200 Nursing Research Topics to Ignite Your Scholarly Journey

If your major is nursing, you know it’s a tough and strenuous route. Certainly, you would probably be thrilled to finish your studies and land a job in a great hospital or clinic. But first you have to get through a few challenges like keeping up with the practical assignments and writing projects like nursing research papers. 

Nursing research papers are particularly hard to get right. From the research and writing to the structure, formatting, and citations. To top it off, it’s often a challenge to pick the perfect nursing research topic. As hunting one takes a lot of looking into journals and online sources by investing hours of quality time. Don’t fret as we have over 200 unique topics for you to craft a masterpiece. 

Comprehensive Lists of Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Let’s take you to the first of many lists filled with our writers favorite nursing research topics. 

General Nursing Research Topics

Dig into the fascinating world of general nursing research topics and discover how patient satisfaction and quality of care can be improved. Here you go with the first list from a professional paper Custom writing service provider.

  • The escalating advance of technology in the work of nurses
  • Compliance with ethical standards by nurses
  • Measures to be taken with patients who refuse to feed
  • Actions in the care of outpatient geriatric patients
  • Physical and emotional management in patients suffering from cancer
  • Reduction in the risk of infection in a patient with a central catheter
  • Nursing practices through non-verbal communication
  • Stress and anxiety levels of nurses working in an emergency room
  • Operating conditions of nurses working in an emergency room
  • Working conditions of nurses working in public and private care centers
  • Merits and qualities of nurses working in intensive care units
  • Working conditions of nurses working in pediatric institutions
  • Hypnosis in nursing
  • Maintaining the autonomy of residents in nursing homes
  • Humor in the face of preoperative anxiety
  • Nursing research to change practices?
  • Care, beyond transfusion
  • Representations of hygiene and the nurse-patient relationship
  • The violence of patients, the suffering of caregivers
  • Dealing with schizophrenic patients in need of nursing help
  • Violence and its impact on the caregiver-patient relationship
  • Importance of training nurses to deal with autistic patients and patients with other psychotic problems
  • The animal as a therapeutic mediator
  • When manual handling becomes care
  • Limitations and discontinuation of therapy in adult intensive care
  • Caring for migrant people without compromising their cultural preferences
  • The role of communicative education is to help nurses understand the deal with patients on different academic levels and cultural backgrounds

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

Emergency nursing focuses on providing quick medical attention to patients in need. Research on the following topics could help in improving the emergency care services. Here are some topics to look into. 

  • The emergency nurse confronted with his coping strategies
  • The nurse’s role in central venous tract infection in intensive care
  • Suicidal care in the emergency room
  • Relational care in pre-hospital emergency situations
  • When the psychiatric emergency invites itself to general emergencies
  • The nursing relationship in an emergency situation
  • The vital emergency: a fight between death and the caregiver
  • Emergencies and management of a young polytraumatized patient
  • The emergency situation: what place for the family?
  • Emergencies: from crisis to violence
  • Stress, care, and emergencies
  • The care of the elderly person at the end of life in the emergency room
  • When emergencies occur in healthcare services
  • The Reception and Orientation Nurse – Faced with recurrent violence in emergencies

Child Nursing Research Paper Topics

This list of topics focuses on areas such as pediatric diseases, developmental milestones, psychosocial aspects of child health, and more. Here are some topics to look into.: 

  • Role of the nurse in the prevention of diseases in children under five years of age 
  • Adolescent mother’s knowledge about the development of infants under one year of age living
  • Nursing care in infants with pneumonia
  • Interaction system that influences the growth and development of infants in the care of adolescent parents 
  • Risk factors that affect gastroenteritis in children under five years of age
  • The importance of a public health policy to control obesity in children
  • The procedures and approaches of the World Health Organization in understanding child development
  • Leading causes of infant mortality
  • Stem cell solutions for pediatric diseases
  • Antibiotic resistance in children
  • Childhood obesity prevention strategies
  • Presentation and treatment of ADHD
  • Prenatal effects of exposure to environmental contaminants
  • How to prevent malnutrition in children
  • How to mitigate baby injuries during birth
  • How to improve care for children in hospitalization centers
  • How to address the psychological problems of children with physical illnesses
  • The success of treatments against malnutrition in children
  • How has childhood cancer treatment evolved?
  • Genetic factors of diabetes in children
  • Ethics of pediatric care
  • Effects of secondhand smoke inhalation in the first years of life
  • Effects of childhood exposure to environmental contaminants
  • The impact of antibiotics on childhood immunities

