Chemical Equation Checker: Instant Solutions to Complex Problems

Balancing chemical equations is outright intimidating, especially when two reactants on the left side of the equation yield three products on the right. Or was it? With our free chemical equation checker, we help you balance chemical equations in as simple a manner as you would ever imagine.

Demystify Chemical Formulas with Advanced Chemistry Calculator!

If you are a chemistry student, you know how minutely it observes things. It digs into the souls of hundreds of thousands of molecules and compounds, counts their atomic and subatomic particles, finds their constituent elements, and determines their chemical formulas. And all this is a headache for you. Right? Not anymore, though, when you have our chemical formula calculator on your back!

Enter A Chemical Equation To Balance

Balanced Equation

The Three Steps from Unbalanced to Balanced Chemical Equation

Balancing chemical equations and determining chemical molecular formulas may surely be hard and time-consuming, but getting our balanced equation checker underway is simple and easy. All you have to do is take the three required steps, one by one.

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Type the equation

Enter the chemical equation you want to balance. In case you don't know the product, enter the reagents only.


Balance the equation

Click the Balance button to get the process of balancing underway.



Get your hands on the equation in a balanced form with proper coefficients and number of atoms and molecules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Paper Perk's Unforgettable Equation Balancer

We understand that chemistry can be challenging, and balancing equations might feel like a daunting task. That's why we've created Paper Perk's Unforgettable Equation Balancer, designed specifically with students like you in mind!

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Why Is Chemistry So Challenging And How To Overcome It

Does the mere thought of writing chemistry assignments give you anxiety? You are not alone. Chemistry is a challenging subject as it studies matter at the atomic and molecular level and involves a lot of math.

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How to Get the Most out of Our All-Round Chemical Equation Checker!

Our multifaceted chemical equation balancer acts as a lifesaver when you are all lost for tips and tricks to balance a complicated chemical equation. Though it solves complicated chemistry problems, it is very simple to use. Here's how to use it like a pro.

Find our free chemical equation checker

You cannot use a thing unless you can find and access it. We offer 24/7 access to everyone, from anywhere. Visit our website, click on free tools in the navigation bar and there you go: you have found our free balanced equation checker.

Take a minute and familiarize yourself with it

Explore the way our tool works and try to find what input it requires to generate the desired output. As user-friendly as our chemistry calculator's interface is, it should not take you more than a few minutes to move to the next step.

Give what it takes

Even an accidental look at the tool's interface will give you a fair idea about what it takes to generate the result. It gives you the choice to either input only the reactants or write the complete unbalanced equation to get a balanced one.

Get it to process the input

Once you have entered the details it requires, click on the "Balance" button to get the process of balancing underway. It won't take more than half a quarter of a minute to come up with a balanced chemical equation.

Cast a brief glance at the output

We don't suppose you would just mindlessly copy and paste the generated balanced equation. If you intend to do so, we advise you to take your time and review it to make sure it is completely balanced. Make sure the number of molecules on the left side of the equation is equal to the number on the left side.

Learn as you go

Our online chemical equation checker is programmed under the instruction of our writers to provide a step-by-step guide to let you learn how it balances your equation. Do have a look at it before leaving the site.

How Unique Is Our Chemical Equation Checker!

If you browse Google, you will find several balanced equation checkers, everyone claiming to be the best in the business. You would not fall for fancy words, would you? You would be looking for a chemistry tool that is versatile and either free or affordable to use. And that is exactly what our chemical equation balancer offers: versatility, multi-functionality, and much more.

Versatility and Multi-Functionality

Our chemical equation balance checker is a perfect solution to your equation balancing issues. We have been providing paper writing service in chemistry for years on end, and this checker is backed by years-long experience, expertise, and advanced programming. Thus, it leaves no equation to sneak past it without being balanced in every way. It just does not care how messed up your equation is. It provides information about the number of moles, number of molecules, and chemical formulas of compounds with proper coefficients.

Balances Equations Irrespective of the Type of Reaction

When you are using our tool for balanced chemical equations quick check, you can be sure that it does not matter whether the equation you want to balance is for decomposition reaction, combustion reaction, or precipitation reaction. You use it for balancing and it will do balancing without giving a thought to the type of reaction the equation is being generated for.

Generates Equations both for Organic and Inorganic Reactions

Whether the reaction is between organic or inorganic compounds, when it comes to drawing equations for them, our balanced chemical equation checker does not disappoint.

Unrestricted Access to Chemical Databases

Yes. You heard that right. Whenever you type an unbalanced chemical equation, our balanced equation checkers start scanning huge databases of chemistry to come up with the most accurate results.

Why Use Our Chemical Formula Calculator?

You might be thinking that you have hundreds of chemistry calculators at your disposal, so why should you go for ours? We presume that you know there are always some tools that stand out from the hundreds and thousands out there based on their accuracy, speed, versatility, and users' feedback. Ours is one such tool. Here are your ways to use Paper Perk's chemical equation balance checker.

Free to Use

Yes. Our tool, with all its features, is absolutely free to use. Whether you are a student, a professor, a researcher, or a chemist working in a laboratory, using our chemical equation will cost you nothing at all.

Easy to Use

You know that tools that solve complex problems usually require a lot of details and directions, but with our sophisticated balanced equation checker, the opposite is the case. It, no doubt, balances the most complex and tricky chemical equations and still is very easy to use.

Pinpoint Accuracy You Won't Find Anywhere Else

If there is one thing that alone can make our chemical equation balancer stand out, it's the accuracy with which it balances your chemical equations. It's programmed to hit nothing but the bullseye when it comes to equation balancing.

Commendable Compatibility

Whether you are accessing our tool on your phone, laptop, or desktop, access it and you will come to know it is easily accessible across devices.

Goes Beyond Balancing Equations

Yup. It does not only balance equations but also gives detailed information about their stoichiometry.

Equation Euphoria: Balancing with Ultimate Tool at Paper Perk

Gone are the days of struggling with complex chemistry equations. Our state-of-the-art Equation Balancer simplifies your scientific journey, leaving you feeling confident and stress-free. Know the true potential of your chemistry prowess with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to tedious trial and error, and hello to accurate, swift, and satisfying results. Use now, and welcome the future of chemistry with Paper Perk's equation euphoria!