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Interested in knowing how well or not-so-well have you been performing in your academic life? You have found the right tool. With our accurate GPA calculator, we help you keep track of your academic progress free, fast, and with ridiculous ease.

College GPA Calculator: Calculating GPA Made Simple, Fast, and Easy!

Have you been looking here, there, and everywhere to calculate your GPA free, fast, and with pinpoint accuracy? Your search ends right here. We offer our accurate GPA calculator to help you figure out your weighted and unweighted GPA without paying a penny.

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The Three Steps to Getting Accurate GPA Calculation

Getting a good GPA is hard, and so is calculating it accurately on many run-of-the-mill GPA calculators, right? With our easy GPA calculator, we make the process of calculating your GPA accurately as easy as a walk in the park. All it takes are the three simple steps below

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Enter the Subject and Grade

Enter the name of the subject and the letter grade you got in it.


Enter Credit Hours and Optional

Enter the credit hours you availed and optional subjects (If any) and get the GPA calculation process going.


Get the Calculated GPA

Get your hands on the GPA report at the bottom of the subject list.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between cumulative GPA and term GPA? What is the best and most accurate GPA calculator? Does your GPA tester help me find out if I am eligible for certain scholarships? How can I raise my GPA? What is a good GPA to get into top universities? What is the difference between a weighted and unweighted GPA? Is your GPA calculator free?

What Is GPA and Why Is It So Important?

GPA, or more precisely, grade point average, is a system used to trace your academic performance. Your GPA indicates whether you have been a good student or not a so-good one. If you are looking for a scholarship or hoping to get into a prestigious institution, your GPA is what decides whether you stand the chance of getting admission or a scholarship. Here are the whys and hows you should be keeping track of your GPA.

Our Advanced GPA Calculator: What Sets It Apart

Wondering what features make our online college GPA calculator different and more suitable to use than others? Here are a few major features that make it stand out.

Fast and Furious

With everything else happening so rapidly in your life at college, why should the process of GPA calculations be time-consuming? Our GPA unweighted calculator helps you figure out your GPA in seconds and lets you focus on your exams and assignments happening so quickly and unpredictably.

Zero Charges

Yes, you heard that right. Not only do we let you calculate your GPA with our GPA tester for free, but we also provide a collection of free tools that help you every step of your academic journey and charge nothing on the way.

Convenient to Use

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, our GPA calculator is easy to use. Even if you are using it for the first time, it won’t take you more than a quarter of a minute to understand its interface. It’s that simple.

Commendable Compatibility

Our GPA online calculator can be used on all types of devices. Whether you want to use on it your mobile, laptop, or desktop, it will function smoothly because it is compatible with all operating systems like Android, IOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

Accurate Calculations

When you are calculating your GPA, what is the one thing that matters the most? Yes, it is the accuracy of the calculator. We understand this and have programmed our AI-powered GPA calculator to provide accurate results.

No Distractions

One thing you can be sure about while using our easy GPA calculator is that you won’t get distracted by annoying pop-ups and unwanted ads. That is a promise.

Why Use Our GPA Unweighted Calculator

We can give a hundred reasons you should be tracing your GPA with our accurate GPA calculator, but here are the most important ones.

Identifying Room for Improvement 

Keeping track of your GPA enables you to know what subjects you are good at and what subjects you need to improve in. With our versatile GPA calculator, you can precisely trace how well or not-so-well you have been performing in your subjects and where you need to make improvements. 

 Finding Out Your Eligibility for Scholarships 

Our accurate GPA calculator helps you find out whether you are eligible for scholarships offered by different universities. By calculating your GPA you will be able to know exactly how many more points you need to add to your GPA to meet the GPA criteria for your desired scholarships. 

Monitoring Overall Academic Progress

Using an online college GPA calculator helps you keep an eye on your overall academic performance. This way you can identify what cost you grades in your last semester and look for ways to overcome those mistakes in your next semester.

How to Use Our Accurate GPA Calculator

You might be thinking that a GPA calculator as sophisticated as ours will be pretty hard to work on. But that just is not the case. It works in a pretty simple way. Here’s how you can get it to work for you:

Step 1: Enter the Subject Name

In the very first column on the left side, enter the name of the subject.

Step 2: Enter the Grades You Earned

In the second column, add the grades you were given in the subject.

Step 3: Enter the Credit Hours

In the third column, add the credit hours you availed for the subject.

Step 4: Add Another Subject (If Needed)

Add another subject in case you need it and repeat the above steps for the newly-added subject.

Step 5: Add Another Semester (If Needed)

If you are looking for a calculation of your cumulative GPA in more than one semester, add another semester and repeat the steps in the first semester.

Step 6: Get Accurate Results

Look at the bottom right. Our easy GPA calculator has processed all your input and produced the results.

Exploring New Possibilities with Accurate Online College GPA Calculator

Not getting good grades is bad, but not tracking them is worse. And we help in reversing both. Use our GPA tester to find out which subjects need your attention more than ever to boost your GPA. For how much? For nothing. It’s totally yours to use without paying a penny.