The COVID-19 Pandemic Topics in Nursing

Nurses have played and still play a major role in coping with the challenges of pandemic. Here you go with some research topics here:

  • Incidence Of Covid-19 In Patients in Dialysis Units 
  • Burnout Syndrome in Nurses in The Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Triggers of burnout syndrome in health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Importance of nursing care in intensive care units for patients with COVID-19
  • COVID-19 vaccines on the effectiveness of neutralization 
  • Incidence of COVID-19 in patients in dialysis units 
  • Nursing professional assistance in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Complications in elderly adults with COVID-19
  • COVID-19 pandemic and depression in nursing staff 
  • Physical and emotional state against COVID-19 in nursing staff in the United States of America
  • Nursing care for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit 
  • Emotional intelligence and its relationship to the academic performance of medical staff and nursing students during the time of the COVID-19

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Writing a research paper on adult nursing could be a challenge. But these topics can get you on the right track: 

  • The physical and emotional state of patients who work in public and private hospitals
  • Risk factors associated with the development of pressure ulcers in hospitalized patients. 
  • Basic needs of nurses in patients with Alzheimer’s
  • Triggers of chronic anxiety disorders
  • History of migraine treatment with examples and analysis
  • History of treating anxiety disorders
  • Treatment of the acute coronary syndrome
  • Treatment of the acute coronary syndrome
  • Non-Chemical Treatments for Bipolar Disorders
  • History of treatment of eating disorders and analysis of current treatment
  • Evolution of nursing in a specific period
  • Practical strategies to maintain the emotional health of nurses
  • Comparison of the effect of culture on nursing in different countries
  • Analyze the history of nursing and its role in health care
  • Analyze the difference in diets
  • Analyzing the difference between the treatment of cardiovascular problems between the sexes
  • Analyze the causes of depression
  • Analyzing the benefits of collaborative nursing
  • Analyze the balance of health care and cost

Midwifery and Nursing Research Topics

Use these topics to research into subjects such as prenatal care, giving birth, post-birth care, and more. Here you go with the list: 

  • How to prevent urinary tract infections in women during pregnancy 
  • Descriptions and perceptions of pregnant women with substance abuse problems midwives
  • Traditional delivery practices in Canada
  • Role and importance of midwives in Underdeveloped countries
  • Competence of midwives affected in the clinical settings
  • Facilitating informed decisions and decision-making in a critical time of pregnancy
  • Common models regarding health care for pregnant women
  • Support nurse-midwife intervention team in the management of caesarean sections
  • An evaluation of community nursing services available to pregnant women and newborns
  • A midwife’s duty to establish bonds of trust
  • Security perception regarding midwives
  • Attention to doubts regarding nutrition, health care, dangerous practices
  • Need for the mother to be accompanied by someone they trust throughout labor
  • Speaking to pregnant with respect, by name, and be attentive
  • Midwife’s duty of clear explanations in understandable language
  • Representations of the equipment or tools used by midwives
  • How to take care of the woman during pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Research and its relationship with Obstetric-Gynecological Nursing
  • Implications of Midwifery in the Goal of Health for All
  • Guidance on the role of Research, specifically that applied to Obstetric-Gynecological Nursing area in healthcare aspects
  • Quality of care and management of health resources
  • Establish and apply standards of governance, Practice, Research, and training for midwives
  • Improve professional skills and those who are under the supervision of midwives
  • Executing actions derived from medical diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy
  • Improvement in the safety of the nursing intervention
  • The expectations, preferences, and values of pregnant clients
  • Execution of operational aspects during pregnancy
  • Technical Feasibility for midwife nurses regarding the condition of the pregnant/patient
  • Contribution from midwives to clinical knowledge as a social value
  • The effectiveness of the procedures, with result indicators in midwifery
  • Process for nursing care in care for “Imminent labor” outside the delivery area
  • Management of cardiac arrest in pregnancy
  • Communicating with women from different cultures facing gyne problems
  • Immigration and Health Care
  • Breastfeeding Best Start study
  • Application of thermotherapy in the perineum during the expulsive period of normal childbirth
  • Changing the classic restrictive practice of intake in the birth process
  • The natural cesarean: a woman-centered technique
  • Midwife’s procedure for admissions and DISCHARGES of low-risk pregnant women
  • Cultural differences in the perception and experience of childbirth

