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Find Answers to Queries Before Safely Paying for Dissertation

plus-iconHow are dissertations checked for plagiarism?

Dissertations are checked for plagiarism using plagiarism detection software like Turnitin, which compares the text to a large database of sources1. Our service also runs a thorough check to ensure originality.

plus-iconCan I pay someone to do my dissertation?

Yes, you can pay someone to do your dissertation. Our service offers experienced and knowledgeable writers to deliver a top-quality, custom-written dissertation for you.

plus-iconWhen to pay for dissertation project?

You should pay for a dissertation paper when you need professional help to complete it on time and guarantee high quality. Our services are available for various academic levels and subjects.

plus-iconHow do you write without plagiarizing?

To write without plagiarizing, you must rephrase ideas, properly cite sources, and use your unique voice. Our expert writers create original content while acknowledging external sources when necessary.

plus-iconHow much does it cost to pay someone to do your dissertation?

The cost to pay someone to write your dissertation varies depending on factors such as deadline, word count, and complexity. Our service offers competitive pricing tailored to your specific requirements

plus-iconIs it safe to pay for dissertation paper online?

Yes, it is safe to pay for your dissertation when using a reputable service provider. Paper Perk’s secure payment methods and confidentiality policies ensure your safety and privacy throughout the process.

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Why not let us help you make your mark? It's time for your customized and easy-to-achieve academic success journey. Ready to hop on board?

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Isn't it fantastic when things are custom-made just for you? Like a tailored suit or a kitchen made to fit, dissertations at your pace, your style, your voice! We believe in a personal touch that resonates with your academic journey.

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Wondering if we cover your field of study? Got you covered! Whether you're about to explore the mysteries of the universe, create the next artistic masterpiece, or code the future, our writers are versatile maestros in different subjects - from arts to tech!

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Are you an undergrad grappling with your first major project? Or a Ph.D. student aiming to add a significant stone to the edifice of knowledge? No matter what academic level you're at, our thesis writing service is designed to fit like a glove!

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Ready to highlight your unique perspective? Let's make your dissertation speak "you". It's your project, your effort, your knowledge – we're just the facilitators who bring your ideas into the spotlight.


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Alright scholars, let’s head on this transparency-filled dissertation writing phases together! Asking us to write my paper or deciding to pay for your dissertation project is a piece of cake with us. But more importantly, you are not left in the dark. Quite the contrary! You’re in the loop, every step of the way. Excited? Let’s break it down!

Your Journey, Our Roadmap


What Happens

Your Involvement

Topic Decision

Our team brainstorms ideas.

You share your ambitions and interests.

Proposal Creation

We draft a detailed proposal.

You give the green light or suggest changes.

Extensive Research

Our experts dive deep into study materials.

You guide us toward preferred sources, if any.


The crafting of your dissertation begins.

You receive frequent drafts for feedback.


We tighten up every comma, every claim.

You take a final review.


Simplicity and ease are at the core of our process. Much like a rhythm, we believe in a synergy between you and us. Every phase is like a music note, contributing to the overall melody of your dissertation. You call the tune, and we play it!

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