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How Does Our Spelling Tool Works?

Spell Checker is YOUR personal proofreader, available 24/7, who always takes your side. Consider it as a fiercely loyal friend who'll catch all of your mistakes so you can look like a pro. Your writing life just became easier and more professional as it makes your writing mistakes disappear!



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FAQs - Don't Let Spelling Errors Distract from Your Brilliance

How does the spell checking service work? Is the spell checking service free to use? How long does it take to scan a document for spelling errors? Can the spell checking service be used for all types of documents? What languages does the spell checking service support? Will my document be saved or shared with anyone else? Can I download the corrected document?

Catch Every Mistake: Use Our Free Online Spell Checker

At Paper Perk, we understand the importance of correct spelling and grammar in making your ideas shine.

Our online spell checker is a completely free tool that helps you find errors in your text box, Google Docs, Microsoft Word or more.

Feel free to ensure that every word is spelled correctly, every sentence is in the right context, and every word choice is perfect.

Accurate and Efficient

Our tool uses advanced algorithms to accurately and efficiently scan your document for spelling errors.


Our tool is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to upload, scan, and download your documents.


Our tool not only scans for spelling errors, but also checks for grammar and punctuation mistakes, ensuring that your document is error-free.

Free and Secure

Our tool is completely free to use, and we take your privacy and security seriously. We do not save or share any documents that are uploaded to our tool.

Write With Confidence and Avoid Repetition Using Our Intuitive Tool

Are you sick and tired of your spelling errors? We are. That's why we ended our headaches by creating the Paper Perk’s free set of tools. When you're done typing up a sentence, just click on the magic icon and avoid those pesky grammar and punctuation problems!

Be confident in your writing. Our spell checker will catch your errors and help you see where you need to improve.

You'll never miss a mistake again. If you're like most people, your eyes just glaze over when you see the word "spelling". But not anymore! This tool automatically fixes every single mistake in whatever you write. 

It's like having a team of professional editors working round-the-clock for zero dollars a month, completely for free. No strings attached. TOTALLY FREE!

And because we're not just a simple editor—we're also a collaboration tool that will help ensure that everyone involved in the process knows exactly what needs to be changed. So whether you're an English major or a high school student trying to revise for an essay contest, we can help!

Double Check Your Writing with Our Free Online Spell Checker

Do you ever wish you could find a way to make your writing stand out?

You've come to the right place. Paper Perk is here to help you polish up your writing and make it super notch! We offer a free spelling corrector tool that will help you catch all of those pesky errors that can be so distracting from what really matters—your ideas!

Our simple online tool lets you check for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and subject-verb agreement issues in seconds. Just pop open your favorite document and browser to click on the box. 

It's completely free and easy to use, allowing you to double check all of your work no matter where you are or what device you use. 

But wait—there's more! We also offer other tools too that will help you avoid repetition, choose the right word for the job, ensure your sentences are in the right order, and solve your academic queries. 

All of this is done with a few simple clicks so that you can spend less time correcting mistakes and more time focusing on what really matters: your ideas.

Get Your Point Across Clearly: Use Our Free Spell Checker

Are you tired of all the mistakes in your writing?

We've got a solution for you! Paper Perk is proud to offer a FREE checker tool that will help you find and correct any mistakes in your writing.

You can use this checker on any document written in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or even a text box on the internet. Simply type in your text box and click. The tool will then highlight words it thinks are spelled incorrectly, and offer suggestions for how to fix them. It's that easy!

When you're done, don't forget to hit "download" so you don't use those same mistakes again!

This tool won't just help you save time; it's also great for improving your writing skills by letting you learn from your mistakes and develop better grammar habits.

Never Let Spelling Mistakes Hold You Back Again

You're a smart cookie, but sometimes you just can't seem to get it right.

What's the problem? You're not alone. We all make mistakes—even smart people like yourself. But what if there was an easy way for you to find and correct those mistakes? There is!

Introducing our free spelling checker tool will help you spot your errors and make sure your writing is as clear and precise as possible. Just type in your text box, click to start scanning,' and voila! You'll have a highlighted set of any mistakes that were made, along with suggestions for how to fix them. It's really that easy!

The best part? It works on any browser, so it's easy to use anywhere and anytime. Plus, it'll save you a ton of time when it comes to writing entire documents or just making sure that your sentences are grammatically correct.

Impress Your Professor, Boss and Clients with Flawless Writing

Spell checkers are a must-have for anyone who wants their ideas to shine through without getting bogged down by grammar mistakes or punctuation errors. Paper Perk is perfect for students, writers—and basically anyone who wants to make sure their work looks as good as possible before sending it off into the world.

You can use our tool to make sure that every word you write is correct and spelled correctly. Or if you just want to double check some of the words you used in your previous writing assignment, this tool can help with that too!

And yes, it's true that spelling checkers do not affect the quality of your writing. But they can make your writing more professional and error-free! In fact, studies show that using one can help students improve their writing skills by as much as 40%!

So go ahead and try us out today—you'll be glad you did!

Never Let Spelling Mistakes Ruin Your Writing Again

So, you wanna be a writer? Or score best grades in assignments? Yeah, we know. But before you start your assignments, screenplay or that novel you've been meaning to get around to for years, did you know your spelling and grammar might be holding you back? We're here to change that. Over 1 billion people make these mistakes. Our free spell and grammar checker will save you and your grades or clients lots of time.