Research Topics about Nursing the Elderly

This list of topics looks into managing long-term sickness, ways to make life better for seniors, and more. Here’s the list: 

  • From the evidence-based nursing program to the health needs of elderly cancer patients
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the National Health System in the provision of services to the elderly
  • Community nursing for the care of the elderly suffering from chronic diseases
  • Elderly outpatient care and community nursing services
  • Nursing thesis about the care of the elderly
  • Treatment of cardiovascular risk
  • Strategies to improve recognition of dehydration in older adults
  • Medical emergencies associated with cancer treatment in elderly patients
  • Ethics of critical care in geriatric patients
  • Analysis of complications derived from prolonged hospital stays
  • Age-related factors in the cardiovascular deterioration
  • Analysis of the effects of aging on the immune system
  • Analysis of the physical environment as a factor of functional deterioration
  • Analyze the role of a nurse in planning advanced care
  • Vaccination case studies for older adults
  • Care strategies to improve pain management in elderly patients

New Topics About Nursing Research

Looking after people in pain is an important part of healthcare. It’s all about relieving suffering and making the patient feel better. Here are some more nursing topics for research paper. 

  • Treatments to help stroke patients recover their motor functions
  • Techniques to prevent and deal with post-traumatic disorder
  • Methods for Recognizing and Helping Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Genetic factors in bipolar disorder
  • Environmental factors concerning Alzheimer’s disease
  • Effects of social media on mental health
  • Bipolar Disorder Screening and Risk Factors
  • ADHD Stimulant Chemical Treatments
  • Benefits of the use of antipsychotics in the prevention of delirium
  • Analysis of treatments for patients with dementia
  • Analyzing the connection between screen time and ADHD
  • Analysis of the link between dopamine levels and autism
  • Analysis of risk factors for anorexia
  • Analysis of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation
  • Analysis of mediation treatment in patients with impaired cognitive development
  • ADHD management strategies
  • Hypnosis during a painful treatment.
  • The link between anxiety and care-related pain.
  • Assessment of pain in the poly-handicapped patient.
  • Patient anxiety in the operating room.
  • Pain management and placebo.
  • Invisible: when the trauma is present.
  • The newborn and the management of pain.
  • Amputation, towards the acceptance of a new body image.
  • Other methods to relieve pain.

Nursing topics related to death

With these topics, you can look into different aspects of palliative care, advance care planning, and more. Here you go with the list: 

  • The emotions of the nursing student in the face of death
  • Vegetative state: always aim for the dignity of the patient
  • Nursing support for a patient at the end of life
  • Support after the announcement.
  • End of life at home: the caregiver-caregiver relationship
  • Ethics, end-of-life tact
  • Thinking about death… To better heal life
  • Near-death story and the nursing role
  • End of life: the experience of the nurse
  • Dying before being: and the nurse in all this?

Health management nursing

Health management nursing is all about giving patients the best care possible. Finding ways to improve health outcomes, encouraging healthy habits, and more. Here are the lists of topics to explore:

