ever got your hand on our services, you already know that Our Writers value accuracy more than anything. Know that our APA 7th edition generator preserves that legacy. It is as accurate as everything else on Paper Perk.

Fast and Furious

One of the reasons you are looking for an APA referencing tool online is because citing on your own takes time, and you have not got a lot of it. Right? Use our free APA reference generator and save your valuable time.

No Ad, Zero Pop-Ups

When you use our free APA citation generator, we go above and beyond to ensure you use it with nothing to distract you. That’s why you would see no ads and pop-ups while referencing your paper.

Sophisticated Yet Simple

No doubt, our free reference tool utilizes sophisticated technology to function, yet it is simple to use.

Why Go For Our APA Referencing Generator

You might wonder, with so many sites offering APA 7th style referencing tools, what makes ours stand out? Why is it that students, with so many options at their fingertips, choose ours? The answer is quite simple: They trust us based on our dedication and determination never to let any promise go unkept in our paper writing service, no matter what. 

Versatile Referencing

Whether it is a scholarly article you are eager to cite, an article in a weekly magazine on a pressing political issue, a blog on a website, or a translated version of a German essay, our APA referencing tool generates references for them all. It simply is not programmed to say NO when it comes to APA 7th referencing.

Works In A Straightforward Way

You don’t need to be a degree holder in computer programming to work on our free citation generator. All it takes to generate references are the details even a school child can provide.

Immaculate Citation

Our free APA 6 referencing generator is good at the only thing it is designed for. Yes, you guessed it right: To generate references that are as accurate and versatile as you desire. And that is all you need from it, don’t you?

Generates Both In-text Citations and References

Our APA citation generator can serve you both in case of in-text citation as well as detailed references with equal ease.

Minimum Distractions

With the attention span decreasing fast, it is getting harder and harder to concentrate on one thing more than ever. We make sure you are distracted by no pop-ups or ads. Get the process of generating references underway now and leave once you are done with it with no distractions whatsoever.

APA Referencing Generator_By Whom And For Whom

Our 7th APA reference generator is developed by skilled developers under the direction of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers for every one of you, especially for the students of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other social sciences. But they are not the only ones who can benefit from its multi-dimensional referencing capabilities. Here is a list of potential beneficiaries of our APA referencing tool.

School Students

School students can use the APA 7 citation generator when they need help with references in their school assignments.

College Students

Our APA referencing tool is equally handy for college students who need to give references for the sources they have quoted in their college term paper writing assignment.


Free APA reference generators especially benefit researchers because they cite many sources and have other more important things to do. What would have taken them hours now gets completed in minutes with our APA 7th style referencing tool.

Scholarly Writers

Writers publishing their research papers need to be as accurate as possible in their references. As professional as they may be, as humans, even professional writers are prone to commit mistakes. That is where our tool comes to the rescue. Our APA 6th and 7th reference generators help them minimize errors to the barest of all margins.

Editors of Scholarly Journals

Once the writers send articles for publication in a scholarly journal, it's the editor’s responsibility to check the left-out mistakes in the references. With so many articles chosen to be published in a single issue of the journal, it takes a lot of time for the editor to proof-cite every article. Doesn’t it? Hold on. With our free APA citation generator back in business, checking references is easier than ever for the editors.

How to Get the Most Out of APA Referencing Generators

APA 7th style citation tools are reinventing the way references are done. Gone are the days when students and writers would spend hours and hours citing their sources of information in their dissertations and research papers.
As revolutionary and facilitating as these reference generators may be in creating references, they are still prone to committing mistakes if not instructed properly. Here are the best practices to get the most out of our free APA citation tool.

Make Sure You Input The Correct Details

As you know, the generator receives input from the user in the form of the author’s name, source’s title, publication date, name of the publisher, and so on, processes it, and generates the desired references. If you feed it incorrect information, it cannot give accurate results. So, every time you use it, make sure you are feeding it the info right.

Ensure You Provide the Correct Edition and Version

Ensure that when you use a reference generator for edited or translated books, you include the name of the editor and translators as well. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the tool to provide the correct references. In the case of journals, include volume and issue number as well to make sure the generator does take it for a magazine article.

Fight the Urge to Copy and Paste the Generated References

As much as you want to copy and paste the citations generated against the details you have provided, don’t copy and paste mindlessly into your document. Ensure that you take a few extra seconds and cross-check it for the highly unlikely but still possible errors. If you find them, you can correct them; if not, go on and paste the references.

Use Peer-Reviewed Sources

Always make sure the sources you are citing in your paper are highly credible and unbiased. Our APA referencing 7th edition generator will provide citations in whatever way you want. Still, if your sources are not trustworthy, chances are your paper will not stand out from the crowd. Try citing sources that are peer-reviewed, objective and come from reputable sources. Avoid citing prejudiced, emotion-laden, ambiguous, and sponsored sources.

Reinventing The Way APA Referencing Is Done!

Writing references is dull, monotonous, and boring. Or Was it? With us just one click away, referencing had never been this easy. Generate your citations now and end your paper on a high. Yet to get underway with it? Get in touch with our writers to write your paper from scratch.