  • Long-term pain treatments
  • Pain management in hemophilia
  • Risk of COVID-19 in elderly and children
  • Diagnostic of chronic diseases and immediate measures to take
  • Need to enlighten nurses about massage therapies
  • Nursing Department Safety Standards
  • Values and moral ethics in nursing practice
  • What model should a nursing student choose to be successful in their profession?
  • Perceptions of USA nurses on the integration of sustainable food into their clinical practice
  • Nursing care in the context of an epidemic with rapid mortality
  • Work of nurses practicing in hospital settings
  • Nursing the psychologically handicapped children in a rural region
  • Development of a clinical intervention program in nursing sciences
  • Miscarriage in emergency departments
  • Involvement of the nurse in discussions in intensive care
  • The determinants of the maintenance of physical activity behaviors
  • Experience in using two computerized methods of care consultation tools
  • An exploratory study in sodium-restricted patients with heart failure
  • Manifestation of the cultural competence of Afro-American nurse trainers
  • Recognition and nursing care
  • Caring for a migrant
  • The caregiver is in touch with social representations
  • Communication difficulties between patients and caregivers
  • The cultural and religious identity of the patient
  • Relational touch, or how to take care of the self-image of dependent elderly people
  • Representations of schizophrenia among caregivers in general care units
  • Caring for people in precarious situations
  • The well-treatment of the elderly in the living environment
  • The elderly and their diet in nursing homes
  • History and best practices of cognitive hypnotherapy in the treatment of pain
  • Efficacy of pain management strategies in cancer patients
  • Chemical and non-chemical pain treatment plans for post-surgical patients
  • Analysis of the role of the nurse in the treatment of pain
  • To analyze the efficacy of non-chemical methods of pain management in adolescents

Research for Nursing in Women’s Health

This list of topics looks into the specialized healthcare needs and obstacles faced by women. Here’s the list:

  • Acne treatments for women
  • The gap between female and male health professionals
  • Factors that increase conception in women
  • Ethics in women’s health
  • Ethical treatment of infertility
  • Environmental factors that cause high rates of infertility
  • Efficacy of breast cancer screening measures
  • Breast cancer diagnostic procedure
  • Female sexual health disorders
  • Cultural differences in women’s health
  • Analysis of health care for immigrant women
  • Study of sleep disorders in women
  • Analysis of prevention measures for sexually transmitted infections
  • Analysis of the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • Nursing regarding gender and associated concepts
  • The culture of care and the impact on nursing
  • Care and nursing throughout history in regard to gender studies
  • Breastfeeding Information for Black Communities
  • Cultural concerns regarding the health of black women
  • Need to enlighten nurses about massage therapies for women
  • Pregnancy in women with systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health
  • Approach to abnormal uterine bleeding in non-pregnant women of reproductive age
  • Choosing a Primary Surgical Procedure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Women
  • Diagnostic of breast cancer in women and immediate measures
  • Management of prosthetic heart valves in pregnant women
  • Nursing interventions in pregnant women with preeclampsia
  • Nursing care protocol for women after childbirth
  • The nursing care process applied to high-risk pregnant women in the hospital
  • Osteoporosis risk factors and quality of life in women over 60 years of age in the health centre

Nursing Research Topics for Mental Health

  • Understanding schizophrenia: Fantasy vs. Reality
  • Treatments to help stroke patients recover their motor functions
  • Treatments to help stroke patients recover their motor functions
  • Methods for Recognizing and Helping Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Genetic factors in bipolar disorder
  • Environmental factors concerning Alzheimer’s disease
  • Effects of social media on mental health
  • Analysis of treatments for patients with dementia
  • Benefits of the use of antipsychotics in the prevention of delirium
  • ADHD Stimulant Chemical Treatments
  • Bipolar Disorder Screening and Risk Factors
  • Analysis of risk factors for anorexia
  • Analyzing the association between screen time and ADHD
  • Measures to take in the occurrence of fatigue or depression in cancer patients
  • ADHD management strategies
  • Analysis of mediation treatment in patients with impaired cognitive development
  • Analysis of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation


This amazing collection of 200 nursing research topics is an incredible resource to spark scholarly exploration in the nursing field. It covers a wide range of healthcare topics which surely will inspire any aspiring researcher to dive deeper and select a subject that truly speaks to them. If you still have problems choosing a topic or writing a Nursing research paper, don’t hesitate to order now.


plus-icon What is an example of a nursing research topic?
A good example of a nursing research topic could be "Exploring the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions in reducing stress and burnout among nursing professionals."
plus-icon Why is nursing research important?
Nursing research is important because it drives evidence-based practice, improves patient care, and advances the field of healthcare.
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